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  1. Versus is a sound installation consisting of two kinetic sculptures placed face to face.

    Each sculpture is made out of 12 triangular panels, hinged and powered by six linear actuators, controlled by a specific program. At the center of each corolla, a loudspeaker and a microphone allow to play and record sounds.
    At regular intervals, each sculpture produces a sound, simultaneously recorded and analyzed by the opposite sculpture, which then moves according to the frequencies of this sound.
    Like a feedback loop, it then plays back the recorded sound, with the errors and disturbances caused by the reverberating space and the visitors.

    By intervening in this conversation, the viewer becomes an actor, as he degrades the communication by his presence and the noises he produces. As the panels move back and forth at a pace determined by the environmental sound, they create a non-immediate interaction, where the imperfections of reproduction are becoming creative elements.

    The original sound is continuously transformed, and becomes something entirely new and unpredictable. The memory of past events is hold for a moment, until it’s reproduced, degraded, and then forgotten, replaced by the present.

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  2. It is not very often that we have the opportunity to create a graphic equivalent of a drug fueled rant bringing all of our collective skills to bear. And it is almost unfathomable that we could actually do something like this and benefit a good cause.

    The Buck team dug deep, channeling our inner gonzo, to direct and produce this homage promoting Good Books, the online bookseller that passes all its profits through to Oxfam. A big thanks to String Theory in NZ for bringing us this script, Antfood for their amazing audio stylings, to Thor for giving his voice and to all the artists who made this something we are proud of.


    What you will see is an entirely fictional and completely unendorsed representation. [Though we humbly suggest Hunter S Thompson might have liked it.] We are devoted fans paying homage. No disrespect is intended.

    For full credits visit

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  3. RUIN - An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe. It's only a tiny sliver of a much larger story. Thankfully, it's now set up at 20th Century Fox to become a full length feature.

    Check out our new Facebook Fan Page at

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  4. Synopis

    1892, Saint-Pétersbourg.

    Sasha, une jeune fille de l’aristocratie russe, a toujours été fascinée par la vie d’aventure de son grand-père, Oloukine. Explorateur renommé, concepteur du Davaï, son magnifique navire de l’Arctique, il ne revint jamais de sa dernière expédition à la conquête du Pôle Nord. Et à présent, son nom est sali et sa famille déshonorée.

    Pour laver l’honneur de la famille, Sasha s’enfuit. En route vers le Grand Nord, elle suit la piste de son grand-père pour retrouver le fameux navire.


    1892, St.Petersburg.
    Sasha, a young girl of Russian aristocracy, has always been fascinated by the adventurous life of her late grandfather, Oloukine. He was a renowned explorer, designer of his splendid Arctic ship, the Davaï, but died during his last expedition to conquer the North Pole.
    And now, his name is being tarnished and her family disgraced.
    To save the family honor, Sasha runs away.
    Going a long way North, she rushes in the footsteps of her grandfather to find the famous Davaï.

    Director: Rémi Chayé
    Production Stage: completed
    Audience: 6 to 12 and Family
    Genre: Adventure / Animation

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  5. Moscow City - Federation Tower \ Timelapse
    Январь 2012 г. 5 дней съемок
    Canon 5D Mark II
    Canon 60D
    Canon 7D
    Samsung Galaxy i9100
    tokina 11-16mm/2.8
    sigma 24mm/1.8
    sigma 10-20mm 3.5
    canon 50mm/1.4
    canon 24-105mm/4lis
    canon 70-200mm/4lis
    sigma 150-500mm
    NDx8, NDx16, NDx1000, NDx2000, c-pl

    музыка: Pendulum - Granite

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