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  1. What is Bricks?

    Bricks is a set of user interface components and elements united in 4 add-ons: Forms, Elements, E-commerce and Words. Beautiful and clear elements are easily combined with each other, as they are made in the same style. We have created for you hundreds of well-thought elements which will ideally fit your projects.

    View more here:

    How does it work? Take the desired component. You can change its appearance, color and text according to your needs. Use the resulting component in your design. Created on 12-grid system, they like fit together like puzzles.

    We have also drawn for you over 150 of vector icons in terms of this pack. All of them were based on 16-pixel grid. Bricks. Take a break from routine and work on new ideas.

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  2. An intro video for a mobile news service summly, an app that makes summaries out of news and is 100%-optimized for the mobile screen size. Summly was founded by the 16 year-old Nick D'Aloisio and the iOS App was released to the public on the 1st of November 2012. After installing the App for the first time, this 30 second intro video appears fullscreen. The goal of the video was to showcase the most important parts of the App and to give a feeling of the highly intuitive swipe and touch interface. The video was designed for portrait viewing on the iPhone 5, but also considering the smaller display of older iOS devices.

    Concept: Hardy Seiler, Jonathan Winkler, Ricardo Ferrer Rivero
    Directed and Produced by: Nord Nord, Hardy Seiler
    Project Management: Ricardo Ferrer Rivero
    Graphic Design: Hardy Seiler
    3D Animation: Inan Atalay
    2D Animation: Jonathan Winkler
    Sound Design: Torsten Strer

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  3. An experiment with time remap. In fact just changed the cam : it was filmed with a Canon 7D at 60fps, making it really more smooth !

    it was recorded as a funny pause while working on the performance "Cinematique" ( but this short dance is actually not in the show.
    You can try it in real time in an exhibition called XYZT (

    Just to explain : we have not invented this effect, we have just developed it to work on GPU at 60fps as a Quartz Composer plug in, it is based on sculpting of a 3D texture.
    It's made with a custom Quartz Composer plug-in that transform a video stream in a 3D texture.
    It can run at 60fps live at lower resolution (1024x512)

    AFAIK the effect was discovered accidentally by a photograph called Jacques Henri Lartigues at the beginning of the 20th century (in 1912 to be precise), with this famous photo :
    After it's just technical evolutions : photography->video->realtime video
    The funny part is that rolling shutter of many camera is not a feature, it's a pretty annoying effect...

    Golan Levin made an Informal catalogue of Slit-Scan video artworks and research :

    Music from Beirut

    Dancers : Akiko Kajihara & Adrien Mondot

    © Adrien M / Claire B

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  4. On a cold winter's night, Lynn's quest for a one night stand is complicated when the guy she goes home with lives two hours away via public transit.

    *This is the first short film we've directed together and we're finally allowed to share it online. We hope you enjoy watching it because we really enjoyed making it. Here's the second short we made

    Starring: Alex House( & Jenny Raven (
    Writers/Directors: Dane Clark ( & Linsey Stewart (
    Producers: Mike MacMillan ( & Jordan Gross (
    Cinematographer: Daniel Grant (
    Editor: Jonathan Eagan (
    Sound By: Sean Van Delft and Post City Sound

    Featuring Music By (In order with shortened iTunes link):
    Yours & Mine by HotKid -
    The Law Of Unintended Consequences by My Dad Vs Yours -
    Hold My Hand by Gramercy Riffs -
    The Moonwolf Departure by Pat LePoidevin -

    Thanks, Internet!
    *Vimeo Staff Pick. Whoa.
    *Viewfinder List -
    *Short Of The Week -
    *NSI Short Film Fest -

    Awards & Nominations
    *Best Short - Calgary International Film Festival (2011)
    *Best Short - Canadian Film Festival (2012)
    *Best Directors, Fiction - Yorkton Film Festival/Golden Sheaf Award (2012)
    *A&E Short Filmmakers Award For Best Film - NSI Online Short Film Fest (2012)
    *Bite Comedy Award - NSI Online Short Film Fest (2012)
    *Best Film Nomination- Canadian Comedy Awards (2012)
    *Best Short & Emerging Filmmaker Nominees - Yorkton Film Festival/Golden Sheaf Awards(2012)
    *Audience Award & Canada First Award - Lakeshorts International Short Film Festival (2013)
    *Audience Choice Award & Best Screenplay Award - Cabbagetown Short Film Festival (2013)


    email us:

    We made a feature. It's coming soonish. Like it here if you want:

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  5. Here is my latest commercial work for Adidas. We shot it in September in Slovenia, made to look like Russia in winter.

    Gary Shore - Director
    Director of Photography - Carl Nillson
    Production Company - Knucklehead
    Agency - Creature London
    Production Services - Division Productions
    Producers - Matthew Brown, Tim Katz, Nick Goldsmith, Rok Bukovec
    Agency Creatives - Ed Warren, Dan Shute
    Agency Producer - Kate Taylor
    Editor - Ben Jordan @ Work Post
    Post Production: UNIT
    Flame Op: Jon Berridge
    Colorist: Simon
    Post Producer: Dan Love
    Sound Design : ECHOLAB
    Sound Designer : Gavin Little
    Sound Design Assistant : Joe McHugh
    Music - Parov Stelar 'Booty Swing'

    Made in The People's Republic of Slovenia. September 2012

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