1. Bernie Sanders did a wonderful thing. For the life of me I cannot understand why he never campaigned on it. Senator Sanders was the Co-Sponsor of bill : S.134.The legalization of Industrial Hemp and Bi Partisan Bill backed by Rnd and McConnell as well.

    If there were ever a time to move forward on the ideals he has platformed on and provide a future to the youth, now is that time. Under the Leadership of Hillary Clinton she has the opportunity to unite GOP supporters disillusioned by Trump and gain the support of the frustrated youth, Now is the time for the shift of prosperity from the 1% to the 99%. Here is a sneak preview as to how WE can accomplish and ensure it. Realize your power. #hillaryclinton #berniesanders #uniteblue #industrialevolution #cometogether

    Please share far and wide so we can begin healing from this divided primary season.


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  2. We've been here before. You're getting fleeced for donations to problems that are never solved, in the name of passion. Your enemy is not the politicians. They are the environmental groups, and Industry associations, that refuse to get ahead of the problem and continue to exist on your profits.

    We need a change of strategy that doesn't need your money to be sustained. They need your participation by supporting the cause with your lifestyle. What does that mean? Buy the weed, eco products, and renewable energy they support. Its a finance game. Those that seem to be "winning" are not. They are dragged back to court to fight more legalization unfairness, Anyone wonder why? The politicians that support it do so for money. The tax revenues made. Those against haven't ran out of money yet to fight you and come back for battles in this WAR.

    Therein lies the difference. Current strategies fight battles. They will never win the war. They have not stopped the ability of their enemies to fight. As long as we keep supporting the Fossil fuels and Pharma industries we fight, the war will never end.

    Case and Point? Some of the BIGGEST advancements as a society came in the 60's-70's. Two resources to sustain our fights were outlawed at the same time. Protest is a much different picture these days. The Housewives and college kids that had the time and money to protest are gone in large numbers victims of the cost of living, and lack of jobs. Yet we are still "protesting the same sh*t, today"

    Your power has been taken away by taking away your ability to protest via economic constraints. The issues like racism, abortion, and inequality will be back around again. We haven't stopped the money financing these sick agendas.

    Don't believe what you think. Explore for yourselves and draw your own conclusions. Don't get caught up in belonging to a cause, over scrutinizing their progress.

    Watch this video


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  3. No Profit, No Pipelines, No Pollution. While the COP21 agreement took steps in carbon emissions in the atmosphere, the agreement also fostered higher profit margins for Fossil Fuels used in the manufacturing of Wind Turbines and Solar Panels. Great strategy for a business that is running out of oil and coal plants are being shut down. More money for the oil and coal they have left being turned into Lithium Batteries, solar panel films, wind turbine blades.

    We are being weaned off energy to provide higher profit margins for depleting resources!!

    Here is how we fight. Not through Protest but through Purchase!! If we pressure US companies to build products with hemp and bamboo we can create local supply chains, jobs and lower cost materials. It is cheaper to grow than drill. That is where I need your help to build OUR economy. Crowdfunded farms, factories processing hemp and bamboo. It is possible there is a perfect Storm for Change and YOU can start it. Let’s hit them where it hurts.. In the wallet.

    Let’s work together for TANGIBLE solutions not Laws or promises to change without penalties! Let’s work together to create a bioeconomy creates more opportunities for all of us, new commodity markets and material options for young entrepreneurs. With the recent push for renewable energy, we must deny the profits from the fossil fuels that go into the construction of turbines and solar panels

    If you wish to donate directly to the Foundation please click this link. http://www.foundationforabioeconomy.org/#!donate/cirf

    We can DO THIS! We can put the Power of Protest through purchase in YOUR HANDS! Help us tell US Companies we will buy Hemp and bamboo in paper pulp, biomass, auto interior parts, and BIOPLASTICS!

    #amandaanderic #planb

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  4. Hemp and bamboo are cheaper in every way that mining, drilling or fracking, Local supply chains = lower costs of doing business. Lower costs lead to higher wages, US manufacturing, and a new era of prosperity unseen in America since the 1950's.

    As soon as the green question is removed from a purchasing decision the leading concern is price. As I said bamboo and hemp is a lower cost option, leading to lower cost products. Most consumers only care about lower prices and quality. Hemp and bamboo will win.
    It just takes us, the forward thinking few to fill the shelves.

    After all, this is how we got here in the first place. Highest tech, for the cheapest price. We just never asked what the additional costs for fossil fuels are. Now we know. The world knows.

    What u may or may not know is it is all dependent on women. Statistically women control 22 trillion a year in consumer dollars. Women make 80% of the purchasing decisions. Women start businesses at a rate 40% higher than men. Women are superior. In my opinion, women are only lacking the resources to compete with a male dominated fossil driven world.
    You have the power to change it. Forget what you think you know and explore. The irony and simplicity of a real solution will astound you.

    Check us out and follow:
    Twitter: @stopbuyingit
    Please sign tag and share everywhere our petition on Causes
    I look forward to a constructive friendship!
    -E of ‪#‎amandaanderic‬

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  5. Welcome to the Industrial Evolution. A Bioeconomy founded on bamboo and hemp, built by women for all.

    We introduce a different strategy to combat resource wars, climate change, high prices, and offshore manufacturing.By replacing wood, plastics, chemicals, and steel in consumer products with bamboo, hemp, and other biomaterials we begin an Industrial Evolution.

    We can fix this. The solution is all around you. Simply stop buying it. Buy lower priced products made of biomaterials.Saving the world is a BONUS.

    In Part 3 of this 4 part series #amandaanderic present who will build a bioeconomy, and the rebirth of US Manufacturing.Who will lead the Industrial evolution? Every products company knows women are the key to a successful product. No wonder. Women control 80% of consumer purchases, and over 50% household incomes. That is power. 

    Once we look at a competition of resources and the need for women to buy those resources, It would only make sense for women to lead the Evolution. They can certainly guarantee the success of biomaterials. I imagine it takes a woman to sell to a woman. After all, very few women feel that advertisers understand them. Maybe this is your opportunity. 

    Please visit : foundationforabioeconomy.org

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Industrial Evolution

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