Church Father Hall of SHAME

This bilious person started the apostolic succession lie; or at least, someone claiming to be 'Clement'. When you read his own writings ( ), you will vomit. Blatant power grab and total ignorance of PAUL's letter to the Corinthians, all demonstrated in Clement's own 'salutation' (Chapter1). For look how he fawns in order to ingratiate himself with the Corinthians, who by his depiction, are the opposite from what Paul said! Compare what Paul wrote to this clemens liar, and you'll see how awful was the Roman apostacy, in the very year John wrote Revelation.

The 1 Clement quote by staycatholic, can be read in context, here: . If you want to start at the beginning of his awful letter, use this link:

And notice, Clement makes no actual 'succession' or 'pope' claim of Matt16:18. Yet he's billed by the Catholics, as the start of that claim. Wow. And for 2000 years, we just let this lie slide? We even praise him? What will Christ say to us, on Judgment Day?

Everyone after this guy, is equally bilious, read for yourself, . Don't go by the praise of others, unless you too want to be condemned for not doing your homework.

This video is called 5 PopeM in Youtube, but for some reason won't play in Youtube. So it's posted here, and the original video description, follows below.
How did the harlotry of 'apostolic succession' actually begin? As a usurpation gambit. We have a profuse record of it, in the writings of the so-called 'Church fathers' who authored it. As shown previously in the Petros Lie and Rock is Christ videos, they doctored the Vulgate to cover up the real Greek meaning in Matt16:18. But before that, they did something else: claim to be the 'heirs' of the apostles. Cleverly. With dulcet tones. Satan was nice in Matthew 4, too.

How could such a thing happen, when the Bible is adamantly AGAINST this idea, 1Cor15, end of the Gospels, Matt 23, Mal1:6, Ephesians 4:11-16, and esp. Matt16:18? Well, both Jews and Christians expected the Millennium in 94AD, just as predicted since Moses in Psalm 90. Never mind, that as a consequence of Israel rejecting Him, the Lord said He would build Church UPON HIMSELF, Matt 16:18.

In Ephesians 2 Paul thus shows Two Walls, after indexing his Greek to Moses Psalm 90 meter in Ephesians 1:3-14, to show a series of what-if-Rapture happens, since Church is in the Daniel 9:26c time bubble of history, the 62nd week. So Paul's meter also maps to Daniel's.

So when the Millennium didn't come by 94 AD, but John was instead exiled on Patmos, Christians became jaded; thus 1John's warning came true front and center; thus began the usurpers, aka (ahem) the 'Church Fathers'.

Witness beginning in this video, the cold-hearted power grab by so-called Clement of Rome, when John was newly exiled to Patmos or dead. Read his words for yourself, here: . Bring Pepto Bismol!

So while 'Clement' is snubbing John (who Clement NEVER MENTIONS in his 'letter' to the Corinthians), God is snubbing 'Clement' -- reserving Rome for the nastiest chapter in the Bible, Revelation 17. Or, maybe Clement wrote afterwards. Either way, it's clear from Bible that the so-called 'apostolic succession' is a lie, proven even in the 'fathers' own words. In this video, we focus on Clement.

Subsequent videos will take these 'fathers' in order, showing what God had John predict in Revelation 17, came true. Of course, you should read them yourself. Start here: . Download the whole 1600-page library here:

Notice how profuse their 'piety', their overstress on glorifying the apostles in order to insinuate THEMSELVES, just like Jude 9-12 warned.

From time immemorial such power grabs have occurred. Kings die, leaders die, usurpers claim to be the rightful heirs, and take over. Happened in Israel, happens in Church; here we have a full history of 'fathers' in their own words, their diarrhetic abuse of Bible, showing us how they did it.

Read them for yourself at either or If you have BibleWorks 8, use the Resources-then-Backgrounds tab for 'Early Christian Fathers', and start reading.

Bring Pepto-Bismol.

When people TRASH the Word of God, they shouldn't be treated nicely, 2John 9-11, 2Tim3:5-7, Titus 1:12-14, 3:10.

Associated webpages and . Latter is a historical review of post-Cross fallout leading to these 'fathers'.
File Name: FathersOfApostasy.avi , in VUO folder, 3/4/2011, originally posted in Youtube as 5 PopeM but the Youtube file won't play.

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Church Father Hall of SHAME

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The lying, lousy, Bible-ignorant Church Fathers will be the theme of this channel. No one who praises these…

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The lying, lousy, Bible-ignorant Church Fathers will be the theme of this channel. No one who praises these awful people, can competently read Bible.

Wow, that's a strong statement. So it better be backed up with proof, huh. I started doing just that, back in my Youtube 'Pope Myth' playlist, which is housed in . Eventually, ALL those videos will be ported here. Right now, I've already ported some to vimeo, to illustrate Paul's scathing prophetical sarcasm in the GGS 11 series, against those very 'fathers'. Yeah, fathers of apostasy.

But apparently more needs to be shown, so this channel will house live sections from these bilious liars who wouldn't know the Bible if it bit them. So you can understand better, how apostate Christianity is, today.

For if someone praises obvious liars, then that person either a) has no discernment, hence no Holy Spirit (so is carnal, even if saved); or b) never actually READ what those liars wrote, and so is a hypocrite. Take your pick.

We need to clean house in Christianity, or God will clean us out. Cleaning starts by admitting these horrible people of the past, only fathered the lies many still cling to, this day.

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