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  1. 1080p visual motion loop to meet all your Laser needs.

    RnD was done while with the nice people at Ruffian Post/Mad Ruffian.
    You can see how it was used in the 'In the Woods 2016' promo here:
    and check out the 'behind the scenes' FX video here:

    More RnD visuals @

    Audio never to be available on itunes, done by me ;-)

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  2. RnD into UV texturing a FLIP particle fluids mesh.
    Addressed the seam issue that you hit when promoting the UV attribute from vertices to points.

    Tried applying UV data both pre and post-sim, the problem with post-sim being you require the same number of particles per frame of the sequence which was fine for the first examples in the video but moved onto a pre-sim approach to allow for varying numbers of particles per frames (reseeding) and changing topology of the resulting mesh.

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  3. A compilation of my film and commercial work. My primary focus is on 3D VFX
    but I'm also sometimes a Compositor and Mograph Designer.

    If you're interested in finding out more about my work or could use me for one of your projects,
    you can reach me at matt[at]

    Mirror Mirror


    Main Audio Credit: Crohn by Nightcrawler (

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  4. WW1 Battleship 'Dazzle' Camouflage - check,
    Drones - check,
    Cloud-Seeding technology - check!

    I'm an old Maya dog has been learning some Houdini.
    This project was designed to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible
    and cover all the main fx workflows in Houdini.

    Rendered in Mantra, VOPPOPS/VEX for the particles, Pyro for the Volumetrics, CHOPS and procedural setup for the animation and modeling, and a bit of time-stretch for good measure.

    Audio dub in Ableton Live.

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  5. Ok so this is an older one this. Based on the work I did on Immortals ( exploding heads using Maya and Realflow but mainly Realflow, I thought I'd give it a go using Maya's nDynamics.

    It's a Slo-mo dynamic simulation comprising of Maya nCloth (for the soft & rigid bodies), Maya Fluids (driven by particles from Realflow), Realflow Liquids, Wetmaps.
    Missing from this preview is the tearing nCloth t-shirt. The next step was to zombie-fy the initial 50 frame run-up intro on the plate and render out the complete sequence. Good times.

    I did actually render most of the passes so hopefully I can get the completed shot up "sometime".

    UPDATE: I've now uploaded the head / torso explosion shots and breakdowns I did for Immortals.
    They can be viewed here:

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