metamodern art

  1. This is a spherodendron structure, its creation was inspired by the forces of nature that drive the formation of complex networks, both physical structural networks and networks that exist as behavioral frameworks. (chapter 10) node distribution
    From the nano-scale Actin filament networks of cells to the mega macro webs that make up the universe to the internet, nonlinear networks play a central role in everything. I designed this branching system to help visualize and better understand how networks evolve. i did not know before hand the analogies that would become apparent,

    The glowing elements (nodes) indicate dendritic branching events. note: the branching events form concentric layers within the spherical structure. This layer/shell structure emerged from the parent structure.
    Non-linear network structures are physically strong and have an important role in future of structural engineering. (chapter 10) node distribution

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    Graphyne is carbon atoms, the atoms are arranged in a bi layer of uniform geometry. Graphyne's molecular lattice has extraordinary properties and potential, most notable it being the nano technological equivalent to silicon wafers. Quantum tunneling is manifested within the nanorings perpendicular to the molecular plane. Monolithic Graphyne transistor arrays may soon be a reality.
    Imagine "seeing" this section of molecular lattice oscillate as it incorporates energy in quantum increments. I speculate many strangely beautiful electromagnetic phenomenon emerge as macro-molecular structures function.
    Graphyne technology will lead to dramatic technological innovations (quantum computing) that could create a post biological society, a world where our biological existence melds with our nano-mechanical/electronic creations.
    This molecular model represents the structure and electromagnetic behavior of Graphyne. I have used animation and symbology to visualize the material.
    Cultivating mystery is a powerful tool for spurring innovation in art and science.

    modern/complex art for a complex world
    when you change the status quo you disrupt the money flow

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  3. Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature. Cicero

    the perception of beauty is a moral test, Henry David Thoreau

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  4. Bioengineering at Caltech, revealed that, by swirling, maple seeds generate a tornado-like vortex that sits atop the front leading edge of the seeds as they spin slowly to the ground. This leading-edge vortex lowers the air pressure over the upper surface of the maple seed, effectively sucking the wing upward to oppose gravity, giving it a boost. The vortex doubles the lift generated by the seeds compared to nonswirling seeds.

    This use of a leading-edge vortex to increase lift is remarkably similar to the trick employed by insects, bats, and hummingbirds when they sweep their wings back and forth to hover. The finding means that plants and animals have converged evolutionarily on an identical aerodynamic solution for improving their flight performance.

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  5. RFID (radio frequency identification) is a technology that will increasingly become integrated into your life. It is used to identify and track things from consumer products to life forms. RFID tags are small and are getting smaller they have been implanted into solders, credit cards and Wal-Mart is using them to track many products. They may someday be in your food.

    I propose using RFID tagged flying maple seeds to enhance the experience of watching them in flight. This RFID system will allow real time data from the seeds dynamic behavior to be collected. I hope to use the tags as RPM sensors and convert changes in rpm into a corresponding audio frequency.
    The seeds will be implanted with very small active RFID tags. Each seeds’ tag will emit a unique address as well as real time rpm information to a reader; The RFID tags for this project will need to be custom builds. These RF beacons/sensors will be inductively powered via energy harvesting.
    The digital signal representing the seeds speed of rotation will be converted into a corresponding analog audio frequency. Because each seeds rotational frequency changes in the dimension of time its corresponding audio pitch changes with time and speed. The multiple signals imitating from the seeds will create a dynamic audio experience. Audio harmonics developing within the multiple signals will create an other worldly chorus of singing seeds. The audio harmonics will be both dissonance and consonance.
    This signaling scenario is very similar to the directional signals that come from specific neutron stars (pulsars).scattered through out the universe.
    I gain insight into the world’s workings through practicing art. I don’t believe creating something functional or practical precludes it from being art.

    Cicero: Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature

    contemporary art beyond the humanities

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metamodern art

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What a species labels as good or evil is not fixed; it can change as the variables that effect survival change. The natural world can be seen as a web of emotions and drives that are rooted in good and evil. This dynamic in nature is possibly the progenitor…

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What a species labels as good or evil is not fixed; it can change as the variables that effect survival change. The natural world can be seen as a web of emotions and drives that are rooted in good and evil. This dynamic in nature is possibly the progenitor of religious good and evil. Imagine an experience where you see through the “eyes” of every species at once causing the notion of good and evil to balance and disappear. With this perspective, would bites delivered by wolves to an elk’s hind quarters and rain drops impacting a lakes surface equate? Would the world be more understandable?

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