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  1. Each pendulum's behavior is archived visually with sequentially placed lines end to end that correspond to its drop angles.
    The resulting pattern's density represents its level of behavioral randomness. Over a long period, patterns might emerge.

    15 angles of 24 degree increments make up the pendulum's sensor ring. Carbon fiber arms make up the sensor ring and the spire on the egg (CF is conductive). When the egg spire and a sensor arm contact one another, a current results triggering a line, tone, image and voice indicting the incident angle. (The spectrum of 15 tones create atmospheric, auditory harmonics.)

    A balanced egg floats/rotates freely within a water filled chamber. Rare earth magnets keep the egg upright and centered in the chamber. Metered air is pumped into the water chamber via tubing that runs through the lower magnet's center. Air bubbles leave the air input tube and enter the air collector attached to the bottom of the egg. As air accumulates in the collector, the balanced egg becomes increasingly buoyant and unstable as the magnetic lines of force are stretched. At a critical point, the magnetic lines are broken and the highly balanced egg tilts, losing its air load at the limit of its travel. The egg then centers in the chamber and the process repeats.

    images below

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  3. This is a system of interacting elements. It 's structure and behavior are patterned on the dynamic relationship the earth's solid inner core has with its molten outer core.

    Pulse-width modulation (PWM) is used to control the inner core speeds/stepping motor speeds, it is critical.

    The system is driven by a central rotating Neodymium-Iron-Boron ball magnet. The central ball and the outer cage rotate at different speeds. At specific ball speeds, elements around the central ball magnet begin to dynamically harmonize, each impacting the behavior of the others. There are sweet speeds and corresponding behaviors that cause things to move as one. The inner ball is not mechanically linked to the outer cage. When the outer arms flagellate in harmony, there is sufficient magnetic drag to cause the outer cage to sympathetically rotate. I’m not sure why these behaviors emerge but the speeds are specific.

    This system was devised after looking at the way the rotation of the earth’s magnetic inner core influences the outer core. The resulting mechanism exhibits behavior that is similar to a swimming microorganism.

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  4. air enters the center and exits the arm ends causing slow rotation and tumbling.
    The arms are made of strontium aluminate doped paper and internally lit with LEDs. The light from the LEDs charge the doped paper and in turn glows from the inside when the LEDs are off.

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  5. This is a spherodendron structure, its creation was inspired by the forces of nature that drive the formation of complex networks, both physical structural networks and networks that exist as behavioral frameworks. (chapter 10) node distribution
    From the nano-scale Actin filament networks of cells to the mega macro webs that make up the universe to the internet, nonlinear networks play a central role in everything. I designed this branching system to help visualize and better understand how networks evolve. i did not know before hand the analogies that would become apparent,

    The glowing elements (nodes) indicate dendritic branching events. note: the branching events form concentric layers within the spherical structure. This layer/shell structure emerged from the parent structure.
    Non-linear network structures are physically strong and have an important role in future of structural engineering. (chapter 10) node distribution

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