Evy Schubert

    HD, 23:36min, 2015, Berlin.
    CAST: Adolfo Assor, Bärbel Bolle, Pia Micaela Barucki, Matthias Buss, Werner Eng, Bernd Grawert, Florent Mannant, Jessy Moravec, Sabine Waibel.
    DOP: Sebastian Klatt SET DESIGN: Jana Wassong SOUND: Sonja Baeger MUSIC: Daniel Dominguez Teruel SOUND DESIGN: Dirk Mielenhausen.
    More info at: evy-schubert.de

    Copyright by Evy Schubert, Berlin, 2015.

    FUNDED BY THE DONATIONS OF Herbert Fritsch, ChrisTine Urspruch, Ruth Rosenfeld, Claus Löser, Wolfram Koch, Almut Zilcher, bremer shakespeare company, Steve Seifert, Benedikt Haubrich, Wibke Bergemann-Ferradino, Sylvia Schubert-Fieke, Silke Wittig, Rainer Schubert, Annika Meier, Alexander Schubert, Lisa Jopt, Bernd Fieke, Gudrun Karol-Eng und Martin Eng, Patrick Güldenberg, Dorothea Wüsthof-Cramer, Christian Eng, Roger Lazenby, Petra Wunderling, John Simons, Nele Hansen, Familie Hintz, Robert Kraatz und Lisa Buchholz, Lucy Dreyer, Arne Bloch, Martin Kosny und Ute Hofmann, Jutta Schmidt, Per Hansen, Felix Reckers, Fabrizio Tentoni, Andrea Schwemmer, Kathrin Krumbein, Ulrike Schneider, Jakob Kraze, Aleksandra Odic, Stefanie Loos, Sven Pauleweit, Olaf Neuendorf, Brigitte Keiser, Peter Schons, Polina Baigarowa, Christin Bahro, Sandra Wirtz, Christel Lippert, Hilke Bergemann-Wolff, Regina Liesigk, Emmanuel Teillet, Axel Schubert, Jörg Henkel, Marie-Lou Sellem, Dagmar Friedl, Inka Loewendorf.

    SUPPORTED BY Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin.

    „Corridor No. 50“ is a surreal and fantastic portrait of eight inhabitants that do not have anything in common except for the fact that all of their small one room apartments are located on the same corridor of some simple building at the outskirts of some bigger, undefined city. Actually though, the house has been abandoned for a long time and only for a short moment the inhabitants appear like ghosts in order to show what could possibly happen within the apartment building to represent a great social panopticon. There is the mathematician who lives together with his pet, a cock, calculating the mathematical and social revolution or the two students who read in each others hand forecasting the past that did not take place or the academic couple that while working on a kafkaesque novel discusses their relationship. An old woman connects all the residents since she is distilling schnaps and selling it to the neighbors. The film ends in an absurd and dreamlike culmination as all the inhabitants suddenly appear on the hallway and dance with each other. Slowly the dissolve in the image and all that remains is the abandoned corridor showing that all that has happened was just the imagination of possibilities.

    Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Der Film unterliegt dem Schutz des Urheberrechts und anderer Schutzgesetze. Der Inhalt darf nicht zu kommerziellen Zwecken kopiert, verbreitet, verändert oder Dritten zugänglich gemacht werden.

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  2. Trailer zur szenischen Lesung von WESTEND • 18. Juni 2016 • Ballhaus Ost • Berlin.
    Text & szenische Einrichtung: Evy Schubert
    Mit: Florian Anderer, Werner Eng, Bernd Grawert, Sabine Waibel.
    Copyright Evy Schubert, 2016.

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  3. "WWW.DIE-NOW.ORG (fake ad vol. 3)" is the third episode of a fake ad campaign that advertises immaterial and non-buyable products in video clips referring to purchase possibilities on websites that do not exist.
    Whereas in the first episode "SAVE YOUR LAUGH NOW (fake ad vol. 1)" the possibility of eternal laughing was promoted, this episode focusses on the fictive insurance company DNK - Die Now Kasse. DNK sells the immediate death through different possibilities such as burning, laughing or touching in order to satirize the and draw criticism on the current trends of a profit-oriented attitude in the health insurance system and health politics in the so called social state of Germany. Furthermore it draws attention to the changing attitude of the society towards elderly people that are more and more considered as a burden without dignity.
    Therefore this fake campaign shall be understood as a warning of a development that will lead to the profitable marketing of euthanasia without differentiating true suffering, emergency and dignity, a development that trades profit against morals.
    BY AND WITH Evy Schubert
    Copyright by Evy Schubert, 2015.
    Further information: evy-schubert.de

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  4. "Zeitkreis" (Time-Circle) is a filmic triptych by Evy Schubert that deals with the repeatability of political and personal phenomenona. It is devided into three chapters whereas the first shows the violent potential of men that is directly inherited. The second speaks about the downfall of a political era and the reconquest through tradional and national forces whereas a group of Georgian widows tries to ascend to heaven. Unfortunately they find that due to their Soviet past, their connection has been capped. In the last chapter the harmony of the church with the leading political system is reflected. The triptych is set in post-Soviet Tbilisi, Georgia.
    CAST: BOY Andrias Lapiashvili // SOVIET WIDOWS: WidowTsiala Aslamazashvili, Jujuna Chikaidze, Mangoshvili Eter, Lia Gegechkori, Dariko Gharibashvili, Makhvala Gohadze, Maiso Gureshidze, Jujuna Gvaradze, Luiza Iluridze, Lili Iluridze, Nona Kacharava, Ciala Kikilashvili, Natela Kvinikadze, Tchapodze Lida, Venera Mlikidze, Nanuli Papiashvili, Galina Parkosadze, Vera Qviria, Tina Sakhiashvili, Roza Sakhvadze, Lida Serdiukova, Tamar Tsetskhladze, Zaira Tskhadaia // CHOIR Givi Abesadze, Archil Gurgenidze, Nikoloz Ivanashvili, Gia Katsitadze, Giorgi Kipiani
    ASSISTANT: Theona Kartlelishvili
    SCREENINGS: Solo Show (video installation and screening), Gallery Art Claims Impulse, Berlin, 2013 (LINK) // Video screening "Zeit - Ein filmisches Triptychon" (Zeit - A filmic triptych), Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, 2013 (LINK) // 6th Cairo Video Festival Medrar (Video screening), Egypt, 2014 (LINK) // Group Exhibition "Gnade" at E-Werk, Freiburg, and Zeughaus, Reiss-Engelhon-Museen, Mannheim.
    NOMINATION for the Art Prize of Erzdiözese Freiburg 2015.

    FURTHER INFORMATION: evy-schubert.de/zeitkreis.html

    Copyright by Evy Schubert, 2013.
    Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Texte, Bilder, Filme unterliegen dem Schutz des Urheberrechts und anderer Schutzgesetze. Der Inhalt darf nicht zu kommerziellen Zwecken kopiert, verbreitet, verändert oder Dritten zugänglich gemacht werden.

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  5. Experimental short film by Evy Schubert.
    "Twice upon a time" explores memory as a psychological and political phenomenon trying to find out which memories have the strength to remain over time - and why they have the power to do so. Everything happens twice, once in the actual presence and once through the individual process of perceiving and memorizing over ones lifetime. The personal search is set in the former Communist memorial 'Buzludzha' in the Bulgarian Balkan Mountains. A building that is completely falling apart and that now only resembles the former glory and devotion of a certain presence in the past that it had been once.
    MUSIC: Werner Eng SOUND RECORDING: Emmanuel Teillet, Evy Schubert
    SOUND MASTERING: Alexander Schubert TECHNICAL FACTS 08:38 minutes; HD
    YEAR OF PRODUCTION 2013 WEBSITE evy-schubert.de/zeitzone.html
    FUNDED BY Art Today Association -- Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
    (C) by Evy Schubert, 2013

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Evy Schubert

Evy Schubert Plus

Video portfolio of the director and video artist Evy Schubert.

Further information: evy-schubert.de

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