1. This AutoControls.org (ACO) video shows 2 NCE DCC “Mini-Panels” operating HO, S, and G scale trains on a 5 ft x 9 ft demonstration layout. This display was be operated at the August 2017 National Association of S Gaugers Convention in Timonium MD.

    Section 1 shows operation of two S gauge trains on a small loop of “Pikemaster” track. Section 2 shows point-to-point operation of HO, S, and G gauge trains. Section 3 demonstrates how to simulate an automatic block using a knife switch, for control of AC or DC trains.

    There is nothing new in this video, it’s just using different gauges of trains in a different layout than previous videos. Earlier videos shown in the links below, show these demonstrations in more detail.

    A. ~~~~~~ CONTENTS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|

    * Intro
    * Section 1, Two trains on 1 loop: 2:52 min
    * Section 2, Point to Point: 7:16 min
    * Section 3, Simulating an automatic block using a knife switch: 16:35 min
    End: 19:07 min

    B. ~~~~~~ RELATED LINKS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|

    * A more detailed demo of Section 1, can be viewed in Demo 14 “2 DCC trains on 1 loop” in Video #816, Getting Started with Mini-Panel Automatic Train Control: youtu.be/EvUOsjRFZiU?t=37m

    * A more detailed demo of Section 2, can be viewed in Demo 15 “Point to Point DCC” in Video #816, Getting Started with Mini-Panel Automatic Train Control: youtu.be/EvUOsjRFZiU?t=59m17s

    * A more detailed demo of Section 3, can also be viewed in “Using a Knife Switch to Simulate Relay for AC or DC trains”, shown in 1992 video V9202 module #6: youtu.be/awRl7yvZQQg

    * Another more detailed demo of Section 3, showing a reed-switch-activated automatic block controlling 2 S-gauge trains, can be viewed in Video #658: youtu.be/AQvdO9CzH1c

    * The short, 1-minute long Part 2/2 of this video, showing this layout operating at the Convention, is viewable at vimeo.com/232191971 or youtu.be/aFv_r0eoFKw. The Convention layout is the same, except that I: (1) Added a back-and-forth DC PCC car track, (2) Added 2 pushbuttons to start the DCC tracks, and (3) I also was able to replace the electric eye that was being used as a sensor for the Pikemaster loop in the Part 1 video, with a Z-Stuff DZ-1011 infrared-detector block signal and DZ-1008 relay -- so I did not have to worry about inadequate ambient light to operate the electric eye.

    * The AutoControls.org HOME PAGE is at AutoControls.org

    This iMovie video was assembled 7/16/2017 by JamesRobertIngram.com (aka AutoControls.org, aka Track2.com). This description was updated 12/23/2017.

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    This video shows an NCE DCC "Mini-Panel" and "Power Cab" controlling an S gauge train running point-to-point on a 36” square S gauge “mini layout” using 1960’s era American Flyer Pikemaster track. It also operates a short LGB Largescale point-to-point track.

    This video is similar to the previous 2011 Video #804, except:
    (a) The S gauge loop is operating point-to-point in this video (it ran in a circle in previous video #804).
    (b) it uses the less-expensive 'Power Cab’, instead of the 'Powerhouse Pro command station', and
    (c) The N gauge loops has been removed,

    Note that this display could be done in almost ANY gauge (N, HO, S, O, & LargeScale) . . . . . as long as the locos use standard NMRA DCC decoders.

    THANKS to FRED CUPP ( DelawareAndHudson.net ) of Williamsport, Pa, for technical assistance.
    Note: For more details about the MINI-PANEL itself, please see previous video #804 (links provided below).

    ~~~B. LINKS:

    * vimeo.com/17627955 - previous Video #804; goes into more detail about the Mini-Panel; demonstrates operation of S, N, and Largescale trains.
    * vimeo.com/31944032 - previous Video #805; shows S gauge track operating with a single turnout and alernate routes. It goes into more detail about commands, and also boosting amperage to operate S gauge turnouts.
    * vimeo.com/71002671 - previous Video #806; shows S gauge track operating with a two turnouts and alernate routes.

    ~~~C. MORE LINKS:

    * AutoControls.org - "VIDEO INDEX PAGE" list other automatic controls videos.
    * vimeo.com/channels/autocontrols - The AutoControls "channel" on Vimeo.
    * NceDcc.com - official NCE website.
    * groups.yahoo.com/group/NCE-DCC - the NCE Yahoo discussion group.
    This iMovie video was uploaded 2/15/2015, by JamesRobertIngram.com .

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  3. For a more in-depth discussion of the Mini Panel, see the NCE Yahoo Group discussions at groups.yahoo.com/group/NCE-DCC/ . Note you will need to JOIN that Yahoo group before you can read the messages.

    . . This video shows a demo of an NCE (North Coast Engineering) DCC (Digital Command Control) Mini Panel, used for simple automatic control of a simple model railroad display -- consisting of a small loop of N gauge, a small loop of S gauge, a LargeScale train running point to point, plus a stationary HO engine with headlight and flashing rooftop strobe light.

    . . Many THANKS to FRED CUPP ( DelawareAndHudson.net ) of Williamsport, Pa, for much time spent installing decoders in many of my engines, and EDUCATING-ME how to use DCC, and how to use the Mini Panel.

    ~~~B. CONTENTS:

    Note: If you want to skip the discussion and watch just the actual DEMO part, the demo starts at the 6 minute point and is over at the 13 minute point -- you should be able to "drag" the little round "progress button" to the 6-minute point.

    At the 20 minute point until almost the end, I start reviewing the commands used for this demo, by displaying them on the ProCab. You can also see these commands in the PDF file which you can view using the first link given below.

    *1 Introduction by Fred Cupp - starts at 20 second point
    *2 Demo - starts at 6 minute point
    *3 Comments - starts at 13 minute point
    *4 Commands Available in Mini Panel - starts at 20 minute point
    *4b Commands-N gauge - starts at 24 minute point
    *4d Commands-S gauge - starts at 28 minute point
    *4c Commands-LargeScale - starts at 35 minute point
    *5 More Comments - starts at 41 minute point
    The end is at approx. 43 minutes.

    ~~~C. LINKS:

    * track2.com/info/804 - Links to the PDF file, that lists the commands used in this Mini Panel.
    * vimeo.com/channels/autocontrols - The AutoControls "channel" on Vimeo
    * NceDcc.com - official NCE website - as of 12/2010, the links to the Mini Panel instructions & tech. ref. manual are right on the home page.
    * AutoControls.org - "VIDEO INDEX PAGE" list other automatic controls videos.
    * youtube.com/watch?v=h7k8SPWgRmk - This same Mini-Panel video on YouTube.


    Note that you can DOWNLOAD the original .m4v format file, which should play in Quicktime Player. Use the "Download this video" link that's about an inch below below the end of this text, on the right side.
    This iMovie video was re-uploaded 12/19/2010 by JamesRobertIngram.com -- aka AutoControls.org, aka Track2.com.
    (Description modified 1/8/2010.)

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  4. This three-part 2009 YouTube video featuring DCC-BitSwitch designer and owner Fred Hughes, gives an overview of both DCC-BitSwitch and DCC systems in general. Fred talks about the 3 ways to automatically brake (stop) a DCC train: 1) analog DC, 2) set speed zero command, and 3) asymmetric DCC. Fred also discusses his experiences and reasons for preferring North Coast Engineering (NCE) DCC systems and some advantages of Lenz decoders.

    ~~~~~~ B. RELATED LINKS: ~~~~~~

    * #803 Pt 1/3: youtube.com/watch?v=z_M7xC0coyc - Part 1 covers (1) Introductions, (2) Overview of DCC-BitSwitch, and (3) Fred's views on DCC systems.
    * #803 Pt 2/3: (this video) - Part 2 covers , (4) about the NCE cab, (5) DCC overview, (6) Automatic Braking-3 methods, (6) Method 1-Analog DCC, and (7) Method 2-Set Speed Zero..
    * #803 Pt 3/3: youtube.com/watch?v=SGPyaHeyGzI - Part 3 covers (8) Method 3-Asymmetric DCC, (9) Lenz decoders for push/pull operation, (10) custom track plans, (11) other DCC-BitSwitch videos, and (12) photos of installed DCC-BitSwitch layouts.
    * track2.com/info/661 - forwarding page to still MORE DCC-BitSwitch videos.
    * youtube.com/watch?v=SxEQQlVPzUI - 'DCC-BitSwitch On The Hiwan Loop', showing DCC-BitSwitch controls operating on owner Fred Hughes's outdoor layout (video made by MovieMix.com).
    * youtube.com/watch?v=bpMYeZBXDf4 - 'Hiwan Loop', showing Fred's outdoor layout the 'Hiwan Loop' (video made by MovieMix.com).
    * vimeo.com/609545 - DCC Automated Trains' on Vimeo, showing DCC-BitSwitch controlling long passenger trains on a large eight feet in the air, at the Gaylord Texan Resort Hotel (video made by Dennis Cherry).
    * DccBitSwitch.com - the official DCC-BitSwitch website.
    This iMovie video was uploaded by JamesRobertIngram.com

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AutoControls.25 G Ga. DCC, Push-Pull Shuttle

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