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  1. The Langdale Pikes are so often photographed rising above and reflected in Blea Tarn - seen everywhere in guidebooks about the southern Lake District - but to get a true sense of the bulk and rugged beauty of these mountains, walk across Wrynose Fell towards Pike O'Blisco and sit above Redacre Gill for this more open viewpoint. Still low enough to keep the dramatic skyline, here you have the advantage of a thousand feet or so to look down and along the lush green of the Great Langdale valley, then up and over the stone intake walls and golden brown bracken to gaze at the diagonal play of light on rock above.

    With a simple composition and natural perspective, this is all about the horizontal jagged line from East to West, starting with the rising shoulder leading to Sergeant Man, then Pavey Ark with its dark cliffs over the hidden Stickle Tarn, up across the characteristic double peak of Harrison Stickle and along over Thorn Crag, Loft Crag to Pike O'Stickle, it's finger pointing perfectly to the sky, then falling away and across Martcrag Moor to see the Rosthwaite Fells rising in the far distance.

    I sat for a couple of hours all alone in the evening light, filming, listening, looking, as the setting sun threw the dark shadow of Bow Fell along the valley floor, up the scree slopes and across the gullies and crags. In the growing darkness, the skyline silhouette became ever sharper while the wispy white clouds moved imperceptibly across the sky.

    In this Ambient film I have tried to express and amplify the grandeur of this landscape; capturing the stillness and the tightrope balance of light and air as day coexists with night, eventually crystallising out this ancient, rugged and sublime horizon.

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  2. ‘Bluebell Wood’ was shot one early spring morning near Rydal Water in The English Lake District. These woods beneath Loughrigg Fell are carpeted with bluebells – the drooping bell-like flowers with curled back tips and creamy white pollen confirm that these are the native English variety. Sitting here among the flowers, we see the shadows cast by the trees behind reach across the bluebells to flicker on the trunks of the trees in front. The bluebells flutter, each one in its own stiff rhythm, responding to the gusting breeze. The light changes dramatically and with it the colour of blue, from pale lilac to deep purple. The trees change from delicate swaying lichen green fingers to tombstone dark and ominous. Such is the resonance of this place. Beyond, the mountains of Seat Sandal and Fairfield occasionally glow through the trees while above the sky is sky-blue or grey-white with fast moving clouds that threaten rain.

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  3. Filmed from the summit of Hard Knott across the remote wilderness of Upper Eskdale towards Scafell with Great End at the head of the valley. The low evening light in the last hour before sunset and changing weather adds to the drama of England’s highest mountains. We got wet and so did the gear. We thought we'd missed the light and were disappointed the cloud didn't completely lift. Then as often happens with Ambient, once we got down (in the dark) we looked at what we had captured and realised the unique quality of this film. It has a colour palette of reds, greens, browns and yellows that softly changes with the light. Occasionally the low searchlight of sun throws the granite outcrops into relief, revealing the complex metamorphic topography of the valley. Then the strong wind from the South West brings rain in swathes up the valley that veils the mountains beyond. The tumbling upper Esk, the bowl of Great Moss below Scafell and the heavy clouds on the mountains create an unadorned landscape of high fells nearing nightfall. (The film was premiered at The Alpine Club, Hoxton, London and subsequently exhibited during March-June 2018)

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  4. Walking up from Postbridge via Sandy Lane pass and Cut Hill to the Tor is long, wet and hard. We camped at the Tor and in the morning captured this Ambient video. It's a remote place, probably the most remote area of Dartmoor but on a beautiful day like this, watching the clouds and shadows fall across the landscape, it is peaceful and sublime. The light changes very little and the wind is slight but constantly moving the grasses in the foreground. This view is from an outcrop to the West of the main Tor but shows the Granite rock formations as they relate to the landscape beyond - even framing Yes Tor in the rock niche to the right and 'touching' Great Links Tor to the left. The clouds echo the land and rock formations and rebalance the composition in constant drifting motion.

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  5. The view over the river Thames towards Battersea Power Station with the Grosvenor railway bridge in the foreground, carrying trains between the South Coast and London Victoria Station. An Ambient Video of this London landmark before the iconic chimneys were deconstructed as part of the massive renovation project. This is Battersea Power Station in all its faded glory. It stands monumental above the constant clatter of commuter trains, the graceful arches of the bridge, and restless Thames below with it's occasional riverboats and moored barges. The cranes in the distance move almost imperceptibly throughout the film but are a sign of things to come. The sky is foreboding, the brick of the power station ruddy and the chimneys the colour of old enamel. The only bright colours come fleetingly from the trains as they move across the bridge, passing each other, occasionally stopping but inevitably moving on blindly.

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Ambient Video Art

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Ambient Video is a flexible visual element to enhance your living or working space. Like sitting on a hillside, in a wood or looking across a river, these scenes are sublime and relaxing. The aim is to increase your productivity, creativity and wellbeing.…

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Ambient Video is a flexible visual element to enhance your living or working space. Like sitting on a hillside, in a wood or looking across a river, these scenes are sublime and relaxing. The aim is to increase your productivity, creativity and wellbeing. These are natural, uncut, long-form videos that reward attention and inattention equally. For the best experience, play these videos on large screens or projected onto walls in UHD/4K.

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