The Brain-Based Boss 4/60s: Learning videos each with 4 tips in 60 seconds

  1. A 1-minute video with a simple and effective technique to request behaviour change from someone in a way that is professional, brief and calm.

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  2. Sometimes in a difficult or awkward conversation, you'll feel threatened and the good old involuntary emotional stress response of fight or flight kicks in. You want to keep your professional cool so here are 4 tips in 60 seconds on how you can take charge and get back online.

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  3. We move towards the things we want and seek to avoid the things we don't want. Identify and combine your own push 'n' pull motivators to accelerate your success.

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  4. Is your decision-making affected by fear of the costs of making the wrong decision? Here's 4 quick tips in 60 seconds to have fewer regrets about the choices you make. More at

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  5. Have you ever regretted hiring someone after they had been so impressive during the interview? Maybe you were influenced by an unconscious bias affecting first impressions called the 'Halo Effect'.

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The Brain-Based Boss 4/60s: Learning videos each with 4 tips in 60 seconds

Terry Williams PRO

Time is money and life is short. A series of 1-minute animations, each with 4 tips of topics relating to leadership, including (but not limited to) change, decisions, delegation, influence and engagement.

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