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  1. From the new album 'Emergence' out now:
    Discover more about Emergence:

    Max Cooper
    “This chapter comes towards the end of the Emergence story, after all of the physical world around us has been established by following through the action of the simple building blocks of nature. I wanted to finish the LP with the progression left open-ended, the laws of nature being unbounded and any particular consequences impermanent and ever changing.

    The best way to present this seemed to be with an infinite fractal zoom, where we experience delving into a system that seems to have no end. But the problem was that I really don’t like most fractal zoom videos, as it’s a technique that has been much overused, and often relies on the same methods of synthesis which have a particular recognisable aesthetic.

    Luckily for me someone got in touch to suggest Morgan Beringer’s work to me, which I loved, so we started chatting about video ideas, and it seemed that Morgan might be able to pull off a new way of the presenting the unbounded zoom! Safely to say, he did an amazing job with this, with his warping saturating abstraction and hints of traditional fractals.”

    Morgan Beringer
    “The main structure of the video 'revolves' around an infinite spiral/zoom effect that is realized using an animated form of the Droste effect, combined with my trademark style of abstract visuals that continuously move in somewhat unpredictable manners. It is the first time I have combined both and a lot of experimenting and trial and error was employed before I found a combination that worked best.

    When combined, the overall theme of an unbounded form was expressed via both the chaotic structure of the form and the infinite motion of the spiral. I found this also reflects the contradictions that quickly appear when considering absolutes, infinities, and any such theoretical extremities that are not empirically experienced. The contradiction being that we must always 'assume' that unbounded structures are indeed unbounded, and while we might explore short journeys down these roads, the end of the spiral is never reached and the moving forms never solidify. The fact that the form of the spiral remains constant during the video (though the angles change and the colors change, etc.) helps to reflect that we rely upon bounded structures to represent unbounded structures.

    Beyond that overall theme I also added further details to echo these ideas, such as the grid appearing at various times to remind us that despite the appearance of an infinite/chaotic motion there is in fact a very defined structure that we get small glimpses of every now and then. The addition of several lighting effects also nods back to the main concept in that they try to remind the viewer that this is a flat video. Just light on a surface, synthetic light even, despite it's attempt to convey an unbounded infinite.

    So the final result hopefully giving us little glimpses of what an infinite or unbounded concept/structure might entail, flights of thought or fantasies almost, but also reminding us that these concepts are never fully understandable or attainable in physical reality beyond these short moments.

    My favorite moment within the song is when, for a few short moments, the rhythm extends beyond its established structure and we are left 'floating' somewhat before it comes back to ground us. Again, demonstrating that we need the established structure before we can break it, and that even when it is broken or expanded upon, we only get a few brief moments before adapting to the change/new structure.”

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  2. camera . andrey krauzov
    edit . taya kascheeva

    Tesla Boy

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  3. In this edition, we decided to kill the Open Titles and introduce you something special.

    Based on the OFFF Barcelona 2017 campaign, NEW SENSES is a story about a first time experience. Outro studio have decided to represent OFFF as an essential element, a brand that provides a formula for a sensorial rebirth - everything you see, hear, taste, touch and smell is a first time experience.

    A film by Outro Studio.
    With Àlex Monner and Greta Fernández.
    Directed by Marc Castellví

    Music and Sound Design: Aimar Molero (
    DOP: Nilo Zimmermann
    Art Director: Kevin Sabariego
    Graphic designers: Adrià Pifarré and Roger Varela
    Producers: Úrsula Gallemí and Cris Moya
    Set Designer: Kaká Gouvea
    Production Assistant and making of: Ana Freitas
    Focus Puller: Ssoi Ramon
    Gaffer: Eloi Teixidó
    Dolly Grip: Adrià Pardo
    Sparks: Xavier Guillem
    Stylist: Amparo Moreno
    Camera and technical supplies courtesy of
    Light and grip courtesy of
    Aerial shots courtesy of
    Color correction courtesy of
    Costumes supplies courtesy of Showroom Costume BCN (
    Make up courtesy of David Molina Make Up School
    Hairdressing courtesy of Barcelona Hair Academy
    Sound recording services courtesy of Jump Studio & More (
    English corrector: Robin Rycroft
    Driver Specialist: Anton Ryadkov
    Additional cast:
    Surgeon 1: Arnau Abril
    Surgeon 2: Cris Moya
    Surgeon 3: Carmen Galán
    Farmer: Kevin Sabariego
    Special thanks:
    Anna and Xavier (
    Esther Vallejo
    Antonio Sabariego
    Carlos Cenarro

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  4. Syncretic Noise / 5 min / HD / Stereo

    A man dances secluded from a city in battle with itself. Syncretic Noise explores how we respond to chaos around us. The dancer’s natural motion continues across cuts over discontinuities of space from forest landscapes to gritty urban life. In a silent dialogue of motion the dancer's movement convey a struggle to find solace between his permanent objectivity from societal indignations and using dance as an engine to find inner peace.

    Director & Editor | Stephen Bullen
    Dance & Choreography | Jeff Salisbury
    Colorist | Chris Brands
    Visual Effects | Xuejing Xu
    Sound Design & Music | Stephen Bullen
    Production Company | Between The Notes Productions (

    Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards - Best Experimental & Sound Design
    HIMP Film Festival - Best Experimental, Best Sound Design, & Best Editing
    Paris Play Film Festival - Winner for Best Dance
    Loikka Dance Film Festival
    NewFilmmakers LA - Nominated Best of 2016 for New Media
    Global Music Awards

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  5. I directed this short commercial for adverticing agency Hjaltelin Stahl as part of their campaign “the homeless homepage”.

    The Homeless Homepage is a non-permanent URL. Like thousands of homeless people in Denmark, it needs to find a new place to stay every day. It is dependent on other websites to provide shelter. Companies and organisations can donate the top of their website for the campaign, and visitors can donate an amount equal to one night for a homeless person. The campaign starts d. (0) 4.04, which is a reference to Internet fault message '404 Page Not Found' that appears when a site is “off the grid“.
    See where the website is today at or whether it even has a place to be. Contact “Hus Forbi” to know more about how you can give the website shelter.

    Director: Toke Blicher Møller
    DoP: Snorre Ruhe
    Producer: Camilla Agerskov 
    1 AC: Kathrine Tegl
    Gaffer: Frank Omø
    Grip: Michael Tøt
    Best Boys: Sebastian Lyding & Benjamin Ingvorsen
    Production Assistants: Jakob Fyledal & Sanne Tøt
    Colorist: Theis Clausen
    Sounddesign: Philip Flindt
    Voice Over Artist: Natalie Ryan Herbert
    Props: DinMor
    Executive Producer: Thomas Gram
    Production Company: The Woerks
    Agency: Hjaltelin Stahl
    Creatives: Claus Collstrup, Daniel Simon

    Thank You Red Rental and Filmgear

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