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    Earth, our home planet, is the only planet in our solar system known to harbor life.
    All of the things we need to survive are provided under a thin layer of atmosphere that separates us from the uninhabitable void of space.
    Earth is made up of complex, interactive systems that are often unpredictable.
    Air, water, land, and life including humans, combine forces to create a constantly changing world that we are striving to understand.
    Can you imagine our Earth without humans? Look for these landscapes!
    Behold her beauty! Gaze with passion...
    This is Earth...our home...our place...Please keep it alive! Look at her with passion ... with the passion of those who love ... and preserve it!
    Our planet's rapid spin and molten nickel-iron core give rise to a magnetic field, which the solar wind distorts into a teardrop shape.
    The solar wind is a stream of charged particles continuously ejected from the sun.
    The magnetic field does not fade off into space, but has definite boundaries.
    When charged particles from the solar wind become trapped in Earth's magnetic field, they collide with air molecules above our planet's magnetic poles.
    These air molecules then begin to glow and are known as the aurorae, or the Northern and Southern Lights.
    This is Earth... our home... our place...Please keep it alive! Look at her with passion... with the passion of those who love... and preserve it!
    Turn off the lights and enjoy a unique phenomenon on Earth... with the passion... of those... who love.
    And the Earth is our spaceship, our beautiful globe, delicate, elegantly dancing around the sun for a finite eternity... Our beautiful ball of water and air. Is all that we have.... and all that we ever will have... its up to us to preserve and protect it. For this... is our only home... Our planet... Our Mother... Our... Earth
    Welcome Home.

    This video can not be used for commercial purposes without consent of the author.
    For licensing please contact: geral@ptimelapse.pt
    Terra, o nosso planeta, é o único planeta no nosso sistema solar, conhecido por albergar vida.
    Todas as coisas que precisamos para sobreviver são-nos fornecidas sob uma fina camada de atmosfera que nos separa do vazio inabitável do espaço.
    A Terra é composta por sistemas complexos e interactivos que são muitas vezes imprevisíveis.
    Ar, água, terra e vida, incluindo os seres humanos, unem forças para criar um mundo em constante mudança e que nos esforçamos por entender.
    Consegues imaginar a nossa Terra sem os seres humanos? Olha para estas paisagens!
    Contempla a sua beleza! Contempla-a com paixão...
    Esta é a Terra... a nossa casa... o nosso lugar... Por favor, mantém-na viva! Olha para ela com paixão... com a paixão de quem ama... e preserva-a!
    O nosso planeta está numa rotação rápida e o núcleo de níquel-ferro fundido dá origem a um campo magnético, que o vento solar distorce em forma de lágrima.
    O vento solar é uma corrente de partículas carregadas, continuamente ejectadas do sol.
    O campo magnético não se desvanece para o espaço, mas tem fronteiras bem definidas.
    Quando as partículas carregadas do vento solar são capturadas pelo campo magnético da Terra, colidem com as moléculas de ar acima dos pólos magnéticos do nosso planeta.
    Estas moléculas de ar, em seguida, começam a brilhar e são conhecidas como as auroras, ou as luzes do Norte e do Sul.
    Esta é a Terra... a nossa casa... o nosso lugar... Por favor, mantem-na viva! Olha para ela com paixão... com a paixão de quem ama... e preserva-a!
    Desliga as luzes e desfruta de um fenómeno único na Terra... com a paixão... daqueles... que ama...
    E a Terra é a nossa nave espacial, o nosso globo bonito, delicado, dançando elegantemente em torno do sol para uma eternidade finita... Nossa linda bola de água e ar. É tudo o que temos... e tudo o que poderemos ter... compete-nos a nós preservá-la e protegê-la. Porque esta... é a nossa única casa... Nosso planeta... Nossa Mãe... Nossa... Terra
    Bem-vindo a casa.

    É expressamente proibida a utilização deste vídeo, para fins comerciais ou outros, sem o consentimento do seu autor (Paulo Ferreira - facebook.com/paulomspf) .
    Para licenciamento contactar: geral@ptimelapse.pt

    Text courtesy NASA/JPL
    Directed And Produced by:
    Paulo Ferreira

    Conrad Harvey

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  2. OceanShutter.com presents an Underwater Short Film.

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    Nudibranchs are generally small, a bit like a traditional slug. But these slugs are much more interesting that the ones we find in the garden. The different shapes, colors, and sizes make each species of nudibranchs unique. Hopefully with this video that is up close and personal with the nudi's, you gain the appreciation for their beauty.
    I hope you enjoy it!

    All Underwater Video Copyright © Dustin Adamson/Oceanshutter.com. All Rights Reserved

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  3. GRAND TETON 8K is the culmination of nearly a month spent filming in the spectacular Jackson Hole Valley and the Teton Mountain Range. Encompassing nearly 500 square miles, Grand Teton National Park boasts an awe-inspiring array of pristine wilderness, glacial lakes, winding rivers, diverse wildlife, and the magnificent Teton Range. Journey with More Than Just Parks as we explore a land dominated by towering peaks, apex predators, and majestic beauty. This is Grand Teton. Filmed primarily in 8K.

    To see more National Park films or learn more about More Than Just Parks, visit our website: morethanjustparks.com/

    Licensing: morethanjustparks.com/licensing
    Prints: morethanjustparks.smugmug.com/MoreThanJustParks/

    Social: FB facebook.com/morethanjustparks, Twitter: twitter.com/MTJParks, Insta: instagram.com/morethanjustparks, Email: ask@morethanjustparks.com

    Sony a7R II
    Canon 5D Mark III
    Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

    Timelapse Gear:
    Radian & Michron by Alpine Labs

    Music: Ryan Taubert "Becoming Human"

    100% of your donations go toward making more captivating short films like the one we've already made.

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  4. A year ago, my friend Sarah and I decided to take a 2-month backpacking trip around Alaska. It was amazing to take that much time off and I am so glad I did it when I did.

    I still have a ton of stuff coming out from the trip. Tons more video aside from this and some blog posts sharing more info. In short, Alaska is beyond incredible and definitely exceeded my expectations. It was a place and a trip that has been on my mind ever since I left. Not only were the landscapes stunning, but my favorite part of the trip were the amazing people, strangers that took us in all over the place. We were so lucky to have made new friends all along the way. We hitch-hiked over 20 different times, tent camped over 30, couch surfed, and a few nights at hostels.

    Since then, I have been way to caught up in life, work and the usual semi fresh out of college adult stuff. So much so I completely forgot about this timelapse film I put together. So I figure what better day to release then on my birthday today! A year ago today, we were deep in the Denali National Park and Preserve backpacking units, celebrating my 25th and popping Champagne which we packed in (and out).
    This list could definitely be bigger and sorry for the over tagging, but honestly couln't have done what we did without these amazing people who took us in and companies.

    Jussi Ruottinen Photography and the whole REI crew, you guys are the best!
    Dan Bailey Photo
    Adventure Flow
    Talkeetna Air Taxi
    Era Helicopters LLC, Denali Park, Alaska
    Seward Helicopter Tours
    Saltwater Excursions, LLC
    Alaska Railroad
    Travel Juneau
    The Talkeetna Hostel
    The 20+ strangers and some now friends, you know hwo you all are, thanks for everything!

    And last but not least Rhino Camera Gear (Honestly the best and lightest motion controlled + rail out there, especially for backpacking) Induro Tripods, Vü Filters, Lexar

    Music by the one and only James Everingham Music

    Huge thanks to Facet by Tastemade for supporting me on this trip. Be sure to download the app to see a behind the scenes look at the entire trip, daily videos: facet.com/boards/alaska-tobyharriman

    Another big thanks to Adobe Creative Cloud for supporting me as well. We put together an photo story focused on the glaciers from all over Alaska. Pretty sure I fell in love with glaciers, check out the piece here: slate.adobe.com/a/8qJbn/


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  5. Final Frontier is a tribute to the scientists, technicians, engineers, astronomers, astrophysicists, and dreamers who push the boundaries of human knowledge and innovation ever forward. The footage in this video is real, and was captured by probes and astronauts from space. Additionally, this video was structured in such a way as to show just how important and amazing our Earth is. The solar system as a whole is a dangerous and inhospitable place, except for one extraordinarily unique, life giving, blue planet. A thin layer of atmosphere is all that separates us from oblivion.

    Music copyright: Danny Odom - MODE/Licensed through Musicbed

    Due to music copyright, I can't allow downloading of this specific video, however, a non audio version can be obtained via google drive, here: drive.google.com/file/d/0B2h2PU_TAZdzV2Vndm82T1cwcHc/view
    Do with the non audio version as you wish, but view the below links if you have any questions regarding usage. The non audio version is released under the following CC: creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/igo/

    This video is in no way endorsed by any of the following agencies. Please see these links for any image related searches. Or if you want to learn more about how awesome (and utterly inhospitable) space is!

    A note on how I acquired this footage. Everything in this video was taken from either videos (just a couple of the solar shots from the SDO site / Venus transit and end solar shot, but edited to look better for my tastes), or turned into time lapse via jpeg/png files through individual stills/series of stills that I downloaded from the various sites linked below (sometimes one at a time due to some awful interfaces (looking at you DSCOVR and Rosetta). Nothing was taken from other space related time lapse videos that this video may be similar to. Although this material is all public domain, I am not trying to copy anyone. In fact, I think this is the first video to encompass most of the main missions where science has been awesome enough to include half decent cameras into their probes (or taken by astronauts). As stated at the top, this is just a tribute. Something I've wanted to do for a while now...finally got it done.

    NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams (the solar stuff)

    ESA/Rosetta/NAVCAM – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0 (tumbling comet sequence)

    NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington
    (panning craters on Mercury)

    Project Apollo (the famous earthrise)

    DSCOVR: EPIC (Earth spinning and moon photobombing Earth selfie)

    Cassini Solstice Mission (moons, rings, Saturn!)

    Dawn/Ceres (Ceres spinning)

    New Horizons/Pluto (Opening photo)

    Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center (all low earth orbit and aurora imagery)

    NASA (other stuff I may have missed?)

    Voyager/Jupiter gif
    voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/mission/ - Thanks to Peter Rosén for the link!

    Sorry Venus, Mars, Uranus, and Neptune...couldn't manage any decent sequences. Maybe in a decade or two?

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