1. It is now possible to tune your guitar using garage band. All you need to do is plug your guitar into your audio interface, add a guitar track within your GarageBand project and click on the Tuning Fork icon in the project header, then tune away!

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  2. This video looks at how to hook up a MIDI controller, I have a new Ashton UK M49 that I’ve just received in the mail, and it looks pretty good, so lets see how it goes. There are two ways to can hook up a MIDI instrument, you can either use a USB connection to a control like this or theres these old plugs.

    I prefer USB because is so much easier and things always work more reliably, so I’m going to try that. First we’ll on a new project, and we’ll use a virtual instrument rack, because we are going to want to control it with the MIDI controller. Because there’s no MID device hooked up its thinking we want to use a piano track, but we don’t, so I’ll just delete that, so we’ll close off the musical typing.

    First thing we need to do is just plug in the device, at this stage its still not recognised because we haven’t turned it on, so we’ll just check there is preferences, and yep, nothing there yet. But when we turn it on hopefully that will change. So i’ll turn it on, there we go, now its been recognised by the program, and we can reset drivers and there it is. Its so simple now we can much around with sounds. And now we can try all the sounds we want. And there you go, its that easy to get your MIDI stuff cranking. Enjoy!

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  3. Hey Guys, Jerome here for Justclickrecord.com, here with a quick video about how to make a click track for your project. To get a click track happening we’ll open an empty project, we’ll delete that, and we’ll add a sound track just to keep them happy, but we don’t need it so we’ll just mute it for now.

    The easiest way is to use the metronome feature here, so you click on this little metronome right here. Click on the metronome and that turns on the click track, then all you need to do is adjust your tempo, so for example lets say I want 100 beats per minute, double click here, change that to 100, and press play, and its also possible to add a tempo track so you can see it up top, and you can also use this to adjust the speed of the sound. So thats the basic click track.

    But some people don’t really like that sound, so they want to have a different noise or different drum beat playing, so the best way to get around that i to find yourself a nice little loop, this is a nice one so we’ll drag that over, and that will just play that drum loop at whatever tempo you have selected, you can increase the tempo like this. So thats one way to go about it, or there is a third option which is to create you own click track using a midi sound.

    So we’ll add a drum track or a virtual instrument, which we’ll control with MIDI to get the sounds, i’ll select a drum kit, lets see if its working, I’ll mute the other drum track so I don’t hear it.

    This other 1234 , in case you don’t know, is a count in, so the track will count to four before it starts recording, and you can unclick it, and the recording will start as soon as you press record. Some people don’t like it, but I find it helpful like like to have it selected.
    You can make the click track whatever you want. I recorded that track, but obviously my timing was a little bit out, so to get that i time, we can use quantising, its a range little feature, if we show the grove track and hover on the left hand side you can click a star, then down here we have a little box we can tick.

    So what happens then is it uses the track you have ‘stared’ as an anchor, and any following tracks that you tick along with that will snap to that tempo. So if you use this, I’l listen to it s first without the quantising.

    It won’t be very pretty, won’t be very clean, you can hear the timing is just not quite there, but if we quantise, we tick that, to mean that its taking its timing from that track, it will conform the existing MIDI data to the other rhythm track. If we now listen to it it should be nice and symmetrical.

    So from there you can use that new click track for your song or project, and you can drag it out to go for as long as you want.

    So that was three different ways you can create a click track, there was a stock standard one, there was a drum loop or there was them customised track, then quantised for time. I hope that was of some use, come and see us at JustClickRecord.com.

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  4. G’Day guys, Jerome here from JustClickRecord.com, welcome to my little home studio, also known as the cardboard cave. In this tutorial we are going to look at how to record a bass guitar in GarageBand. So let’s get started.

    My Interface is a litle M-Box 2 mini, which i got a couple of years ago with a pro tools pack, so I’ll be using that as my audio interface, but you can use whatever interface you have. This is the little m-box mini, a two input device, while I’m getting that ready I’ll open up a new project.

    This Bass guitar has a bit of a crackly input, so I apologise for that. I’m going to use input number two. Select input two, make sure the right input device is selected, make a guitar track, and create.

    Its setup up as an electric guitar but we want to change that to a bass track so we will just alter that, and select clear bass, seems to be working alright, so we’ll just record something to see how it goes. Yep, that’s definitely working, we’ll just listen back to that, and there you go, that’s how we record bass guitar with GarageBand.

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  5. G’Day guys, Jerome here from JustClickRecord.com, welcome to my little studio, also known as the cardboard cave, in this tutorial we are going to look at how to record your microphone vocals through GarageBand. Now there are two ways to do this, one way is using a USB microphone, the other is using an XLR microphone through your audio interface, so we’ll look at both of those.

    The first thing we need to do, is open up a new GarageBand project, now we want to create a vocal track, and the first one I want to do is record a USB microphone, so we’ll just check our input, the Rode Podcaster, that’s my USB microphone, select that, create. for his example we will select ‘bright vocal. I’ll just check that that is registering, ‘Hello, hello”. Yep that’s fine, so now we’ll just record something.

    “this is a test to see if my USB microphone is working through the speakers, check”.

    Now we’ll get some volume up to see if it worked. Alright, That worked fine. That’s how we record a USB microphone now the next one we will try is using an XLR input into an audio interface. I’ll just get that ready.

    Alright now we’ll put it into the input, I’ve still got my M-Box mini here, i’ll create a new track, a microphone track but change the input selected to M-Box, and I’ll click on Input 1, because that’s the vocal input, create that track, so now hopefully if I tap on the mic, it looks like it working well, I’ll just record it to see how it goes.

    “This is testing my XLR microphone, I’ve got my other sound coming through the speakers and that was distracting, but this is also recording lets see what it sounds like.”

    I’ll mute the other track so it doesn’t get in our way again, and that worked fine.

    So there you go guys, USB or XLR, its all very simple in GarageBand. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial please check out the website for more.

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GarageBand is a great piece of software, but it can be difficult to get the results you want. 'Just Click Record' is dedicated to improving your GarageBand experience and ultimately helping you get the songs that are in your…

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GarageBand Tips & Tricks

GarageBand is a great piece of software, but it can be difficult to get the results you want. 'Just Click Record' is dedicated to improving your GarageBand experience and ultimately helping you get the songs that are in your head, coming out of your speakers.

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