1. Manatee is a funny looking marine mammal. I spend a good few days with them in 2013. Here is the highlight form the trip.

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  2. This year I organized 5 trips in Banda sea since the end of October.2 months that we roaming around the one of the deepest sea in Indonesia.

    We had so great experience from 2 months in Banda sea and it's so hard to explain all the experiences in just brief video but I think this 5 mins video will do the best to show our experience in Banda sea 2016.

    Equipment :
    U/W shot : Lumix GH4 + Nauticam Housing+ Fisheye Aquavault 10,000 x 2
    Aerial shot : DJI Phantom 3 Pro
    Special thanks to : Dive Supply Bangkok , Fisheye Japan , Nat Sumanatemeya for special footage of Schooling hammerhead.

    Music :
    Title - Aegis
    Artist - Jordan Critz

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  3. Devils in the sky is one of the dive site in Myanmar,Andaman sea.I used to dive there long time ago and we spotted school of Devil rays quite often hence the name.

    Cannibal rock is world famous dive site in the south of Rinca,Komodo.The dive site named by pioneer diver during survey of the area and they spotted one Komodo dragon eating another in front of what appeared to be a large shallow reef.The dive site covered in yellow and pink soft corals as well as tubastrea and other cup corals.It's so rich of sponge in every color and bouquet of feather star.

    The cold nutrient-rich water is probably bring the lush growth within the dive site with water temperatures often falling into 20-24 C in dry season(Jun-Oct) and can get warm and clear water in rainy season.Every square inch of the rock full of color and life of verterbrate and inverterbrate species such like Giant frogfish,Nudibranch galore,Ladybug amphipod,etc.During the dry season it's the cold nutrient-rich and green water so we don't expected much to looking for the stuffs in the blue but actually abundant fish out there.

    This film is one of the best dive I had in Cannibal rock.A hundred of Mobula rays(probably Short-fin Pygmy Devil Ray,Mobula kuhlii) roaming to the current split point.They swoop in and out the rock again and again.When I gazed up to the surface the school of Devil Ray blanketed me and reminded me the dive site "Devils in the sky" in Myanmar's sea but this is much larger scale.I spend about 15 minutes in freezing cold 19C water with this phenomenon,filming with the thrill in my heart.It's absolutely one of the best dive in Komodo.

    Devil ray is threatened species now.The population rapidly decline due to it's targeted for fisheries in many country included Indonesia.The demand of the Ray's gill raker (same like Manta ray)for chinese medicine market increased in recently decade.This beautiful species have more economic value when it's alive not dead...

    Camera info:
    Panasonic GH4 + Nauticam housing + Lumix 7-14mm +Lumix 8mm fisheye +2 iTorch Pro 7

    Nu Parnupong
    Underwater Photographer/Videographer

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  4. Can we live in nature with harmony?

    Human being is the part of nature.We're not playing the role of supreme being.Whatever we acted it's connected to the nature at somehow.I can't judge everything we do on this earth is right or wrong to nature.But I believe there's a way to living in nature with harmony.

    Cenderawasih bay is famous for unique relationship between began fisher man and the biggest fish on this planet "Whale shark".It's locate on the west papua,Indonesia."Kwatisore" the small and remote village created this relationship for long time.They catch the small bait fish call "Ikan Puri" or Silverside fish in the night so Whaleshark learned to feed on this fish underneath the bagan(Fishing raft).On the daytime Whale shark still be around and wait to engulf the fish that they caught last night by hand feeding.Now the scientist use this privilege relationship between them to study about Whale shark migration behavior by tagging them without harm.Whaleshark is considered vulnerable by the IUCN but we just know a little about them.We don't know where they mate or give a birth and I hope the research that make us understand more about them will help us to save them.

    Camera info:
    U/W shot : Panasonic GH4 + Nauticam housing + 8mm. fisheye lumix
    Aerial shot : DJI Phantom 3 pro
    Nu Parnupong
    Underwater Photographer/Videographer

    The music is "Become" by "Phillip Cuccias" and "Eyes Wide Open" by "Tony Anderson",under licensed.

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  5. There's a few places that I dive and I saw it's getting better and better every year I visited."Misool" in South of Raja Ampat is one of that places.

    Thanks to Misool Eco resort who established MPA(Marine Protected Area) in the area.It changed the place from Shark's poacher campsite to be one of the best MPA in the world.

    Recently year I spend time with Black & Blue Manta Liveaboard and we tried to captured one the most amazing phenomenon in Misool area.Millions and millions of Slender Silverside fish(Hypoatherina barnes) all over the reefs and created the baitball attracted lots of the predator.Long-horned Pygmy Devil Rays (Mobula eregoodootenkee) is one the most graceful ray to join this battle.A squadron of rays attacked the baitball again and again created very dramatic scene above beautiful reef in Misool.

    Camera info:

    U/W shot : Panasonic GH4 + Nauticam housing + 14-42mm. lumix + Nauticam WWL-1, Lumix 7-14 mm.
    Aerial shot : DJI Phantom 3 pro

    Nu Parnupong
    Underwater Photographer/Videographer

    The music is "Anemone" from by U137,under licensed.

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