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  2. The Doctor lands on what seems to be Earth but something seems to be wrong

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  3. YOUTUBE CHANNEL: stevenseller
    WEBSITE: stevenseller.com
    DOWNLOAD SONG: soundcloud.com/stevenseller/who-the-doctor-who-musical

    Who? The Doctor Who Musical Experience was written as an unashamed ballad to the dorkery of Doctor Who. It's a celebration, one for all the Dr Who Fans out there who love the timelord enough to possibly have a laugh or two. Check out my website stevenseller.com for more.
    Handmade by steven seller - Project Who is the cardboard covered journey to make the most awesome Dr Who music video with no budget, a low-fi love letter to Steven Moffat and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, an early birthday present to the whoniverse - Happy fiftieth Doctor, here's to fifty more!

    Director / Editor: Steven Seller
    DOP: Simon Cossons
    Producer: Enfys Dickinson
    Prod Assists: Dan Martin, Nick Biggs, Andy Cooper, Rousha Browning
    Costume Design: Steven Seller
    Costume Assists: Rousha Browning, Katie Gibbons
    FX: Andy Cooper, Simon Cossons, Steven Seller

    Song and Lyrics by: Steven Seller
    Electric Guitar & Drums: Dan Godfrey
    Bass: Chris Hudson
    Keys & Percussion: Aurelie Konter
    Orchestral Arrangement and Synth: Dave Pape
    Engineered and Mixed by: Mike Greenway

    Cool Guy: Daniel Payne
    Cool Girl: Laura Ingham
    Pink Geek / Red Dalek: Rousha Browning
    Green Geek / Stunt Dalek: Nick Biggs
    Yellow Geek / Dancing Cyberman: Andy Cooper
    The Doctor: Michael Beattie
    Yellow Dalek: Frankie Clarence
    Welsh First Contact / Cyberman: Jay Main
    Tom Baker Bass: Chris Hudson
    Retro Cyberman / Davros Drummer: Dan Godfrey

    YOUTUBE CHANNEL: stevenseller
    WEBSITE: stevenseller.com
    DOWNLOAD SONG: soundcloud.com/stevenseller/who-the-doctor-who-musical
    and for all those lovely people who asked - here are my LYRICS:

    There is one thing that's on your tv
    The one thing that you should watch only
    The only good thing on the BBC
    Who could it be? Who could? It? Beeeeeeee

    This Saturday Night on BBC one,
    The geekiest show it has BEGUN.
    You will not believe, what you will see, on the screen of your TV
    It's nothing like the shit you've seen before - On Channel 4!

    The Cybermen, are back again, deleting all your facebook friends,
    and then uploading them again, as virtual CYBERMEN!
    And when they poke you - you become a cyberman too!

    There's only one man who can stop them, deleting all the humans,
    flying in a box that's painted BLUE!
    IT'S DOCTOR WHO! DOCTOR Who - ooo!
    Catch the repeat sunday on BBC two!

    In all the universe, all the aliens come to earth,
    of all the places within space, they think Wales is the perfect place!
    To launch an invasion, of the United Kingdom, hiding and disguising as anything that's not very expensive!
    "Expensive? We are VERY EXPENSIVE!!"
    "mwa hahaaa (insert Dalek topical joke here)

    Its - Matt Smith, Navigating TIME SHIFTS, on his way to ASS-KICK, the naughty little DALEKS
    Oh no! They've locked the door! That's what the sonic screwdrivers for! Tried to make him die and now you're through!
    Every season is the same - the Doctor kills the Daleks, well guess what? They're back again.
    And every other season, the Doctor changes face, and another British actor comes along to save the HUMAN RACE

    "David tennant I miss you!"


    Thanks to all the fans, and for all the support

    Steve x

    Thanks to all the fans, and for all the support

    Steve x

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  4. 2009

    Leading up to the death of the tenth Doctor, David Tennant, the Doctor Who production team and BBC Wales decided to build up to the event with a 45-minute, six-part animated series, Dreamland.
    Designed to work as a six part series that premiered on BBC One Red Button, it was also cut together for broadcast in its entirety on BBC1, CBBC and BBC HD. Written by Doctor Who writer Phil Ford, Dreamland draws upon classic B movies of the 1950s for its inspiration. The story is set in Cold War America where the Doctor arrives at the notorious alien hotspot, Roswell.

    The production involved the creation of detailed storyboards, extensive concept art, design and build of over twenty locations, and over thirty characters including the design of a whole new alien race, the Viperox. Editing from animatics to final cut was handled in house. Each element of the process was approved by the Doctor Who team including Gary Russell, Julie Gardener and Russell T. Davis. All of this in six months…

    To meet the demanding schedule we had to create around six minutes of footage – over 100 shots – every three weeks. We had a small team of animators and compositors working at breakneck speed; the imminent death of the main character at Christmas meant the deadline was fixed in stone. Pipelines were devised to ensure 3D render times were manageable, and a workflow that allowed the team to pull the various elements of the project together.

    Dreamland features the voice of David Tennant as the Doctor, and acting legends David Warner and Clark Peters.

    “Dreamland is a remarkable project and I’m thrilled with it. Phil Ford is a wonderful writer and promises to send the Doctor into a whole new visual dimension.”

    Executive Producer Russell T. Davis

    “The animation allows a wider visual scope than the television series could feasibly realise, and this is taken advantage of through the exhilarating opening UFO chase and crash… the camerawork avoids many static shots and nicely roves around the landscape to give the action more of a dynamic feel.”

    Digital Spy

    “..every bit as engaging as previous Who episodes and unfolds at a satisfyingly speedy pace proving that animation can be equally as effective as live action.”


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  5. Yes, enjoying all the hype myself for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Accordingly, posting an animated graphic—after two last spring—visualizing the travels through time per story over the span of the program.

    The turquoise ring spans time from the Big Bang in “Castrovalva” through the heat death of the universe in “Utopia”. Time is measured out logarithmically centering on 2000 AD, so as to afford more visual space to contemporary times. Outside of the wheel of time are the stories, seasons, and Doctors queuing up at top as the animation plays through, calling out the current story with it’s known time stamps. The dates display darker for times pictured but not active in the episode, blue for parallel universes, and red for negated timelines. The journey through time traces in red, with main stories taking place in the TARDIS/Time Vortex in the center and unspecified dates (of which there are many) at the left offset pinwheel with Gallifreyan timelines at the right.

    While the design and animation are mine, I can’t claim credit for the music. Whovians might recognize the track as “The Mad Man with a Box”—one of my favorites, and apt for the graphic.

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