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    2 Powerful Networking Filled Days About NFTs and The Blockchain
    Visionary Speakers from all over the crypto world!
    VIP Event on the 23rd is DJ Snoopadelic performed by Snoop Dogg!!!

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  2. This video is about asset backed NFT's from BEES.Social and the whole focus on this is to help you understand why it's important and why it makes sense. Why should you care about asset backed NFT's? An Asset Backed NFT is a non fungible token, which most of us have seen like works of art that and borrowing against something that you can speculate on its value.

    Read an in depth article about the asset backed NFT here

    Watch this Crypto NFT video on Youtube here:

    I love that the NFT is a collectible. It's going to be valuable. Once a Babe Rut card or a brand new issue from somebody who's been an artist. Someplace else that's gonna be worth a lot now and it might be worth more, it might be worth more when they're dead. That sort of thing. That's the art and that's where you rely on art dealers speculative markets and other things you really tell you and explain to you what's really relevant about that an asset back to NFT eliminates that slop in the system.

    The NFT That you get will be backed by a specific amount of assets. In our case, it's a liquidity pool that may hold $10,000 worth of Ethereum and $10,000 worth of another token , $20,000 in value that denominated as a liquidity pool token that will be associated with an NFT. So therefore if somebody wanted to sell this NFT to one other person without unstated without screwing up liquidity for that particular token that's in that liquidity pool, they could do so because the explicit asset amount associated with that NFT is locked into it in the Blockchain. That means that you can go sell this NFT And there's no question about its value. It's written right on there and that's why it's so important that you understand. You can also take this NFT and look at other protocols that are coming up and take this asset backed NFT and use it there. You can use it for collateral, you could stake it in another pool, you can do a variety of things with it. But understand the difference between a piece of art that's an NFT And A NFT that is associated with a bucket of actual capital that there is no question as to what it's worth. And that is why an asset backed NFT is so incredibly important and why I used to be interested in that versus the NFT which are interesting which are collectible, which are really neat and art does appreciate.

    But you're gonna have to rely on a whole other group of people to value that and a market going back and forth based upon rumors and whatever happens in the art community versus this, which is an explicit value. Here's a cool thing just to kind of throw you up on this asset backed NFT. They're also issuing a piece of art. At least in the case would be social. So if you want to have a conversation with somebody about a little bit more about what it is that piece of art could be worth something or it could be not. But it really comes down to the assets backing it that's going to tell you what it's really worth. And as you listen as to what people are letting people do with lending protocols and staking protocols, Just think about if you were going to borrow against a piece of art, how much would they give you that for that piece of art? Would that change as the value of that art went down? If the value that art went down, would you be liquidated versus if you were to borrow against a specific asset group that was Worth about $20,000 in capital, how much is it worth, $20,000 in capital or the market price of the two tokens?

    Those are easily tracked and maybe not as volatile as art. A piece of art that's going to be valued by an appraiser. So just think about it that way. This opens up a brand new door for a lot of people to think about this. But one of the things that I want to do is make sure that you understood the why, why it was important and why it's even worth talking about. Thanks a lot. And if you have more questions you know where to find us. But an asset backed NFT and get used to saying it because it's going to be something that you're going to be using on a regular basis.

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    Check out the breaking news video about the asset backed NFT's from BeesSocial

    Check out these Asset Backed NFT's from BEES.Social



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  3. Check out the best anime crypto token backed by over $100 million in liquidity. Check out Anime.Limited to see some of the anime crypto girls NFT's launching on June 11th


    “Anime Limited envisions to grow into the biggest Crypto/Anime community in the world by bringing new technologies to a broader market and serving as a platform for people to communicate and learn.” - Karasu

    YFU (ワイフ — /ˈwaɪfuː/) is a community token for the Anime Limited and its collectible ecosystem. It’s meant as the core governance mechanic for the future generation of waifu/anime/defi/crypto enthusiasts.

    Anime.Limited are working day and night to indulge our community members while pushing our YFU tokens into a common, easy and effective way to satiate the communities wants and needs.

    Anime Limited (formerly known as YFU finance) is a DeFi community project whose goal is to become the biggest Crypto/Anime community in the world by satisfying today's needs through their fair $YFU token ecosystem.

    Go to BEES.Social for more information on the best new crypto token launches in 2021.

    Crypto Anime Collectable NFT's from Anime.Limted

    Watch this Anime Crypto Token presentation on our BEESSocialTV Youtube Channel here:

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  4. The best new cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 is M2 Cash. Find out all about M2 Cash and why it is the best new cryptocurrency to invest in. Find out how to get M2 Cash - the best cryptocurrency to invest in at BEES.Social

    M2 Cash is The People’s Digital Cash

    M2 Cash has the fairest Token Distribution EVER! No Founders, No Owners, No Teams, No Keys, just Smart Contracts. 100% pure Blockchain Digital Cash. Money 3.0 just for the PEOPLE!

    7 Reasons why M2 is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

    1) M2 is a 100% fair distribution coin launch
    2) M2 is a token where 100% of coins are issued to a "Genesis Curve"
    3) M2 is not an Initial Coin Offering ("ICO")
    4) M2 is not a cryptocurrency token with owners managing ongoing coin distribution
    5) M2 is not a token where owners can put more M2 on any exchange
    6) M2 is not a token where there are more to issue
    7) M2 is not a launch where tokens have been held back for VIPs

    Learn more about DeFi Yield Farming Crypto with this great beginners training guide:

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  5. A lot of people don't know a lot about Bitcoin and smart contracts. For the most part, because the Bitcoin network is relatively constrained with three to four transactions per second globally, a lot of the smart contract activity are done on the lightning network connected blockchain that's connected to the blockchain network of Bitcoin.

    Go to BEES.Social/bees-social-for-beginners to learn more.

    So most of the smart contracts for Bitcoin are running on the Lightning network. So if you're looking for smart contracts, if you're looking for information that runs across a network that allow you to do things in Bitcoin, you would definitely take a look at the Lightning network.

    The Bitcoin blockchain is notoriously conservative. There's a tremendous amount of value being stored on that blockchain, there's not a lot of appetite for massive change. So that's why a lot of the changes in the innovations you see happening are off the Bitcoin blockchain and working back and forth with the Bitcoin blockchain. So that's the answer that we have based upon our research, there may be a vast amount of information that we haven't covered, because things are developing, and people will say that there are things that are happening on these blockchains.

    But some of those things are in development and some of those things aren't real. So when we talk about things that are working, we're talking about things, we're talking about networks, we're talking about things that are being used by average consumers on a regular basis, or regular businesses on a regular basis.

    So that's the net of blockchain, the blockchain of Bitcoin and smart contracts. Hopefully, that's helpful. I'm sorry, I can't give you a huge, comprehensive definition. Our expertise is more on the Ethereum blockchain, but people do ask about Bitcoin and smart contracts. And that's my answer.

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