1. The White-necked heron is a large heron widespread across Australia, like many waterbirds in Australia it moves about in response to suitable conditions being available. Also known as the Pacific heron

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  2. The Eastern Great Egret is a common bird in much of Australia. In the Canberra region it is the most frequently seen egret. In NZ it is called the White heron and there is a small breeding population on the west coast of the South Island and it is featured on the NZ$2 coin. last clip is a bird filmed is in full breeding plumage.

    Also see Intermediate egret - the other large white egret in Australia at vimeo.com/116223727

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  3. The Intermediate Egret is as its name suggests in between the little(and cattle) and the great egret in size. Widespread in the northern half of Australia, uncommon in the southeast. See vimeo.com/72253890 for the Eastern Great Egret, the usual large white egret in southeastern Australia. Compare also with the somewhat smaller Little egret see vimeo.com/123610826 and vimeo.com/116446242 also Cattle Egret vimeo.com/110338135

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  4. The cosmopolitan Cattle Egret appeared to have colonized Australia from Indonesia in the 1940's. Now widely distributed in the north and east and in the far southwest of WA. In southeast NSW it is common in dairy country close to the coast - as seen here. Birds shown here are in their distinctive breeding plumage.

    The slightly bigger Little Egret can be seen at vimeo.com/116446242 and vimeo.com/123610826

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  5. In Australia the Little Egret is a widespread bird and in the southeast is often found with the Eastern Great Egret vimeo.com/72253890 (Here shown together for a size comparasion) and in addition, especially also as one goes further north, also with the Intermediate Egret vimeo.com/116223727.

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Herons, Egrets (Ardeidae), Storks (Ciconidae) Ibis and Spoonbills (Threskiornithae) and Pelican (Pelecanidae) of Australia

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