1. Hosted by the AUPresses EJIB Committee

    Neurodiversity 1-0-1 provides a great introduction to neurodiversity in the workplace and has been created by both psychologists and neurodivergent individuals themselves. It’s also delivered by neurodivergent facilitators. It’s estimated that 20% of the world is neurodiverse, which means it’s likely that 20% of your workforce will be neurodiverse too. It’s really important that all employees understand neurodiversity, including what it is, how to recognize it and how they can effectively support their neurodivergent colleagues both remotely and in the workplace.
    Section 1: Understanding neurodiversity
    This section looks at neurodiversity in context by looking at the definition of neurodiversity, the neurodiversity movement, key statistics, the key types and how they fit together, the language and terminology surrounding neurodiversity.
    Section 2: Types of neurodiversity
    This section will examine key types of neurodiversity along with the key components of each and their associated strengths and challenges in the workplace.

    Section 3: Supporting your neurodivergent colleagues
    This section helps individuals understand why their colleagues may not talk about their neurodiversity (including stigmas, stereotypes, the fear of discrimination, etc.) and what you can do to create a neuro-inclusive culture, offering resources, tips, and strategies to support neurodiversity in the workplace.

    Section 4: Q&A


    Emily Banks is the CEO of Enna, which she founded 3 years ago, inspired by her neurodiverse family. She has ADHD, her Dad is autistic, her older brother is autistic, and another brother is dyslexic. At university she realized the struggles they faced completing application forms and conducting interviews, as do millions of other neurodivergent job-seekers around the globe. She founded Enna to educate employers on the value that neurodiversity brings to their organizations, whilst connecting neurodivergent job-seekers to job opportunities with neurodiversity-friendly employers.

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  2. Sponsored by Virtusales Publishing Solutions

    Jake Furbush from Harvard University Press and Tricia McCraney from Virtusales will review the meaning and value of keywords, looking at how to select keywords and measure their effectiveness, along with the mechanics of sending them to retailers, including some top tips for handling specific requirements for various retailers. The session will reference Nielsen's study on keywords, and will include real-life experiences and examples from publishers including Harvard University Press.

    Tricia McCraney (she/her) is a Projects Consultant at Virtusales Publishing Solutions, specializing in the BiblioSuite's Product Management solution and ONIX implementations. Over the past 7 years, Tricia has implemented Biblio for university presses, children's publishers, and independent presses. Outside of project work, Tricia is involved with industry standards, and can be found everywhere books and technology meet.

    Jake Furbush (he/him) is a Product Manager at Harvard University Press, where he oversees Harvard’s BiblioSuite implementation and upkeep; maintains XML-based workflows, including ONIX post-processing; and monitors metadata integrity. Jake has broad experience in university publishing, including stints in sales, digital marketing, and digital production. His time as an English teacher and technical writer has informed his approach to communications standards and documentation. In his spare time, he is the co-host of a (relatively) successful podcast about genre fiction.

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  3. Sponsored by Supadu

    Now that publishers are directly involved in D2C book sales, our focus is on how to learn from bookshops who have been running author-led reader events for decades, even centuries. From attracting their attention, to reader engagement, and onto a simple shopping experience, join Supadu as we take a look at their successes. We look at how they engage directly with readers through direct marketing, offers, sales, and events; building a community through a broad range of marketing activities including online and offline book clubs, and engaging their authors to provide author-reader experiences through interviews, videos, and events. We will be joined by Davida Breier, author of Sinkhole and Director, HFS and Co-Director, Marketing and Sales at Johns Hopkins University Press, who will share her experiences and answer questions. We will be joined by Davida Breier, author of Sinkhole and Director, HFS and Co-Director, Marketing and Sales at Johns Hopkins University Press, who will share her experiences and answer questions.

    Grace Antelme is the Marketing Manager at Supadu, a UK-based company specialising in website and eCommerce solutions for publishers and university presses. Grace is focused on building Supadu’s relationship with the publishing community through creative and strategic marketing, and through her love of books. She aims to help publishers increase title visibility for their books, primarily in the digital space.

    Davida G. Breier was born in Miami, FL. She's spent the last two decades in various roles within the book industry and currently works for Johns Hopkins University Press. Davida lives in Maryland with her family, a pack of wee rescue dogs, a rescue tortoise, and two companion chickens.

    Sarah Arbuthnot is the Commercial, Partnerships and Operations Director at leading publishing website provider Supadu. Sarah has worked for the company since it started in 2010 across customer services and business development. Her interests and experience has been focused on consumer behavior and specifically how consumers behave in the digital world in respect of what they buy and how they shop.

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  4. Sponsored by MetaComet Systems

    Automating the calculation and payment of royalties is a sure-fire way to improve accuracy and efficiency. Good royalty management should be part of the strong foundations of all publishing businesses. It saves time, reduces risk, and establishes a strong reputation.

    MetaComet’s royalty management systems can deliver these benefits and more, but we know that publishers can be hesitant about introducing new technology. This is perfectly understandable as change can be unpredictable. Most of us have experienced hitches in installing new software of some kind, whether personally or professionally. However, in our experience it is easier to remedy problems and roll out new systems than you might think. This webinar will go over the five barriers of royalty automation that we encounter most often – and how MetaComet can help overcome them.

    Speaker: David Marlin, CEO and Founder, David co-founded MetaComet® Systems in 2000. Beyond his expertise in the world of royalty automation, David is committed to enhancing the technological capabilities of the publishing world through his work as the founding co-chairman of the Book Industry Study Group’s (BISG) Digital Sales Reporting Committee and a former co-chair of the BISG Rights Committee. He is a regular speaker and contributor to industry events.

    Prior to founding MetaComet Systems, David spent 3 years as a technology consultant for publishers working with companies such as Random House, Penguin, HarperCollins, Holtzbrinck, Macmillan, Scholastic, Time Warner and many others. Before that he spent several years managing marketing initiatives for American Express in New York. David earned both his MBA and BA from Columbia University in New York.

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  5. Sponsored by Jack Farrell & Associates Executive Search

    Your resume and cover letter have opened the door and you’ve scheduled that interview you’ve been hoping for, but now what? Interviewing, whether for a new job or a different position with your current press, is an important part of the hiring process, and can be a nerve-racking experience. Developing successful interviewing skills can help you be at ease in the interview room and help you convey why you’re the best fit for the role. The AUPresses Professional Development Committee has partnered with Paths in Publishing to launch a highly-practical discussion on standout interview practices. We’ll address best practices for before, during and after the interview, how to convey your experience with confidence, what kinds of questions to ask, and how to follow up afterwards. Through real-life examples from professionals across the publishing landscape, this webinar will benefit those at every stage of their career. This will be a space to ask the interview questions you’ve always wanted to ask and hear experiences from colleagues in the field. We hope you’ll join us.

    As part of your registration, we encourage you to list any specific topics you would like the panelists to address.

    Michelle Komie is publisher for art and architecture at Princeton University Press, where she has worked since 2014. Prior to this she worked in acquisitions at Yale University Press for 13 years.

    Kate Danser is Director of Human Resources at Princeton University Press. She oversees all HR initiatives to ensure alignment with organizational strategy and goals and is a member of the senior management team.

    Rachael Levay (she/her) is the Editor-in-Chief of the University Press of Colorado and acquires for the Utah State University Press. She was previously the Marketing and Sales Director at the University of Washington Press and currently serves on the AUPresses Board of Directors. She lives in Pocatello, Idaho with her family.

    Emily Powers (she/her) is senior marketing manager at Beacon Press. She has been in publishing for almost 10 years and previously worked at Cornell University Press. Emily lives outside Boston.

    Nicole Solano (she/her) is an executive editor at Rutgers University Press, and co-chair of the AUPresses Professional Development Committee.

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