Eat.Play.Love. ~ The Heart of Intimacy

  1. Our 2013 Eat.Play.Love vacation! Me and my freedom sisters and bestest friends! We had the most amazing time and will never forget the memories, the fun, and the freedom we experienced!!!
    I love you girls!
    This is the large video format for better viewing:)

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  2. To our delight, the condos that me and my besties stayed at on the Island of Lake Travis had its own restaurant and bar that was opened on Friday nights for Karaoke and Saturday nights for various music acts.

    I have NEVER liked karaoke. Never, ever, ever! Most people might think that is strange considering I'm a singer; let's just say, it's taken years to build up the confidence.

    Sure, I played the coffeehouse circuit for a few years with my guitar and did plenty of open mics. Even leading worship without my guitar has been my experience for years now. However, there's something about getting up in front of a bunch of strangers, who are not there 1). for you to lead them in worship to God; or 2). to see you perform. So you never know what kind of crowd your getting yourself into.

    Karaoke is fun and exciting for most people, and that is so totally cool - I get that. But singing is very personal and very intimate to me. I have a very hard time singing words to a melody if I can't "feel" it - and it's pretty obvious. If I'm not feeling it, you won't either. Therefore, IF I actually did karaoke when I was younger, I'd choose the song I felt most passionate about that I could find and I would sing it. Thus, leaving everyone crying in their beers and depressed. Yes, I am THAT singer. So let's just say that I'd prefer watching the ubiquitous Japanese man get up and sing "Born in the USA" - and yep - they sounded just like Jackie Chan - Hey, I'm Japanese so I can make these comments - my people LOVE Karaoke.

    Anyways, thankfully I was with my friends who have brought so much freedom into my life that I knew I owed it to myself and to them to have some fun. So I did what I would have never done when I was younger: I sang some fun and sassy songs (i.e. Spiderwebs - No Doubt, Set Fire to the Rain - Adele, Fairytale with the Girls -Taylor Swift) and it was a blast.

    And then I saw Top of the World listed.
    This song means more to me than any other song ever will. It has been my favorite song since 2001, when I first heard it and it has been my theme song. It is also very personal to me and to my husband and God has spoken to me countless times over the years with the words.

    Let's just say, for the record, if anyone is around after I leave this world to meet my King face to face - I want this song played at my memorial, ash spreading, or whatever - because that will be the fulfillment of the song - the Songbird would be flying home:)

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Eat.Play.Love. ~ The Heart of Intimacy


This channel is for showcasing life and intimacy in its freest form!
Eat.Play.Love. The three MUST NEEDS in order to experience intimacy; TRUE INTIMACY.
Broken down in its simplest form:
Eat = Fellowship; Security; Gathering around the table or in…

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This channel is for showcasing life and intimacy in its freest form!
Eat.Play.Love. The three MUST NEEDS in order to experience intimacy; TRUE INTIMACY.
Broken down in its simplest form:
Eat = Fellowship; Security; Gathering around the table or in the kitchen.

Play = LAUGHTER!!! - While I'm certain that I won't have to prove that to anyone, it still seems that most people have forgotten how to laugh. Like. REALLY LAUGH - we're talking BELLY LAUGHS. I know I did.
Laughter produces endorphins in our brain, which are responsible for, pretty much - ALL THINGS PLEASURABLE.
"These pain-relieving chemicals are created in response to exercise, excitement, pain, spicy food, love and sexual orgasm, among other things. In addition to giving us a "buzz," these endorphins raise our ability to ignore pain." So yes, fun and laughter are so very important when experiencing intimacy in relationships (1).

Love. I can't put an equal sign there because honestly, I believe that "Love" is the most complex, misunderstood, misused word in the world.
Yes, it is an action word (verb) - but it is also VERY MUCH something that needs to be spoken over one another as well. If you love your kids - tell them; If you love your friends - tell them; If you love your spouse - tell them; If you love anyone - TELL THEM! People still need to hear it.
Love is also an action that is reciprocal - you must RECEIVE IT! Which then means that you know HOW to receive it. If you don't know how to receive love then you will not know how to give love. If I'm describing you right now, then get into therapy (psychoanalytic is best for this), and work out those childhood emotions. I did it and I am so thankful that I did! Additionally, asking Holy Spirit to come alongside you and help you work any issues out will exponentially and speedily lead to healing. But I'm not talking about overnight, so be patient:) Oftentimes, its those few friends that you can be completely intimate and "naked" with that will help you along the way.

Furthermore, I HIGHLY recommend that you check out - It will change your life!
Thanks to Fellowship of the Sword and all the events that Daddy has taken me on, He has unleashed the daughter, the lover, the warrior, the wife, the mother, and the artist that I have always been.

If you have been on any FTS events and would love to share experiences, feel free to join this channel.
If you haven't been on any events but want to see what freedom looks like for others who have once been bound up in sadness, depression, anger, addictions, self-hate, ________ (insert whatever here), etc., then by all means, join this channel.

Any videos or pictures seen here will not give away any info about the events, so it won't ruin it for you!

DISCLAIMER: Any views, pictures, words, or actions displayed on this channel reflect that of my own and in no way reflects upon the views of Fellowship of the Sword, it's leadership, or any of their volunteer/ministry teams.

All that said - Why this channel?
I love to make people laugh and I love making them cry! I believe memories captured in pictures and added to music can produce both feelings - most at the same time:) Furthermore, I spent 34 years not taking pictures and being annoyed everytime a friend or family member wanted us to pose for a picture. I just assumed that the memories would always be in my head and that I wouldn't need a picture to remind me. Wrong.

I discovered just how wrong I was a few months ago when I was going to shut down my Facebook page and I was trying to save all the pictures that I was tagged in. As I did, I was taken back to when my children were first born and their first year of life. If you're a mom, then you know that a lot can be forgotten in the midst of lack of sleep, breastfeeding, changing diapers, etc., and before you know it, you're kid is going off to Montessori school at 4 years old and you're wondering where on earth the time went. Thus, I have resolved not to miss documenting the next 34 years of my life, or any years after that.

Additionally, I just went through a very dark season of depression and honestly didn't know how to process it all. I found solace through googling a thought or emotion that I was feeling and then looking up the images for it. What I found amazed me. As I put words to images, I found that I could more easily process my thoughts, feelings, and fears, and then I could release them and accept healing. It's pretty amazing. Try it.

Anyways, it is my hope that someone will be able to relate to my work. And if not, it's still a place for me to store my memories. And that is good enough for me!

So check back for frequent stuff:) I have a lot to catch up on:)


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