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This video was created in 2014 for the 50th Anniversary of Erath's Water Tower Fall. Description is below.

With the 50th Anniversary on October 3, 2014, a 43 minute video was created to revisit the Erath tragedy that occurred in October of 1964. The clip includes first hand accounts of Martial Broussard, (one of the survivors), Steve Granger (an Erath ambulance driver at the time), Erath Mayor John Earl LeBlanc (who worked with the funeral home at that time) and Alice Dubois LeBlanc (daughter of victim Felix Dubois). Erath Centennial historian Stacy Bodin and Erath Attorney and Acadian Museum Board Member Robert B. Vincent also participate in the video. The video includes a clip of Cleve Thibodeaux who was filmed in 2003 before his death. The intent of the tape was to document first hand accounts of what happened before, during and after the storm of that bleak period in Erath's history.

You can read the story @

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Created by Stacy Bodin with the assistance of Robert B. Vincent. Narrated by Jackie Vincent.

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Erath Echoes Corner

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