1. "Joss, Give Me A Season"
    Parody of "Just Give Me A Reason"
    by Pink (feat. Nate Ruess) written by Jeff Bhasker, Nate Ruess, and Alecia Moore
    New lyrics by Ian Bonds
    Music performed by Ben Stahl

    --- Lyrics ---

    [The Stacey]
    Right from the start
    You were a thief
    You stole my heart
    And I the willing viewer
    A friend had simply loaned to me
    Firefly on DVD
    And I wished I'd seen it sooner

    Now I've seen every single scene, oh, no
    You can't take the sky from me, oh, no
    Watch me soar just like a leaf
    On the wind, the wind

    Joss, give me a season
    'Cause the movie's not enough
    Just a second season to tie loose ends
    And we can learn to love again
    Bring back the stars
    Browncoats cover up the scars on our hearts
    (and maybe resurrect Wash)
    Then we can learn to love again

    [Insane Ian]
    At first I didn't understand
    What Dollhouse was all about
    I thought that it was strange
    [The Stacey] (Oh, it was really weird)
    [Insane Ian] And by the time I'm figurin'
    Just what the heck was happenin'
    FOX cancelled your show again
    [The Stacey] (Yeah, it's just what I feared)

    [Insane Ian]
    Echo's personality, oh, no
    Is giving her such real bad dreams, oh, no
    [Both] No chance for a season three
    For this show, this show
    [Insane Ian] Oh, this
    [Both] show, moves slow

    Give me one more season
    This little bit's not enough
    Just another chance to watch Echo dance
    And we can learn to love again
    [Insane Ian] I never stopped
    'Cause the Active's are all still pretty hot
    [Both] And we just both love the plot
    So let us learn to love again

    [The Stacey] This here is a toast
    [Insane Ian] 'Cause Penny's a ghost
    [The Stacey] Stop killing the folks
    That we love the most!
    [Insane Ian] Doc Horrible's blog
    [The Stacey] Has been put on hold
    [Insane Ian] So Joss can film Avengers sequels
    [The Stacey] And on TV

    Joss, give us a season
    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. looks so good
    We're so happy that you brought Coulson back
    So we can learn to love again
    It's on TV
    And a good thing that it's on ABC
    So FOX can't cancel it then
    And we can learn to love again

    Joss, give me a season
    Heck, a couple seasons worth
    How about a run like Buffy's and then
    We might just learn to love again
    We love your shows
    You write women like nobody we know
    But please just stop killing men
    And we can learn to love again

    [The Stacey]
    Oh, we can learn to love again
    Oh, we can learn to love again
    Oh, oh, stop killing men
    And we can learn to love again

    This is a fanvid made of a parody and is protected under U.S. Copyright law under "fair use" standards. All rights remain with content creators.
    Clips from:
    Serenity: The Firefly Movie
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC TV commercials)

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  2. The Star Wars Hanukkah Song
    A parody of "The Hanukkah Song" by Adam Sandler, about the Jewish actors of the Star Wars films (also, an addendum to the earlier version done in the first "It's A Fanboy Christmas", 2000).
    Parody lyrics by the great Luke Ski
    © 2011 Luke Sienkowski


    Star Wars is a serial of thrills.
    Instead of one sci-fi classic, we get six crazy films (and an animated series).
    Some actors of the Jewish faith are in these tales of Jedi,
    And if Adam Sandler can amend his song, then why the Hell can't I?

    Natalie Portman, sure isn't a shiksa.
    She was elected Queen of Naboo just before her Bot Mitzfah.
    Gave birth to a Jewish Princess, she was Carrie Fisher's Momma.
    Mark Hamill's not a jew,
    but he was the voice of the Hanukkah Zombie on "Futurama".
    Some people thought Watto was, with his raspy voice and schnozzes.
    Well he's not, and neither is Yoda, but it turns out that Frank Oz is!
    Yoda: Jew or Jew not, there is no try! Hoo hoo hoo hoo!
    Mel Brooks gave us "Spaceballs", made us laugh until we burst.
    Harrison Ford is a quarter Jewish, and he shot Greedo first! (SFX: blaster fire)

    Get on your Taun-Taun-nukkah.
    It's Star Wars Hanukkah.
    You can hang out with Qui-Gon-nukkah.
    On the Millenium Falcon-nukkah.
    With a Wookie named Chewba-nukkah.
    Everybody: Please help me Obi-Wan-nukkah.
    So go see Episode One-nukkah.
    And have a happy Han Solo!
    [Han: Laugh it up, fuzzball!]
    Just kidding! Happy Star Wars Hanukkah!

    May the force be with you, everybody!

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  3. The video Ian claims he "will never get". First of many to be posted. Enjoy.

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  4. My first fan vid.
    This is Carrie Dahlby's "Twitter Tweetin'" a parody of "Rockin' Robin" (as recorded by Bobby Day in 1958) about Twitter. The instrumental is by Bob 'Project Sisyphus' Emmet. The bridge features tweets from a variety of funny music artists: carriedahlby, thegreatlukeski, budsharpe, Alchav, filkertom, insaneianb, carlaulbrich, chriswaffle, devospice, dark_NES, MaxDeGroot, seamonkeymusic, kobi_lacroix, Positude, ToasterBoy, and introducing from UK funny music group Flat 29, Dan flat29, and RichJamesGreen!


    "Twitter Tweetin'"" by Carrie Dahlby (2010)
    A parody of "Rockin' Robin" by Bobby Day, about Twitter
    Parody song lyrics by Carrie Dahlby, Tweets written by guest performers
    (c) 2010 Carrie Dahlby

    Twitter twitter tweet, twitter twitter tweet
    Twitter twitter tweet, twitter twitter tweet
    Twitter twitter tweet, twitter twitter tweet
    Tweet tweet, re-tweet

    I type with my thumbs now, all the day long
    Gems that are One hundred forty Characters long
    I put 'em up on Twitter for all the world to see
    No matter what I'm up to, it deserves a tweet

    Twitter tweetin' (tweet tweet tweet)
    Twitter tweetin' (tweet, re-tweet)
    Oh, twitter followers are really gonna tweet tonight (tweet, re-tweet)

    It's blatant self-promotion for all celebrities
    Britney and Kanye lead the "Twitterati"
    Ashton and Demi, Justin Bieber too
    Flapping them thumbs sayin' what they're up to

    Twitter tweetin' (tweet tweet tweet)
    Twitter tweetin' (tweet, re-tweet)
    C'mon, demented tweeters and help me out on this bridge! (tweet, re-tweet)

    (All real tweets!)

    @carriedahlby Just passed a store called "Novelties & Things" which would've been more accurately named "Bongs & More Bongs".

    @thegreatlukeski Next sci-fi con I go to, I'll dress up as a hobbit who's a classic Star Trek engineer AND basketball star! My name badge will read "Scotty Pippin".

    @budsharpe Why is "chores" only one letter removed from "whores"? Buyer beware: you may not be doing that which you intended.

    @Alchav I'm not sure why there are dryer sheets in the car... but they sure are suddenly convenient.

    @filkertom You'd think all the "You have won millions in a lottery" spam would make it more bearable to receive all the "You have a small penis" spam.

    @insaneianb Emo cop says: "Stop, or I'll shoot myself!"

    @carlaulbrich Has anyone else noticed that you can sing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" to the tune of "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"? Just me?

    @chriswaffle I just peed in a waterfall at the Madonna Inn!

    @devospice Turns out super glue bonds instantly to skin, but doesn't bond to anything you actually want it to bond to.

    @dark_NES I bet I could get a job at the circus as the man who turns beer into farts! 'Sup ladies?

    @MaxDeGroot How can I tell Pandora that Holst's "Planets" is NOT similar to "The Stars and Stripes Forever"? I've run out of thumbs downs!

    @seamonkeymusic CAW! CAW! Get it? I tweeted... Caw caw... Because it's like a bird... Aw, nevermind.

    @kobi_lacroix Potato chips are known better by that name than by their alternate name: paper cut locators. #OW

    @Positude Recording a tweet for @carriedahlby. Not sure which tweet. What about this one? Does this one work?

    @ToasterBoy Was in a store and a mom was calling for her son, who wandered off. "Marco!" I was SO tempted.

    @flat29 These days I'm married to my job... but I'm having a secret affair with my spare time!

    @RichJamesGreen If you stand equi-distant from a Kylie Monogue concert and a Jason Donovan concert, it sounds like "Especially For You".

    Reply at @RichJamesGreen Hey, what did you have for supper?

    @RichJamesGreen Cheese sandwich!

    Micro-blogging has the civ'lization all shook
    Socialize or write the world's shortest book
    Win an iPad or make a spammee sale
    But only System Admins beat the Fail Whale!

    The cute Twitter bluebird helps me feel good
    Tweetin' more TMI than anyone should
    If you say I'm shallow I'll give you a swat
    Heaven forbid if you call me a TWIT!

    Twitter tweetin' (S...M....S)
    Twitter tweetin' (or ... Web based)
    Oh, my awesome twitter gonna kick Facebook's ASS tonight!
    Tweet, tweet, re-tweet
    Twitter twitter tweet, twitter twitter tweet
    Twitter twitter tweet, twitter twitter tweet
    Twitter twitter tweet, twitter twitter tweet
    Tweet tweet, re-tweet

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  5. This is a capture of a live stream I broadcast from Penguicon 2010. I apologize for the inferior quality, but please enjoy anyway. If you like it, you can get it and more at http://insaneian.com

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