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    How many times do you masturbate a week?
    Well, I am single. Like almost every day.

    You get guilty when you masturbate? Yes,
    when younger. I was like this feels amazing.
    This is wrong of me, what kind of Catholic am I?

    Deceased family members are watching you from
    heaven. So I would be like this feels so good.
    Oh my God are my family members watching me?

    Why not go under the blanket?
    They're ghosts, they can see through that.
    Everyone does it.

    Do you masturbate? Yes, everybody does, even if
    you're in a relationship when they're not there
    and you need a DJ. Times a week? 3-10 times.

    So I would stimulate my clitoris and vagina and
    reach that point and stop. After a few times it
    feels like a stronger and deeper orgasm.

    It's not a big problem to not have sex forever.
    I feel kinda shy to say it. You can satisfy yourself.

    What do you think about masturbation?
    I prefer to go to the club. Honestly.
    Who doesn't do it. Do you? A lot when I was young.

    Do you masturbate? Because of Ryan Gosling.
    So that answers my next question of who?
    Yeah (both) (right also named someone else)

    The way I'm not saying the word is what we're growing
    up with. Masturbate! I'll do it more if I'm stressed,
    or if I'm tired and want a relaxing sleep.

    I cum faster by myself (unseen girl). It's the
    opposite with me. It's empowering to know your body.
    And that you're self sufficient (unseen).

    I like that I can have orgasms with just my hand.
    I was like maybe 4. You're so lucky (unseen).
    Yeah, I'm an expert at it now.

    I haven't slept with a lot of guys,
    and I don't go out looking for sex all the time.
    Usually I just masturbate.

    I'm super behind lady masturbation. Think about?
    Guys being nice and attracted to me.
    The weirdest person I fantasize about is Kurt Russell.

    Sometimes afterwards my cat's face pops into my head.
    I never pictured anybody I know.
    I've masturbated after sex when it was shit.

    He gave it his all but I'm going to clean up.
    I'm not going to leave here without getting mine.
    So you have to do it quick style and get to the point.

    I got caught masturbating by my boyfriend.
    I was never caught but my mom got
    suspicious after I took 3 hour baths.

    The best way to not get caught is to limit your
    movement. I've mastered the below the knuckle.
    If I have a mental block going downstairs can help.

    A lot of people say they don't have a g spot because
    they didn't first turn themselves on to get erectile
    tissue. Mine feels like it has ridges.

    I now like exploring my g spot without first touching
    my clit. Sometimes up and down feels good, sometimes
    circles, tapping. The g spot can take 20 minutes.

    It's not like a clitoral orgasm. For nearly all women
    touching the clitoris is pleasurable and you feel a
    build-up and a fireworks explosion, unlike the g spot.

    The topic is masturbation. On an average day once.
    Yes. Sometimes 7. Depends on the porn (right). Exactly
    if it's really good I want to keep on going.

    You don't know what I'm talking about, do you? Yes,
    you touched yourself the other day. No, before that.
    How many times a day? Not every day. When I miss Eric.

    You got that on camera? I finger myself too. With my
    hand. I have a bunny dildo. I want one of those.

    Masturbation which a lot of us,
    everyone does it.
    Whether they admit it or not.

    I joined a class and an exercise was masturbation
    witnessing. You looked like you were having a good
    time, do you want to do it in front of the class?

    I only shared this with one other person at a time and
    I agreed to do it in front of 25 people. So later I'm
    at the store, I just fingered myself in front of a crowd.

    My boyfriend is going to ask me some questions.
    Do you masturbate? Yes. Who does it more,
    men or women? I feel they do it around the same.

    We are big believers in playing with yourself. I love it,
    you love it. It's an important part of your sexual
    happiness. I was masturbating when ~12. Same (left).

    It's completely normal to play with yourself. It makes
    you feel nice and good. There's nothing wrong with it so
    don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    I really like edging. Which is when you bring
    yourself to the verge of orgasm and stop.

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