Cass County Commission Meetings

For over 2 years, the People’s Press Project has been filming The Cass County Board of Commissioner meetings to make them available to the public on the web and on Fargo Public Access Television. This was done because this was one of many governmental groups who do not broadcast their meetings and make them available to the public.

This has been an effort of government accountability and transparency for the public and soon the Cass County Board of Commissioners will be broadcasting their own meetings and will make them available on cable access and the web.

The People’s Press Project is working on funding community based camera equipment to continue this project and film other governmental meetings that are held without broadcasts to bring the inner workings and public accountability of our government to the people they serve.

If you are interested in supporting this nonprofit work, read about the PPP’s efforts at or email duke

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Cass County Commission Meetings

The People's Press Project

Fargo, ND

Produced by the People's Press Project

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