Born of God: The Interactive Documentary

Story Concept: Born of God examines Christianity and what faith means to Christians. It paints a portrait of true Christianity, which is an active perusal of Jesus Christ and obeying the commands of God. The documentary in comprised of interviews from various Christians on the USC campus, but mainly focuses on one person, Ian. Ian shares his beliefs and testimony and how Christianity has affected his life. The interactive documentary expands on the ideas presented by the documentary. It consists of segments of the interviews conducted for the documentary and are titled according to the topic. In addition, the interactive documentary provides two videos from campus ministries- one from Intervarsity and one from The Navigators. These videos explain what each campus ministry is and believes in.

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Born of God: The Interactive Documentary

Bryan Lew

An interactive documentary about the USC Christian Community, consisting of interviews from various Christians on campus as well as links to two campus ministries: Intervarsity and The Navigators.


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