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  1. Tyrol Documentary Filmer Christoph Malin, an extreme Mountainbiker, Skier and Snowboarder since 20 years, has produced this spectacular new view on Innsbruck at night and dawn, seen from the surrounding Peaks, Villages and Valleys.

    This "Director's Cut" version features a special Intro (filmed with Nikon's new D4) which shows Malin mountainbike riding the famous "Nordkette CableCar Support No 3" part of the “Nordkette Singletrail” at night.

    The "Nordkette Singletrail" is Europe’s most spectacular Mountainbike Trail, which Malin founded and developed in 2004 with Christian Piccolruaz (both with in cooperation with the City of Innsbruck and the Nordkettenbahn CableCar Company.

    UMS "Directors Cut" also features a "Takeout's and Fails" section after the Main segment, showing what can go wrong during such a production.

    The great Soundtrack Tune "Way over Yonder" was especially produced for this Video by TinyType, an Artist based in Tyrol. Tiny Type releases internationally, and his label can be found at

    „Urban. Mountain. Sky." takes great measure in showing the beautiful starry skies and breathtaking scenery after sunset, that are still to be enjoyed in Tyrol.

    While Innsbruck and the surrounding areas of course suffer from the lightpollution a City this size creates (see my older project "black hole sun"), the skies are still very nice once there are clear nights. The task is now to conserve at least this status we have now, to not loose the nightsky forever.

    The Short Film was produced during 8 months with special TimeLapse film techniques using ultra sensitive Cameras, and is based on over 35000 images.

    Some objects to be seen during the film: There are Milky Way, Orion, the Plejades, Meteors, Andromeda, Satellite Flashes, Traffic Streams in the Valleys, traditional Mountain Fires at Summer Solstice, Earth Hour Party at Innsbruck’s Golden Rooftop (02:25), a Meteor Persistent Train (around 04:38) as well as many Aeroplanes on their way over the Alps.

    At about 05:04 one see's the Brenner Autobahn ( It is also seen at about 04:12 (filmed from the 2400 m high Patscherkofel Mountain above Innsbruck, together with a Thunderstorm on the horizon), or at 03:52. Basically filmed at the same mountain with very bad light pollution (yellow band) provided by Northern Italy (not filtered by cloud layers).

    Around 04:22 is a famous scene with Innsbruck and the Milky Way… I once heard from a renown Astronomer that the other City in the world of about the same size that provides a similar quality of the MW during nights with clear skies is: Tucson, Arizona.

    Victor Franz Hess, who discovered cosmic rays, actually studied them high above Innsbruck at his cosmic ray observatory ( at the 2450 m high Innsbruck Hafelekar mountain, which is part of the Karwendel Mountain Range, that hosts the “Alpenpark Karwendel”, a bit similar to a State National Park.

    Actually at the Intro Sequence (around 01:44) I was just about 600 vertical meters below Hess’ observatory, and at the end sequence around 04:57, the observatory is just right of the upper mountain light (Hafelekar Cable Car Mountain Station) in the middle of the images.

    The odd object from about 03:34 are lens flares, and I hope you noted the Mountain Goat appearing at the most upper right hand side of the images, during that sequence. While capturing images, I could hear the goat, but couldn’t recognize it.

    Filmed with Nikon D3s, D7000 and D7000, AFS 24-70/2.8, 14-24/2.8, AF 16/2.8 Fisheye, AF 50/1.8, AFS 500/4, AFS 80-200/2.8.

    The Mountainbike Scenes are filmed with Nikon’s new amazing low light flagship, the Nikon D4.

    Christoph Malin

    web //!/christophmalin
    get amazing prints of this movie at:

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  2. Make sure to watch this full-screen with the sound on!
    Atacama Starry Nights: Episode I
    Astronomer's Paradise is the first episode of a Atacama Starry Nights timelapse movie series.

    So cool: As mentioned by Dr. Brian May here (scroll down a bit): (Sat. Dec. 1st, 2012)

    - National Geographic
    - Nikon Rumours!

    NEW: Fine Art prints of this movie at:

    Cerro Paranal is an astronomers paradise with its stunningly dark, steady and transparent sky. Located in the barren Atacama Desert of Chile it is home to some of the world's leading telescopes.

    Operated by the European Southern Observatory ( the Very Large Telescope (VLT) is located on the Paranal mountain, composed of four 8 m telescopes which can combine their light to make a giant telescope by interferometry.

    Four smaller auxiliary telescopes, each 1.8 m in aperture, are important elements of the VLT interferometer.

    Walking on the desert near Paranal between the scattered stones and boulders on the pale red dust, feels like being on Mars but under the Earth sky.

    Paranal was selected for cutting edge astronomical observations also because of the sky transparency and steady atmospheric condition which let astronomers peer into tiny details in the deep cosmos using giant telescopes.

    This film is made with footage from the November 2011 TWAN imaging expedition to Paranal assigned by the European Southern Observatory (ESO). We photographed 14 nights in a row from usually 05:30 pm to 08:00 a.m.

    All video rights reserved by Christoph Malin ( and Babak Tafreshi ( of The World at Night (TWAN) program (
    The inside vista-observatory video is contributed by Stephane Guisard (

    The music is by Carbon Based Lifeforms ( Song Arecibo extract from the album [Twentythree], write & produced by Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad, published by Ultimae (

    Equipment used by Christoph on assignment:

    - 2 Nikon D3s
    - 1 Nikon D700
    - 1 Nikon D7000
    - 2 AFS 12-24/2.8, 1 AFS 24-70/2.8, 1 AF 16/2.8 Fisheye, 1 AF DX 10/2.8 Fisheye
    - Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly with MX2
    - Astrotrac AT320 X-AG and Merlin with MX2

    Transitions done with Apple Aperture (see Edited and rendered with Final Cut Pro 10, Motion and Compressor. Some re-edits recently done with LR4 and LRT for testing, fun!. About 35000 TimeLapse images processed, 7500 used for this part of "Astronomers Paradise".

    I hope we could at least capture the magic of this very special place a bit - this is how the night sky looks like, if people care about light pollution. And we need more people to do that.

    With best regards,
    Christoph Malin

    web //!/christophmalin (fine art prints of this movie and others)

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  3. While I was working a night on the 2350 m high Hafelekar Mountain above Innsbruck, Austria, taking footage for a my "Adventures after Dark" time lapse movie ( it was a quarter moon, windy, bitter cold night with peaks around -30 degree.

    The Hafelekar Mountain is located near the Nordkettenbahn Cablecar which catapults the Tourist from the City of Innsbruck (676 m) up to over 2000 m (Hafelekar Bergstation). It offers a fantastic 360 degree view over the Karwendel Mountain Range north towards Munich, to the Stubaier and Tuxer Alpen and far up south to the Brenner Pass.

    So, when I processed the Timelapse footage, I didn't trust my eyes: I had spotted two power grid failures on the city streets :). Both don't last long, just about 40 seconds each.

    According to the timestamp on the 2.5 sec exposed D3s frames...

    First failure:
    02.09:05 am to 02.09:50 am

    Second failure:
    02.32:02 am to 02.32:47

    Rig: Nikon D3s, 2.5 sec exposure, f2.8, AFS 14-24/2.8 on 14 mm, Merlin Head, DP MX2 Controller.

    All the best
    Christoph Malin

    web //!/christophmalin
    order amazing prints of this movie and others at:

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  4. This is a preview of the Chile Adventures - ESO Photo Expedition, November 2011.

    Filmed during two weeks at the ESO Sites Cerro Paranal and Atacama Large Millimeter / submillimeter Array in the Atacaman Desert (,

    I guess this time the TWAN Team consisting of Astro-imaging legend Babak Tafreshi and me, a dedicated Astro Landscape timelapser, with imaging genius, Paranal telescope engineer Stephane Guisard joining in on the second week at ALMA, set a new record nightsky imaging marathon: 13 nights of footage taking in a row!! From average 06:00 p.m. to 08:00 a.m.

    Even on the two days off, we could not stop exploring the quiet and beautiful desert skies and landscapes.

    The Atacaman desert is such a remarkable, extraordinary place, as well as the ESO observatories are. Both Paranal and ALMA observatories are truly some of the most exciting astronomic earth based imaging ventures of mankind. I have never seen such brilliant commitment to explore our origins in space as well as exceptional engineering, and we also met so much nice people amongst the different teams.

    Equipment used: Nikon D7000, D700, 2x D3s, 2x AFS 14-24/2.8, AFS 24-70/2.8, AF 16/2.8 Fisheye, AF-DX 10/2.8 Fisheye, Dynamic Perception Stage Zero 1, MX2 and Merlin/Skywatcher Head as well as AstroTrac TT320 X-AG.

    Made on a Mac with Nikon Capture NX, View NX, LR4, Aperture, Apple Motion, FinalCut Pro X and lots of processing time.

    Best regards
    Christoph Malin


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  5. Featured on National Geographic: thanks to NG, awesome!

    See the Making of:

    Amazing original Prints of images of this movie are available here:

    Imagine the world's largest volcanic erosion crater. Then imagine an island with an incredible area to height ratio: low area of 708 square km and the 12 km wide "caldera de taburiente" with it's 2445 m high roque de los muchachos peak... or the near 2000 m high Deseada volcanic twin peaks on the ruta de los Volcanes... Combine that with beautiful starry skies - and you have La Palma (see

    My new TimeLapse project "The Island" is dedicated to this beautiful and lovely Island of the Canaries... Note: this is my second TL project, the first one - "Black Hole Sun" - was reviewed nicely on NAT GEO daily news

    "The Island" was filmed by me alone during the first week of August 2011, less than 10 hrs sleep the whole week!

    The great song for this video comes from Epic Soul Factory, "Titan", found on Soundcloud:

    Now enjoy,
    Christoph Malin

    P.S.: Check some of my other films and projects:
    “Island in the Sky”,
    "Astronomer's Paradise",
    "Urban Mountain Sky",
    "ISS Tronized",

    Fine Art Prints of "Island in the Sky -!/christophmalin

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