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  1. Short Films / Film Shortage

    by Film Shortage

    472 Videos / 46.5K Followers

    Everything Film Shortage on vimeo! See the best weekly featured short films and trailers. http://filmshortage.com Want your short featured? http://filmshortage.com/submit/


    by Ian Durkin

    938 Videos / 46.3K Followers

    There once lived a man named Ricky Snakedust. He was a radical man. In his name, I share the most radical videos that I find on Vimeo everyday.

  3. WeAreDN

    by Directors Notes

    4,887 Videos / 45.2K Followers

    Eclectic in its tastes, the Directors Notes channel is where you can find the most cutting edge drama, documentary, music video, animation, fashion and experimental cinema being made today. http://www.directorsnotes.com http://www.facebook.com/DirectorsNotes http://twitter.com/WeAreDN

  4. Captain Kais World

    by Kai Linder

    887 Videos / 44.5K Followers

    For the love of action sports, adventure and inspiring cinema! www.captainkaisworld.com

  5. art and tech lab

    by alex milde

    1,174 Videos / 43.6K Followers

  6. The Vimeo Cooking Channel

    by Luke Ross

    204 Videos / 43.5K Followers

    The Vimeo Cooking Channel is dedicated to providing informative and educational videos related to Cooking from the Vimeo Community. Want your video added? Subscribe and send me a link anytime for…

  7. SoundWorks Collection: Exclusive Video Profiles of the Sound World

    by Michael Coleman

    168 Videos / 42.4K Followers

    www.SoundWorksCollection.com www.facebook.com/SoundWorksCollection www.twitter.com/soundworksvideo The goal for the SoundWorks Collection is simple; we are dedicated to profiling the greatest…

  8. Best of C4D Tutorials.

    by Ben Toh

    3,136 Videos / 42.1K Followers

  9. Cinema 4D Tutorials (english voiceovers only)

    by 3d bomb

    521 Videos / 41.7K Followers

    A comprehensive collection of video tutorials to help you get the most out of Maxons Cinema 4D & C4D Plugins. Also featuring crossover tutorials where you'll learn to use RealFlow and After…

  10. The iPhone Channel

    by Stefano Rinaldo

    582 Videos / 41.6K Followers

    iPhone Generation Video. Submit your movie in the Shout Box!

  11. Paragliding

    by paratiger

    32.6K Videos / 41.3K Followers

    Videos all about paragliding from learning how to fly to acro flying.

  12. FoST Films

    by Future Of StoryTelling

    33 Videos / 40.7K Followers

    The Future of StoryTelling (FoST) is an annual summit and creative community dedicated to exploring how stories are evolving in the digital age. Learn more at http://futureofstorytelling.org/

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