1. This short film was shot in 1997 and showcased in the 2001 Kingston Canadian Film festival.

    Shot on 16mm the intention was to cut on film and produce a print. The video transfer was taken from the work-print using a simple tele-cine machine. I actually like the down and dirty look that this process achieved and never sought to improve it by going back the the negative. The look matches the low budget theme of the film.

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  2. Short Film about a man who is forced to care for his dying father. An exploration of madness and regret.

    Written and Edited by Kathy Thompson.

    Directed and Photographed by Curtis Campsall

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  3. This was my first attempt at a no budget narrative feature. It only clocks in at 45 minutes so it is not actually a feature, but it more than showed me the challenges involved in such an effort.

    Shot in the fall of 1993, this was produced in Hi-8 format on a Sony ccd-v801, a very nice high end consumer camera for the time with full manual control. Editing was the primary limitation. In the pre-digital age I had to cut tape to tape on a system that was not frame accurate and could not even do audio over laps. Black and White was partially to achieve a cheap film look, but also helped with chroma bleed and degradation of analogue video.

    I have often thought about doing a new cut from the master tapes, but this represents my abilities and resources available at the time of production, and I am proud of the effort. I present this as motivation for young filmmakers of today. Any dv cam and imovie would be capable as technically better than this. Don't worry about whether your gear is good enough, just get out and shoot.

    Dedicated to the memory of Blair Latta.

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  4. Originally produced in 1997 on HI-8 and S-VHS before the current digital revolution. This cut was completed in 2000 on an early Mac based editor called Edit-dv. For a long time I intended to remaster it using Final cut and all the sound tools currently available, but this speaks to the abilities and resources available at the time it was made.

    Wereweenee was intended as a spoof of the teen party horror genre, such as Halloween and Scream. It was shot in 10 days on a micro-budget of less than $500, most which went to tape stock and snacks.

    It should have had a lot more coverage in terms of close-ups and cut-aways, but I was using this as a test run for a possible 16mm feature and purposely kept the shooting ratio quite low.

    It is not a great film but I learned a lot from it and young filmmakers may take some inspiration from it and just go out and do it with the resources available to them.

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curtis Campsall

The work of BeeFlix Productions.
Director, Cinematographer Curtis Campsall
Writer, Producer Kathy Thompson

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