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    Trailer of the short film CONVERSATIONS (2014) » 21 min. Dutch spoken / English subtitles
    In the essay film 'Conversations' the filmmaker unravels the hidden meanings of the personal archive of her
    grandmother. Her sight takes its place inside a feminine chain of memories. The film is formed like a book, in
    three chapters with a special emphasis on text and voice, combining photos, film and archive material.
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    2015 -International competition at International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (Germany) kurzfilmtage.de/en/
    2015 -International competition at Flatpack Film Festival Birmingham (UK) flatpackfestival.org.uk/
    2015 -POLIN Museum Warsaw (Poland) polin.pl/en
    2015 - International competition at European Film Festival, Szczecin, (Poland) europeanfilmfestival.szczecin.pl/en
    2015 - WENIFF (weniff.com)
    2015 - POLIN Museum Warsaw (Poland) polin.pl/en

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    WE CAN'T COME FROM NOTHING (2015) » 30.52. English and Polish spoken / English subtitles
    The film 'We can't come from nothing' focusses on the influence of a family history on contemporary personal life. How are events which took place during previous generations influential today? How to deal with family history when every trace is lost or if is kept secret?
    The viewer meets seven ‘characters’ who tell their individual and personal story, together they show how history results in a diversity of narratives and experiences. The film focusses on a particular part of the Jewish / Polish history.
    Also available with Polish subtitles.

    POLIN Museum Warsaw polin.pl/en

    2016 - Exhibition 'Presence / Absence / Traces', POLIN MUSEUM Warsaw (PL)(polin.pl/en/event/presence-absence-traces-contemporary-artists-on-jewish-warsaw)
    2015 - Kasseler Dokfest, Kassel, Germany (kasselerdokfest.de)
    2015 - Behind the curtain, Birmingham (behindthecurtain.eu)
    2015 - Fest New Directors Film Festival, Portugal (fest.pt)

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  3. Please keep in mind that the audio in this video registration is part of the original installation. It is mixed for 8 speakers and therefore not optimal for stereo listening.

    The installation 'The Visionary' is part of Workspace13, organized annually by Filmhuis
    Filmhuis Den Haag and BNG Bank. Workspace is dedicated to exploring the boundaries of film. Creative professionals throughout the Netherlands are invited to submit a proposal for a new installation that investigates the nature and operation of film.
    Click here to visit workspace13.nl

    The installation 'The Visionary' is based on the fact that blind and visually impaired people miss the visual element in the experience of a room or when watching a film. Other elements, such as sound, become more important. This allows freedom to create an own imagination of the visual reality, which can turn everyday visual environments into places full of stories. When listening instead of watching a film, the viewer has to use its own imagination to create the visuals.

    With the Visionary Eliane Esther Bots allows the viewers to experience a hidden reality behind the various spaces in Filmhuis The Hague. In the studio of the Filmhuis she has created an installation which looks like a film set, a small living room or a private cinema. In the installation the visitor can experience an audio film: a film experience that is not based on the visual, but on the auditory. All acts, actions, emotions and landscapes in the story are expressed in sound, voices and music. By using special glasses the observer takes the position of a visually impaired visitor.
    The audio in the film installation is based on the comic book "Little Nemo in Slumberland" (1905-1914) by Winsor McCay, in which a boy experiences magical and bizarre events in his dreams.

    Exhibited at:
    2015 -Exhibition Shine festival, Den Bosch (NL)
    2014 -Exhibition Beeldbuisfilm festival, Zwolle (NL)
    2014 -Exhibition Chasse Cinema, Breda (NL)
    2014 -Exhibition Art house cinema Concordia, Enschede (NL)
    2013 -Helicotrema audio festival, Milan (IT)
    2013 - Exhibition installation 'De Visionair', Arthouse Cinema Filmhuis, The Hague (NL)

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    This is an excerpt of the short film THE CAPTAIN AND THE BOY (2012) » 9.14 min. Russian spoken / English subtitles. Send an email to info@twosmallthings.com for the pasword protected link to view the full film.

    In the short film ‘The captain and the boy’, a father and a son cross several times a river in a Russian winter landscape. The reason and destination of this small journey across the river is unknown.
    At the same time a story about a found dying bird and a dog unfolds in the film. The son asks the father several questions concerning the bird and the river, the father calmly answers him.
    Towards the end the images of the river and the conversation between the father and sun come together and it turns out that the river could have a deeper meaning. The film consist out of moving images, animation and still images and is shot in color and black and white.

    2014-'Uitkijk goes short', Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    2014-'The Visionary', exhibition in Concordia (Art house cinema), Enschede, The Netherlands
    2014-'Experimental Film Festival portland', International competition, Portland USA
    2013-'Go Short, international short film festival', Dutch and European competition, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
    2013-Broadcasted on Odessa TV, Ukraine
    2013-Screening Lucy in de lucht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    2013-Exhibition 'Forests', Das Spectrum, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    2012-'The captain and the boy', No-Festival of video art and animation, Ufa, Russia
    2012-'The captain and the boy' at Videoholica festival, Varna, Bulgaria
    2012-Exhibition 'Reizen als werkruimte', Kunstuitleen Utrecht, The Netherlands

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