Bible Dateline Meters

Jude Part 6 is subdivided into two parts: this one is a better explanation of 2 Peter's meter versus the prior video, showing how he actually uses ADAMIC YEAR NUMBERS in his meter. Which pattern, Jude tags PER CLAUSE. But Jude doesn't use Adamic year numbers; yet, he expects you to know Peter did, to make puns on Peter's formulas, which Jude actually duplicates. To see Part 6b, click here:

Again, this is clear evidence that the meter is deliberate. I couldn't make this up even if I wanted to. Heck, I didn't even understand it, until redoing the math several times! So if anyone claims the Bible is corrupted or we don't have the original words the writers wrote, or that Bible was written much later.. guess again! The naysayers always prove themselves incompetent, for even a dippy 'brainout' can count syllables and see the provably-Divine, pattern!

Doc Links: if you have Bibleworks fonts (freely downloadable at ) you can substitute 'pdf' with 'doc' and edit the (MS Word) docs.

2 Peter: EXPLANATION REVISED, . The doc still has the old title of 2PeterMeter.doc, but has all the latest revisions, and is the 'original' from which the pdf was made. Text after page 1 still needs more editing for consistency.

Jude: . Text after page 2 needs to be edited.

File Name: JudePart6Aon2Peter.avi, 3/17/15.

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Bible Dateline Meters

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First 10 videos summarize this rhetorical style: it maps 'How God Orchestrates Time'. Then, videos are per book in ascending date order. Bible writers use dateline meters to:

1. Telegraph book content and tie prophecy relative to the date of writing,…

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First 10 videos summarize this rhetorical style: it maps 'How God Orchestrates Time'. Then, videos are per book in ascending date order. Bible writers use dateline meters to:

1. Telegraph book content and tie prophecy relative to the date of writing, so

2. The meter creates FROM the date of writing -- for the date was already known to those who initially got the letter/book -- the meter creates, a GPS of Time: so they could better RELATE time to the text, and thus appreciate God's Grace and Protection.

3. So retrospectively, we who do not know when those letters were written.. can learn.

4. The writers also used the dateline meters to point to other Bible books, so the readers could more easily reference what other Scripture to compare, while reading (or remembering) the 'current' letter/book.

5. Often, within a book, separate dateline meters are used; so the dateline is not merely restricted to the greeting portion of the letter. However, any subsequent meters will tie to the greeting section, and will provide a lot of precise, added information of the same structure as #1-#4, above.

Therefore, the datelines are always numbered in terms of significant Bible-related events past or future, especially as a 'time to Millennium' countdown 'clock'. The doctrines most applicable in light of that countdown which the letter/book will stress, are telegraphed by the dateline meter 'paragraphs'.

These meters are often quite sophisticated, so the links below are for whole channels dedicated to specific dateline meters in key passages. By contrast, the videos here are either the first in the video series linked below, or are here in this channel because there's no need to dedicate another whole channel just for these other books. This style began with Moses, and was in Hebrew, for teaching DOCTRINE. It is distinct from 'stoichometrie' as shown in . So that site has nothing to do with the Bible's own meter style here shown.

Suggest you go through this channel's links IN ORDER for fastest comprehension. It will take well over a year to absorb the material, so ASK GOD if He even wants you to look at this. For the material is addicting, once you get into it. And, there's no 'scholarly' corroboration of the meter, since no one knows it even exists (though scholars have speculated about its existence, for over 300 years). So I know I had to have made mistakes, but there's enough proof from the links below that YES this meter exists and does what is claimed.. the errors won't invalidate the existence and provable NATURE of the meter, but instead any mistakes will become obvious and will better prove how this meter works. Hence my courage, in posting and spending so much time on the subject.

So: presuming God wants you to analyze this, try following this order (which is roughly chronological):

Meter Rules are summarized here, based on the content below: . You can substitute 'pdf' or 'doc' as the extensions, to download those file versions. That piece doesn't have any Greek or Hebrew fonts in it, and is best read rather than watched. The links below, demonstrate these meters in action.

How God Orchestrates Time, the doctrinal 'math' behind the meter pan-Bible: How God Orchestrates Time

Psalm 90 meter including Dateline, the PRECEDENT for all Bible meter: Psalm 90 Meter of Time (Precedent for Bible Hebrew Meter) ; videos include Isaiah 53's and Daniel's meter in context of how they play off Psalm 90's meter, showing how the text and the meter all interrelate. This sets precedence for how NT meter works in Greek (same rules).

Isaiah 53's meter including dateline, from which Matthew and Luke crafted their genealogies: Isaiah 53 Meter of Time: 1st David's Birth to Last David's Scheduled Death

Magnificat Meter (including Dateline, the core of the Magnificat's prophetic nature, and including Zecharias meter, which plays on Mary's): GGS11s Magnificat Meter of Time . Technically Mary's meter precedes Matthew's, as both she and 6 months later Zecharias, spoke in 5 BC. Matthew will key his meter to Daniel also, thus playing off Mary's.

Matthew's Dateline Meter, proving conclusively that his is the first Gospel (all subsequent NT books play off Matthew's meter): Matthew is Metered! . His meter focuses on Isaiah 53, Daniel, the Magnificat .. baldly.

Eph1:3-14 Anaphoric Meter Structure in Ephesians, including his 'Christ Age 56' dateline, playing baldly off Mary's meter as well as Matthew's: GGS10 Paul's Meter Of Time Structure in Eph1:3-14

Prophetic nature of Paul's 'what if the Rapture' meter (after his dateline, which set it all up) -- tying to FUTURE Roman and Church history: GGS11 Paul Maps Future Church History

James' dateline meter, which is based on Luke's: James 1-2 Meter and Exegesis

Luke's dateline meter, which is bifurcated between 'cover letter' dateline to Theophilus, and the actual Gospel dateline (written 7 years earlier): same as James channel starting at Jim7, because Luke builds his entire Gospel around the Magnificat meter.

Peter's Meter including dateline, showing he wraps his text to Ephesians to make a marching song: Peter Meters Time to Paul's Eph 1:3-14

Mark's Dateline meters (just Episode 1d et seq), proving his is the THIRD Gospel, playing off Jude's meter (not Ephesians, as I originally thought): Mark's Gospel Proves Q Scholars Wrong

Hebrews dateline meter, which plays off Peter, Mark, Luke, Ephesians:

John's Dateline meters in Gospel, 1John, Revelation: John's Meter

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