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  1. In Like Father Like Son, Director Justin Tyler Close takes us on a very personal journey to discover the nuances and legacy of fatherhood. Through the stories and perspectives of real fathers and sons from across the country, the film explores what it means to be a good father raising good men in a world where masculinity can be difficult to navigate.

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    Director & Producer: Justin Tyler Close
    Executive Producer: Filmsupply
    Cinematographer: Jeremy Cox
    Editor: Jeff Watterson
    Casting: In Search Of
    Color: Sam Gilling
    Music: Musicbed & Cipriano Vigil Family
    Sound Design: Eugenio Battaglia

    Cast: Willy Choi, Kyung Choi, Cipriano Vigil, Cipriano Vigil, Alonzo Vigil, Jerry Forrest, James Forrest, Jay Williams, Anthony Meely, Andre Meely, Ron Bowman, Skip Bowman, Dash, Ace Dash

    Special Thanks: Anouk Aumont, Sarah Brannan, Fresh Films, Evan Landry, Jess Lowe, Asymetric, Eastside Camera, Common Vision, Nikki Refghi, Arthur Aumont, Lucy Mae Sunday, Josh Close, Nice Film Lab, Wythe Hotel (Brooklyn), Ariane Aumont

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  2. At a time when the global displacement crisis has reached 100 million people world wide, the hero short film features Ukrainian refugees and sends a message of support to all refugees around the world. The film focuses on the PTSD that refugees experience after they have fled the war, and culminates in a poetic symbol of unity and support. In total, over 60 Ukrainian refugees were involved in making the project.

    24 February 2022, Russia has started the war in Ukraine and my life flipped upside down. More heartbreaking images were coming from every corner of the Internet and snowballed into an avalanche of paralysing pain. 
    During the following weeks my wife Julija and I tried to do everything to help: sending donations, protesting, emotionally supporting our Ukrainian friends. No matter how much we helped, it did not feel enough. 
    Shortly our Ukrainian friends started fleeing to Europe. Every loud noise reminded them of bombing, every hard flash of light brought back the heavy war memories. The PTSD subject felt so important to bring attention to. I wanted to cast real refugees with their own stories to tell of how they fled the war. 

    Despite all the pain, we pray for a bright future. The film's ending is all about hope and unity. The refugee crisis is global and the only way to help people is to unite and stay together in dark and bright moments. 

    I want to say thank you to everyone who participated and helped to make our film possible. Never in my life have I seen such a unity from people across the globe.


    Directed by Andzej Gavriss
    Written by Andzej Gavriss, Konstantin Koval, Rick Dodds
    Creative Director Rick Dodds
    DOP Albert Salas
    Production Design Julija Fricsone Gavriss
    Editor David Gesslbauer
    Costume Designer Margarita Shekel
    Production Company Stink
    Executive Producer Blake Powell and Thomas Bartl
    Producer Marc Haferbusch
    Agency Don’t Panic
    Head of Client Services Georgia Williams
    Executive Producer Jennifer Clare Houlihan
    Junior Producer Ani Bosco
    Choreographer Konstantin Koval
    1st AD Alex Schimpke
    2nd AD Sasha Gordiiash
    Casting Germany Tröber Casting
    Casting Director Elena Tarakanova
    Casting Producers Katia Nefeld, Ulyana Snitko
    Steadicam A Sacha Naceri
    Steadicam B Chris Iwanow
    1st AC Cesar Villalba
    2nd AC Marc Villafranca
    VTR/DIT Rodrigo Levy
    VTR/DIT Julian Hopff
    Sound Frank Bubenzer
    Gaffer Mirko Fricke
    Electrician Robert Bergmann
    Electrician Raiko Epperlein
    Electrician Murat Aydin
    Electrican Fynn Koppenbrink 
    Stunts Buff Connection 
    Stunt Coordinator Billy Buff
    Stunt Technician Nils Lange
    Rentals Vantage Berlin
    Rentals Lightwise
    Rentals Cinegate Berlin
    Rentals FGV Schmidle Berlin
    Junior Producer Lukas Rotter
    Production Coordinator Corinne Ahrens
    Production Assistant Anna Borodastova
    Production Assistant Maximilian Sperber
    Location Scout Martin Zillger, Bashaar Wahab
    Production Manager Hendrik Müller
    Unit Manager Tobias Kraft
    Set Manager Julius Sommerfeld
    Set Dresser Steffi Becker
    Set Dresser/Driver Roman Pavlenko
    Set Dresser Artyom Hryntsevich
    Props Maker Yulia Pavlenko
    Styling Support Germany Frank Wilde
    Styling Assistant Iris Laricheva
    Styling Assistant Anna Maksimova
    Styling Assistant Razvan Lukian
    Costume Rental Perfect Props Berlin
    Make Up Artist Christian Fritzenwanker
    Make Up Artist Sarah Hartgens
    Make Up Assistant Viktoria Turok
    Editor Assistant Ira Trianova
    Sound Design & Sound Mixing Julian Holzapfel
    Re-Recording Studio BASIS BERLIN Postproduktion
    Head of Production Frieda Oberlin
    Original Music Song by Mavka
    Title Hej, Sokoly!
    Composer Maciej Kamieński
    Arrangement & Singer Iryna Lazer
    Musicians Oleksii Rybak and Ihor Babaiev
    Studio recording Serhii Tiahnyriadno
    Label & Publishing Mavka
    Additional Music Production MassiveMusic Berlin
    Composer Tip van den Bos
    Head of Production Joss Ifan Brightwell
    Junior Creative Producer Inken Bornholdt
    Visual Effects Time Based Arts
    Creative Directors James Allen and Mike Skrgatic 
    VFX Supervision Matt Shires and Sam Osborne
    2D Team Matt Shires, Oliver Ramsey, Stephen Grasso, Ria Shroff, Will Robinson,
    Eleonora Laddago, Viola Bascombe 
    3D Team Sam Osborne, Nick Smalley, Bethan Williams, Ihor Obukhovskyi, Zoe
    Colourist Lewis Crossfield
    Colour Assistants Max Ferguson-Hook and Sharn Talbot 
    Line Producer: Sean Ewins 
    Managing Director: Tom Johnson 
    Camera Tracking Amelie Guyot and Peregrine McCafferty at Peanut 
    3D Scans Ten24 
    Human Tree concept Julija Fricsone Gavriss
    Film stock Kodak
    Director Sales Kodak EAMER Sam Clark
    Marketing Manager Kodak EAMER Julie Taylor-Butt 
    Shoot on Kodak Vision 3 Color Negative Film 35 mm
    Lab services Cinelabs, Romania-Bucharest 
    Processing operator Viorel Stoica
    Negative preparation for dailies and scan 4 K Juan González-Páramo 
    Telecine dailies operator Viorel Popescu
    4K Scanning operator Cristi Deliu
    Production Coordinator Madalina Iancu
    Sales & Lab Manager Cornelia Popa
    Storyboard artist Sofiia Avtaikina
    Main Cast:
    Olya Shevchuk
    Ivan Dorn
    Olya Storozhuk
    Anna Furdui

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  3. Creative Direction by Hien Nguyen
    Director: Humberto Besa
    Executive Producers: Hien Nguyen, Anna Dinh, Humberto Besa
    DOP: persona.
    Production Manager: Levente Meray
    Casting Director: Nari Nguyen
    1st Assistant Director: Ana Fesser

    Hoàng Minh Châu
    Phạm Hoa, Liam Zhandos, Hoàng Tuệ, Vũ Thị Thu Trang, Vũ Vi, Phan Ngọc Hoà, Phan Thanh Huy, Nguyễn Tuấn Anh
    Nguyễn Quân, Phạm Tímea, Nguyễn Anh Martin, Đỗ Nghĩa, Đỗ Ngọc Quỳnh
    Nguyễn Tuệ Chinh, Nguyễn Đức Quang, Trần Phạm My Huyền, Vũ Ádám
    Dancers: Kylie Hoàng, Lili Nguyễn, Bea Hoàng, Hiromi Yokoyama, Natsumi Hiura (MD Dance Company), Anna Dinh

    Art Director: Clara Farkas
    Costume Designer: Nguyen Phuong
    Choreographer: Dániel Móritz
    Steady Cam: Bence Bujdosó
    Focus Puller: Miklós Csuhaj
    Best Boy: Dávid Rondzik
    Makeup Artist: Bernadett Titkos
    Hair Stylist: Norbert Kozma
    Stylist: Iryna Skyba
    Unit Manager: Gréta Tüzes
    Production Crew: Andrea Horváth, Attila Tökölyi
    Makeup Assistants: Naomi Gyuris, Lizett Lendvay, Kitti Szimonetta Tóth, Vivien Ujvári
    Hair Assistant: Ráhel Kis
    Assistant Choreographer: Katja Râuhla
    Set Design and Prop Assistants: Sára Borbála Enyingi, Boglárka Hegedűs
    Colorist: David Castañón
    Vfx: Jose Panadero
    Mix & Master: Lionel Elsound, bad entity

    Special thanks to Nguyễn Phương Thảo Vera, Anh Tuan, Viktor Dinh, Nguyễn Thị Hợp, Đinh Quốc Minh, Trần Nguyệt Ánh

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  4. Director - Ludovic Gontrand @LudoGontrand
    Director of Photography - Antoine Cormier
    Production company : Hamlet & Art Mineur
    Producer - Clément Martorell
    Stylist - Kevin Lanoy
    Stylist - Anaïs Derderian
    Set designer - Sylla Ferre
    1st Assistant Director - Alexia Di Cioccio
    Casting director - Naïs Graziani
    Line producer - Barbara Victor Pujebet

    Service company : Shot in Mars x Mino
    Line Producer - Antoine Brusco
    Executive producer - Julien Manunta
    Executive producer - Yannis Cullaz
    Service producer - Matthieu Berenguer
    Production Coordinator - Lilou Ramain-Colom

    Stunt coordinator - Oscar Casellas
    Assistant stunt coordinator - Tom Pannetier
    Fire stunt - Claire Valero

    2nd Assistant Director - Ilona Tran
    1st Camera Assistant - Maxime Lebas
    2nd Camera Assistant - Lola Hume
    Data Manager - Lucien Migne
    Steadicamer - Anthony Tarente
    Camera Intern - Joseph Cambau

    Key Gaffer - Patrick Allard
    Gaffer - François Garcia

    Key Grip - Gaël Giraud
    Grip - Philippe Barez
    Grip Guillaume Schmidt

    Assistant set designer - Marius Guionnet
    Assistant set designer - Wanda Buf
    Assistant set designer - Colette Youinou

    Stylist - Albane - Fleury de Witte
    Dresser - Elisa Gerad
    Hair - Lorena Charmasson
    Make up - Anaïs Maurette
    Assistant Make up - Stéphanie Cappellini

    Behind the Scene - Chloé Azodanloo
    Stage photographer - Manon Renier
    Assistant stage photographer - Rapaëlle Stavisky

    Stage Manager - Davy Kopel
    Stage Manager - Eva Janetti
    Stager Manager - Sarah Bena
    Stage Manager - Scander Bensaid

    Casting - Angela Aru, Mahelys Beautes, Francine Frangini, Tigana Letombo, Océane Soundja, Samantha Chaher, Coragem Gomes, Curtis Taylor, Evelyne Hadijian, Fanette Paillard Rampal, Laurent Quintard, Malika Bourourou, Mamadou Ndoye, Paul Gouven, Rayane Alloun, Sophie Javayon, Yvon Glerant, Jessy Joheir, François Pasquier

    Post Producer - Thomas Floch
    Assistant post producer - Michelle
    Editor - Ludovic Gontrand
    Colorist - Anne Szymkowiak
    Lead Flame - Clément Milot
    Lab - CPC London
    Graphic design - Marius Guionnet

    Artist Manager - Emmanuel Barron
    Artist Manager - Bruno Grosso
    Label manager - Lise Deglaire

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  5. Y'a les CRS protégez vos yeux

    Directed by BLEU DESERT
    Producted by Solab

    Producer : Sarah GABAY-REHEL
    Line Producer : Charlotte THIZEAU
    Production Assistant : Gabrielle COHEN

    DOP : Antoine CORMIER

    Stylist : Constance BLOCH

    Post-Prod : FIRM
    Editing : Antonin BRONES & Bleu Desert
    Color Grading : Arthur PAUX
    Graphic Design : Ayumi
    Sound-Design : Kouz
    Clean : Adrien AVENEL


    Producer : Giuseppe CONTI
    Producer : Antoine DESAINTGHISLAIN
    Line Producer : Félix LAMBOT
    Production Assistant : Guillaume IMBERT
    Production Assistant Intern : Lucie HOUARD

    1st AD : Mounir BEN BACHIR
    2nd AD : Noah BASOMBOLI

    DOP : Antoine Cormier
    1AC CAM : Laetizia GIORGI
    2AC CAM ON SET: Mathilde WARNIER

    Location Manager : Christophe THIRRY
    Craft : Mustafa ZERGUIT
    Runner : Romain BERTOUILLE
    Runner : Fabrice CALZOLARI
    Runner : Hugo SOUGNEZ
    Gardien : Abdel MOUEDDEN
    Gardien : Mohamed MOUEDDEN
    Gardien : Rachid CHAIRI
    Gardien : Jamal HANTOZ
    Gardien : Noam OLIVIERA SILVA
    Gardien : Naquim OLIVIERA SILVA
    Gardien : Tarik FETOUAKI
    Gardien : Valenton TARANTO

    Gaffer: Arnaud HOCQ
    Gaffer: Michael STOLZ
    Gaffer : Théo GOEMAERE
    Gaffer : Victor IBARRONDO
    Key grip Xavier SERVAIS
    Grip : Nicolas BAQUET
    Grip : Nathan MEYNSBRUGHEN
    Grip : Lucas GONZALEZ
    Grip : Benoît DERICK
    Grip : Ryan IMOULA
    Grip : Gaspard Christin

    Stunts Coordinator : Philippe MARCHAL
    Precision driver : Hans OOSTERLINK
    Fight coordinator : BLAZE PRODUCTIONS
    Car handler : Laurent NORRO
    SFX supervisor : Sefian BENSSALEM

    Stylist : Olivia FRANCKEN
    Stylist assistant : Manon FERRETTI
    Make up : Rama KOUROUMA
    Props : Leka JENNY

    Sound Engineer : Simon CRINS
    Boom operator : Guillaume LION

    Catering : EAT WELL

    Casting : Anne JACQUES
    Casting : Catherine ISRAEL


    Flic 1 Hans OOSTERLINK
    Flic 2 Maxime HECQUET
    Flic 3 Jérémy CHOUANE
    SDF : Roger DIERICK
    Prostituée 1 : Mathilda ANCORA
    Prostituée 2 : Annie BROSTEAU
    Prostituée 3 : Indrid PANNUS
    Jeune arrestation : Bryan KAYISU
    Jeune arrestation : Kevin AHOLUA
    Jeune arrestation : Trestin DARKWA
    Crackhead : Francesco NOBILE

    EXTRAS :

    Mateo DAISE
    Valentine MUGUET
    Edouard NIMAL
    Raphaël MEDARD
    Gunssy NAHAYO
    Alix Teuwen
    Brian SAVOYE
    Luc NAVEZ
    Frédéric DUMONT
    Jonathan PAWEN
    Assadi HAMZA
    Donovan SPITAELS

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