1. Also More Information at : "Activist Targeted for Crimes: Gangstalking, Surveillance, Burglaries,Vandalism,Hacking, Other Crimes" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6EwkHNkG1s I have been a targeted, stalked, & hacked activist for years, and since 2011 I've been targeted by a Known Group of Criminal Government personnel, contractors and operatives for ongoing burglaries, vandalism and the planting of previously stolen and unknown origin property inside the residence. They have even burglarized my Colville, Washington safe deposit box and tortured my cat while I was out of the house. The burglaries and vandalism has been ongoing since 2011, when an FBI FOIA and my FOIA appeal was denied. It is even common knowledge who some of the people are, and my oldest brother joined the group of Government Sponsored Covert Operations criminals, involved in targeting citizens for harassment, vandalism and burglaries. I know this because I overheard his side of a cell phone conversation through an open window at my mothers house. I have posted a brief informational video on my youtube channel about my politically motivated government targeting and their crimes against me. The FBI and Other Government Task Force Agencies are using FOIA DENIALS, FOIA APPEAL DENIALS, GAG ORDERS, NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS AND CLASSIFYING INFORMATION IN CONSPIRACY TO COVER UP AND CONTINUE THEIR ONGOING CRIMES AND SURVEILLANCE AGAINST TARGETED CITIZENS. LAWSUITS AND PRETRIAL DISCOVERY MOTIONS ARE ESSENTIAL IN ORDER TO DISCLOSE THE CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY INVOLVED IN HOMELAND SECURITY TASK FORCE AGENCIES AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Private Email and Cell Phones have been used in Conspiracy to Keep Information and Records Hidden, Off the "Books" and Off the Record, so FOIA Requests to the Government could ALSO not reveal the connections in conspiracy for these crimes. In Washington State, the Government is running an Organized Crime Syndicate using Personnel, Government Contractors and Operatives that are targeting Activists and Citizens for Covert and Non-Covert Crimes (including covert entry burglaries). I believe if you are an activist, or politically incorrect citizen, profiled by the FBI as a "SOFT TARGET" (especially -- the single, the elderly, handicapped, & individual activists, etc..) -- you are at high risk for being targeted by the Governments Networked Group of Criminals involved in covert crimes targeting citizens. GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW MANY OTHER PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TARGETED AND NOT KNOWN OR FIGURED OUT WHY THEY WERE TARGETED...... I have found through all my requests to numerous so-called "Civil and Constitutional Rights" organizations that they are not interested in taking a case that would Blow the Lid Off the true extent and corruption inside the DHS and FBI Task Force Agencies involved in Covert Crimes in this Country. I believe that nearly all of the so-called Civil and Constitutional Rights organizations are controlled by government and corporate embedded "agents" and "operatives". The purse strings in many social justice, and constitutional / civil rights organizations are also "controlled" by foundations that have influence in what organizations will address in the media as well as in civil and constitutional rights areas. My suggestion to everyone now -- is to get out of the country, while you still can, because you cannot get any organization or attorney to help you fight against the horrendous civil and constitutional rights violations, or the monstrous criminal violations by known perpetrators operating through government agencies. -- I know because no one would help me. PS: The worst part is that I believe the Government convicted a Seattle area activist for crimes, which I believe some of the same Government Contractors or Personnel, who have been targeting me, were involved in committing and framing him for. The police killing which I believe he was framed for was done on Halloween -- which is a typical Satanic Sacrifice Day, and I know the CIA is heavy involved in Luciferian, Satanic - Occult, Secret Society and Military Secret Society Groups, as well as Drug Trafficking and Gangs (read -- Alex Constantines' books, blogs & other peoples information, like Ted Gunderson). [Seattle Activist Christopher Monfort who I believe was framed -- as well as set up to be shot and killed, when his gun was unchambered I believe without his knowledge. (The covert entry personnel/operatives did this to the Glock I slept with, because of the nighttime burglaries I was targeted for, while I was briefly out of the house in 2012, taking the garbage a little ways down the street, when someone came in and un-chambered the Glock during that very brief period of time I had left the house -- in appx 5-10 minutes. ) Christopher Monfort was given a guilty verdict, even though he survived a paralyzing shot, when his gun didn't fire after pulling the trigger -- which I believe was done while he was not with the gun before the event of the dete

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  2. Jim Carrey Is The Satanic High Priest In L.A.

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  3. I was working for a Healthcare Organization, called Virginia Mason, out of their Radiology Department, when I became obviously targeted for Harassment, Psychological Violence/Mobbing, Gang-stalking, 24 hour Surveillance, and targeted for some type of Technology Frequency (2001).

    At one of the Clinics, where a co-worker and I did mobile bone density scans, the co-worker mentioned to me that a supervisor told him that we should be careful what we say because the walls have ears.

    I also noticed that Virginia Mason appeared to begin implementation of a Boeing program, which I was familiar with, called "5S's" - a labeling and organizing system for monitoring and tracking equipment, inventory and supplies. In the Bone Density Mobile Unit Vehicle cell phone, I saw that there was a contact listed as 747 -- a number I was familiar with from Boeing, but I do not know who this number went to.

    A while after I left the Virginia Mason Mobile Bone Density Technician position, in early 2002, I heard that a patient had died after being injected with a substance which caused their death. I think that I read or heard that it was some type of cleaning solution. I don't see how that was even possible by accident, because I had 4 quarters of RN training and knew the number of times a medication must be checked when it is drawn up, before it is given to a patient. Also after I had left, a person came up to me told me that a number of doctors had resigned from Virginia Mason.

    A while after Virginia Mason, I trained as a low voltage electrical apprentice at PSJATC and graduated from that program, with a final test score which was the highest in my class in the apprenticeship. I believe that due to my gangstalking on jobsites, some of my work was sabotaged.

    Since after my FBI FOIA appeal denial in 2011, I discovered I was also Targeted for Ongoing Illegal Entries, Burglaries, Vandalism, and have lost my best friend "Jack"-- my Cat, after he was Criminally Abused and Tortured, as well as Poisoned on at least one other occasion by at least one of the members of the Homeland Security Organized Crime Group that had targeted me for ongoing illegal entries and burglaries at Malo, Washington in Ferry County -- very close to the Canadian Border.

    I am convinced that the US Government, Military, and DHS TASK FORCE AGENCIES, CONTRACTORS AND OPERATIVES are NOTHING BUT a BIG ORGANIZED and NETWORKED CRIME SYNDICATE now, that are targeting citizens for Surveillance Crimes, Illegal Entries and Thefts, as well as engaging in other Criminal Activities, including drug trafficking.

    I've lost over $30,000 in stolen and vandalized property, from ongoing DHS Organized Crime Illegal Entries / Burglaries and my Safe Deposit Box in Colville, Washington was also Burglarized. They also planted used, damaged and previously stolen property inside my residence, as well as Unknown Origin Property. Links to more information: https://www.facebook.com/crystal.starheart/media_set?set=a.3970354740547.2144811.1330846417&type=3

    I believe that many of these activities are being controlled and orchestrated by the Government Agencies and the DHS, Military and Government Contractors/Operatives, involved in targeting vulnerable, isolated or elderly individuals, and involved in human experimentation through Defense Contractors. I followed one of the people involved in my gang-stalking to a dead end street feeding into a Boeing Parking lot.

    I have been experiencing the hearing of a constant loud high frequency pitched tone, with pain, and some dizziness, since the last part of May 2016 and went to an ENT doctor, 8/16/16, who tested the amount of my hearing loss and wanted to take fluid out of my ear with a needle. I believe the cause of the hearing loss and fluid build up is due to some type of frequency device that was planted inside the house in May.

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  4. What is The Scariest Movie Ever Made? The one you are living in and don't even know it.
    KJ Ozborne created The Scariest Movie Ever Made 7 years ago after having a personal awakening to the true nature of our shared rigged reality. It has been online in several different places throughout the net, most recently on Youtube. It has found it's way here as it was removed from Youtube.
    If this movie moves you, or teaches you something new, please share with others.
    Thank you.
    This movie will change the way you see your world.

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