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    A N A M N E S I A
    ( a loss of forgetfulness )

    for the interactive net-narrative visit :

    a TeachingMachine production
    in association with the Institute for Cinema Studies
    presented by Brainfeeder

    director / animator
    David Wexler ( Strangeloop )

    assistant director
    Micah Nelson

    Jake Bloch

    executive producer
    Wai Trask

    story by
    Strangeloop and Darryl Cobb
    *with a special acknowledgement to Leigh J. McCloskey

    string compositions and arrangements
    Gavin Gamboa and Jake Bloch

    sound design
    MonoPoly, Strangeloop, and ParticleKid

    character designer
    Micah Nelson

    character modeling
    Steve Teeple
    web design
    Gavin Gamboa

    eye photography
    Theo Jemison and Grace Oh

    eye modeling
    Christy Smith and Micah Nelson
    mocap engineering
    John King

    additional 3d modeling
    Jessica Savio

    special thanks to:

    the Wexler family, the Nelson family, the Bloch family, the Peralta family,
    the McCloskey family, Adam Stover, Brainfeeder, Flying Lotus, Jessica Savio, Ian Simon,
    Wylie Cable, the Creators Project, the Kickstarter community. Everyone who has supported
    the work, we thank you infinitely.

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  2. Compressed 03 continues my interest in telling stories through analog visual effects - everything in the film was made with physical materials and tools in my studio. By using frame by frame stop motion and time lapse techniques, fluid dynamics and magnetism are transformed into majestic explosions and seething storms.

    Sounds best on headphones, and looks best fullscreen!

    Shot with Nikon D90, macro lens & custom built timer / trigger
    Edited in Adobe Premiere
    Scored in Ableton Live

    Compressed 03 Process

    I find analog things appealing - whether it's vinyl or photographic film, there's a certain richness and magic that's difficult to replicate with digital means. The Compressed series showcases analog visual effect techniques, so everything in the films is made by hand, with physical materials and tools in my studio. For each of the Compressed films I try to develop and master a set of analog techniques with which I can craft a narrative.

    For the effects in Compressed 03, I was drawn to the dynamic interactions between liquids. I spent about a month playing mad scientist to see what gave the most interesting results. I raided the kitchen for common stuff like milk, oil, and molasses. I stopped at the drug store and buy random things such as witch hazel, nail polish, and bubble blowing mix. I ordered exotic stuff like ferrofluid online. Some liquids repelled each other, some caused coagulation, and some created intricate patterns.

    I settled on ferrofluid as my primary liquid, since it yielded some nice interactions with other liquids and could be manipulated using magnetism. All of the black or brown seen in the film is ferrofluid - needless to say it was a very messy few months!

    The whole film is shot with a Nikon D90 DSLR, frame by frame, and animated using stop motion and time lapse techniques. This allowed me to control the effects by manipulating various parameters by hand - for example I could blow air onto the scene with a straw to adjust flow direction, or add liquid outside the shot to accelerate an effect. I also hacked a flatbed scanner so I could control it from my computer - and by physically connecting the scanner carriage to other equipment I could adjust parameters of the scene very precisely.

    To control the camera for the frame by frame animation, I used a custom timer that I had built for a previous project.

    Except for the opening title sequence, everything was shot with a macro lens. While the scale of the scenes in the film may seem grand, they actually range from the size of a post-it, to the size of a playing card. To work at that small scale I used syringes to dispense minuscule amounts of liquids, as well as a whole assortment of tiny magnets to control the ferrofluid. As anyone who has worked with macro can tell you, it's a pain to work with, but it opened up a whole world of visual opportunities for the project.

    Once shooting was wrapped, I edited the film with Premiere, while concurrently writing the soundtrack in Ableton Live.

    Since I'm kept pretty busy during the day designing software for Adobe, the film was made during my evenings and weekends over the span of about 4 months.

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  3. Having fun on our free time with some characters and lots of other stuff! Enjoy!
    Follow us:

    Directed by: 
    Pablo Gostanian
    Art Direction & Design:
    Pablo Gostanian
    Animation Directors: Martin Salfity & Pablo Gostanian
    3d Animation: Martin Salfity, Sebastian Garcia & Juan Pablo Siaccaluga
    Monster Modeling & Animation: Sebastian Garcia
    Postproduction: Pablo Gostanian
    Additional Animation: Jorge Herrero
    Music and sound fx:

    - TAAFI Festival (Toronto) / Annual Toronto Animated Arts Festival International /
    - Pause Fest (Australia) / Showcases projects celebrating the art & innovation of digital culture /
    - Visueltdagene (Oslo) / Annual event for the creative industry in Norway /
    - Animayo (Spain) / VII International Festival of Animated Films, Visual Effects and Video-Games /
    - Rushes Soho Shorts Festival, London /

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  4. KXFS presents X by Max Hattler. The canal commission as part of Vauxhall Ampera Season #VXAmperaSeason @TheKXFS

    Showing at KXFS, Goods Way, London, 6-16 September 2012 at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm.

    Directed by Max Hattler, 2012. Animation by Matt Abbiss, Tony Comley, Valeria Fonseca, Max Hattler, Siobhan Mcelhinney, Luiz Stockler. Sound and music by Eduardo Noya Schreus. Special thanks to Sandra Sykorova.

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  5. A piece from my Algorithmic Creature series based on a recursive morphing hexagon created using Processing.

    The soundtrack is "Guardians Of The Flame" by Arabian Horses (

    Update 10/20/2013: The source code is now available on OpenProcessing (

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