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  1. Here are the truths we are building upon in this lesson:

    1. Biblical Counseling is Supernatural: God does the work through the Word.
    2. Biblical Counseling is not a technique: it is a chosen way of life, of walking in the light and truth.
    3. Biblical Counseling is Personal Sanctification: we must first learn to deal with the flesh in our own lives; so we confess imperfection.
    a. Mat. 7:1-5 - disciples check for personal sins;
    b. Rom. 12:1-2 - disciples surrender daily;
    c. I Cor. 11:31 - disciples say no to personal sins;
    d. Gal. 6:1-5 – disciples embrace godly attitudes;
    e. Hebrews 5:12-14 - disciples need personal exercise;
    f. I John 1:8-9 - disciples seek regular cleansing.

    4. Biblical Counseling is Personal Discipleship: we are explaining how to be followers of Christ, like we are.
    a. John 1:12 - Salvation makes us sons & daughters of God;
    b. John 3:16-21 - Saved people come to the light to be exposed by the Word;
    c. Romans 5:8 - Christ only died for sinners;
    d. II Cor. 5:17 - The key to salvation’s fresh start is being in Christ;
    e. Ephesians 2:8-9 - By grace we are wired for good works;
    f. I John 4:10 - God loves us so much He sent the remedy for our sins.

    Colossians 2:6-23:
    Summary, Lessons & Application Study

    Summary: everything about our lives changes when we are transformed by Christ: “to walk in Him”.


    1. My Salvation Came By Faith (v.6): we are saved by grace through faith; we heard, were convicted by God, responded to God’s drawing, trusted His Word, acted upon the truth that we were lost sinners, saw Christ as our only hope, cried out to Him, and He saved us. Now: we follow the same path for the rest of our lives.
    2. Truth Needs to Penetrate My Life (v.7): we need to invite God’s truth to come into our lives and get way below the surface; and we need to seek to know, experience, talk to and respond to Jesus like a close friend we text with. We know they are there even if we don’t see them at that moment.
    3. I will Beware of Tainted Ideas (v.8): we must always be on guard for the world’s intrusion into, and tainting of God’s truth. The world is always devising ways to counterfeit what God offers, so that pleasures, peace, and happiness can be had without God.
    4. I can Live Full of Christ's Presence (v.9): Christ is my link to all of God. In Him God can overflow into every dimension of my life. Paul is guided by the Spirit to use the word plerao seven times in Colossians to illustrate what are the benefits of a life overflowing with Christ (1:9, 19, 25; 2:9,10; 4:12,17).
    5. I can Live Full of Confidence (v. 10): Christ makes me complete: even if missing a wife, husband, child; even if missing a job, money, home; even if missing health, mobility, or comfort. If I have Christ, I have the best life there is possible. Paul described to early believers of the first century that they could live as slaves, as citizens of an occupied land, as outcasts in society: and yet have the confidence of a son or daughter of the King!
    6. I have a Heart that is NEW (v.11) God has given me the ultimate never needing to be upgraded, operating system. Ezekiel 36:26-27
    7. I have a Past that is BURIED (v.12): God says my sins are forever gone. Psalm 103:12; John 8:11
    8. I have a Fresh New BEGINNING (v.13): When I was born again, like a baby, I have no past, just a future with God. 2 Cor. 5:17; John 3:3
    9. I have the End of all GUILT (v.14): Jesus took the guilt, punishment, and pain for all my sins. My sins have been nailed to Christ's Cross. I don’t need to punish myself for what Christ has already been punished for. In Genesis 41:51-52, Joseph testified that 20 years of horrible abuse were transformed by God, and he was no longer able to be crippled by that past abuse. God dealt with it all.
    10. I have Nothing to FEAR (v.15): Jesus disarmed the power of Satan to ever destroy me. Only Christ can protect me, all I have to do is trust Him.
    11. I have a Life that is FREED (v.16-23): from now on I know that Christ is my life, His Word is my guide. I can from now on resist those who try to lay their hurts, guilt, and crippling control on my heart and mind. Christ has set me free.

    Application: Lord, I want to set my mind on these truths from you, since I am raised (Col. 3:1) with Christ, I choose to set my mind above, and ask you to reset me to your settings and away from my own…

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  2. Have you ever thought about the common elements we see all around us that touch on improving our physical well-being like dieting, weight loss and steps to better health?

    Often, after a diagnosis of looming poorer health, such as diabetes, heart problems, joint stress, and so on, there is a conscious desire to follow a plan of exercise, healthy eating, limiting certain items that hinder the goal.

    That is exactly what so much of discipleship and counseling is about. People come to the point of spiritual ill-health. They don’t like what they see in their various symptoms, some they see and others they do not.

    Signs of Spiritual Bad Health

    What are a few symptoms of spiritual bad health? These are just a few of the very common spiritual discipleship & counseling areas we will deal with when counseling others:

    1. CHECK THEIR APPETITE: Believers with poor or even no appetite for the Word, fellowship, spiritual growth, or much to do with God.

    2. CHECK THEIR HABITS: Believers addicted to anger, fear, self-pity, or to influences that are harmful (occult images, sensual images, horror images, un –biblical romance images, materialistic-driven goals in life, pride-driven lives, etc.).

    3. CHECK THEIR EXERCISE: Believers experiencing: spiritual lethargy, lack of strength to resist temptation, inability to flee lust, constant bouts of defeat, paralyzing guilt, re-occurring seasons where they lack assurance of salvation and complete forgiveness, etc.

    Each of these common symptoms point to lack of spiritual health.

    God’s recovery program for these and most other symptoms is sanctification.

    Sanctification is a spiritual work that God does.
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  3. Step One: Determine Their Spiritual Orientation

    Establish the person’s orientation about their spiritual life.

    • God says we are an immortal spirit that lives within a temporal human body. We are waiting the time when we’ll be clothed upon with our celestial body when we see Christ and become like Him (I Cor. 15).
    • Discuss whether the person you are counseling, sees themselves first temporally: as a physical body with an eternal spirit; or as an eternal spirit with a physical body.
    • This orientation explains many facets of how we view life. If problems are seen in the long view of eternity, they are just a small part of the picture (Paul called life a “light, momentary affliction” 2 Cor. 4:17).
    • Life lived looking downward at the decay or our bodies, the decline of our world, nation, and culture is always discouraging. But, looking up, seeing what God has said life will be like (full of “troubles” Job 5:7) and where all of history is heading (Rev. 6-19), and that all who are godly will suffer because we are headed in a different direction (2 Tim. 3:12).
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  4. Do we start our day with God?
    Is He the One we look to and check in with, and ask for His help, direction, strength, and peace?
    Or do we start with a dose of the news, the weather, the social media, and the goals of our material world life that dominates so much of our schedules and energies?

    Do we end our days with God?
    Do we measure our successes or failures by His unchanging standard of His Word?
    Do we allow Him to correct us, encourage us, renew and redirect us?
    Do we cast all of our cares one by one upon Him as a loving and caring father, and rest in His protection and care before we slip into the defenseless, helpless unconsciousness of sleep?

    A life that begins and ends with God as Master, Savior, Redeemer, and Friend is hemmed in by truth, and is very likely to not unravel when troubles come.
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  5. I have had the privilege for the past 35 years to work full time in ministry on the staff of the largest Biblical Counseling Network in the World. All of the lessons we use in this course are part of that ministry; and there is a manual that all the members of this network use as they counsel around the world. I also have had the privilege for over 35 years to work personally with the Senior Counselor of this Biblical Counseling Network. Probably the greatest honor in all of my life has been to know that this man is my friend; and that He has taught me everything I know and use as I counsel. In fact, every person I meet with, right down to those today: I think about Him as I counsel. I think about, each time I listen to people’s struggles, of how much I am totally indebted to Him as a Counselor, to His incredible insights, His Words He has written down about Biblical Counseling, and His method of counseling.

    2. The Goal of our Biblical Counseling: When the elders approved this course here at Calvary, my goal was to get all of those who joined the class into as close a working relationship with this Man as possible. He is the greatest living counselor alive today, and has the most advanced understanding of every counseling situation, and to all graduates of this course. He offers special access to advice, guidance, and personal help sessions as you counsel. So I hope you stick with this course.

    3. The Biblical Counseling Textbook We are Training You to Use: I have an old, well-used, worn out, and starting to fall apart edition of that counseling manual that I’d like to use this evening. As we study, all of my references to key discipleship and counseling truths come from this manual. Many of you have newer and older editions of this manual, and almost all Christians in the world also have copies, but many of them do not know what they have, or how to use that manual.

    4. Getting to Know the Leading
    Biblical Counselor in the World

    Tonight we are learning how to apply the principles of the only counseling manual, guide, and reference book that God authorized, personally wrote, and uses on a daily basis in this global network of counselors.

    To understand this manual and the counseling network, please open your copy of the Biblical Counseling & Discipleship Manual to Isaiah 9:6.

    Yes, the manual is the Bible, and the network of counselors is made up of all obedient believers throughout all the ages of God's Word to mankind.

    This class this evening is an extension of the Biblical Counseling & Discipleship ministry that God started, wrote about, and supports in every way.

    All of us are in training to renew or join that ministry. That is why we all signed up to ne a part of this Biblical Discipleship & Counseling 101 ministry.

    5. The Central Lesson of Biblical Counseling: Seeing
    Each Person’s Need, the Way God Sees Their Need

    The heart of Biblical Counseling is that it is counseling that flows from God’s Way and not Man’s Way. This month’s lessons will be all about our spiritual orientation and Biblical priority for understanding and living life.

    First, we need to work on our mutual accountability with the G.R.O.W. card. This card states that we are maintaining our daily walk in four areas:

    6. Biblical Counselors Need to Be Prayer-Driven, Word-Filled, and Spirit-Prompted

    To see these principles explained, open your BCF texts to Lesson 3 and page 48. Look at the boxed summary and follow along as I read:

    Learning to live God’s way requires you to respond to God’s salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. Then, you are to begin a new way of living based on the Lord’s truth, resources, and wisdom rather than your own or anyone else’s wisdom, philosophy, or experience (based on Proverbs 3:5-6; John 14:6, Romans 10:9-10, 13, 17; 12:1-2; 2 Corinthians 5:21; Colossians 2:6-10; James 3:13-15).

    Now, look at the boxed summary at the top of page 49:

    You can live God’s way because of the abundant resources and provi2012NOV14 BCF-10

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Biblical Counseling & Discipleship Class - John Barnett

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