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  1. "Waterways of the World"- 3D, 2D, HD, 1 hour special available. Proposed 13 episode series to be produced in 4K. This series will travel the canals and rivers of central Europe in nicely appointed, small tour barges, and take in the history, nature, cultural background and lifestyle of the villages, towns and urban centres along the way.

    "Waterways of the World" will be a travel series featuring smaller, usually privately owned tour vessels, visiting interesting locations large cruise ships cannot access.

    The first episode is set on "L'Escapade", a 25 meter classic style touring barge, this episode cruises down the Canal du Midi starting in Carcassone and ending near the Mediterranean Sea in Béziers. In between, we make stops along the way to visit castles, Abbeys and enjoy the local food, wine and lifestyle.

    The series is to be shot in HD and 3D; each show is to be set in a different location in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

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  2. "Firehouse Kitchen" 52 X 30 minutes HIGH DEFINITION.
    This isn't your ordinary, cooking show. Each week Retired FDNY FireFighter Ray Cooney visits firehouses across the country, sharing recipes and stories of heroism with local Firefighters. Ray has combined his love and passion for food and his fellow firefighters together in this series taking you into the lives of firefighters, their mastery of culinary arts and heroic lifestyle. One of the first ever cooking programs centered around the incredible food creations of the firefighter. With over 2+ million firefighters in America, the result is a brand new form of cooking entertainment. The creators of the show bring great food, fun and fire safety tips to the screen all in support of Friends of Firefighters, & local burn centers.

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  3. Jetset with us as we eat our way through two great cities. Hong Kong is like 5 great cities all wrapped into one. In London, near the National Gallery, we descend on another Gordon Ramsay restaurant, The Heddon Street Kitchen, where Gordon serves it piping hot and gooey. We hit San Francisco to devour the gourmet food truck business. And then we show you a golf weekend in the Carolinas.

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  4. A Taste of History® - 52 X 30 min., 26 X 30 min. in production. All produced in High Definition

    This TV cooking series that explores America's culinary beginnings from the Birthplace of American Cuisine. This innovative series brings America's history to life and makes it vibrant as we step back in time and get to know the founders of our country through the food they ate and the recipes they prepared.
    Chef Walter Staib, an award-winning internationally known chef with over four decades of experience, is a master of open hearth cookery. He demonstrates a true mastery in the preparation of sophisticated 18th century cuisine, sure to inspire home-cooks.

    A Taste of History® is taped in significant historic locations; from Jefferson's Monticello to Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Village and even the banks of Washington's Crossing. In each episode Chef Staib explores the origin of featured recipes and ingredients to reveal historical context. We learn about Martha Washington's contributions at Valley Forge, the Washington's well-known slave-chef Hercules and visit Jefferson's Monticello to walk through his gardens and cook in his kitchen!

    A Taste of History was nominated for 3 Emmy Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards in 2010.

    Seasons one and two also available as a fully authored four DVD sets, one per season.

    We're in production on seasons three and four which will include Mount Vernon.

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  5. "The Wine Trails of Italy" 13 X 30 minutes HIGH DEFINITION. This series, produced in high definition, is set in many of ITALY`s major wine producing regions :TUSCANY, PIEMONTE, VENETO, FRIULI , and others of more contemporary popular fame including : Sardinia, Basilicata, Campania, Abruzzo and Marche. Each show not only introduces us to the producers and enologists behind the various wines, in person and in English ; but also provides an insight into a little of the local folklore , tradition and cuisine , through brief glimpses of related pageants, artisanal activities, and traditional dishes of the district. Produced and directed by world wide authorities on Italian wines , folklore and traditions, these shows not only entertain and inform wine buffs , but provide all round general entertainment for the TV viewer of Lifestyle programmes

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Welcome to our screening channel. Here you will find screening episodes and detailed descriptions of all of our available programming.

Please search around, screen some programs and contact me with your questions and comments.

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