Eyeo Festival 2016

  1. Data on the Road - Wesley talks about recent work with Google NewsLab for the Presidential debates and a glimpse of the work that went behind it.


    Drawing – Kawandeep Virdee has recently become obsessed with procedural drawings by hand, inspired by minimal computer art and geometric repetition. Dwelling in the gestures has led him to rethink ambition, celebrate routine, and– more personally– highlight self-care.


    Light Industry – Ingrid Burrington talks ten minutes on architecture, industry, alchemy, violence, and computation.



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  2. Topologies – As Kim Rees once proposed, "Are maps inherently beautiful because we live inside of them?” In this talk, Rachel shares some of her recent explorations in physical artifacts created from geospatial and terrain data.



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  3. Experiments in Eccentric Engineering – How do leaks and inefficiencies reveal the politics of our technologies? What if we thought of infrastructures not as services to human communities, but as negotiations with non-human communities? This talk explores practices of eccentric engineering. Eccentric engineering deliberately attempts to relinquish some control in the systems we build, to create open opportunities for other agendas and outcomes. Tega discusses recent projects on ecology, the subversion of data systems and the art of seduction.



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  4. Do It Again Tomorrow – For the past decade, Ranjit has made a new musical instrument every day in February. In this and other long-term projects he uses rules, ritual, and repetition to try to structure the creative process - except when he does the opposite. Here, he talks about lessons learned and lessons ignored in trying to make a creative practice into a kind of structured improvisation.



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  5. The Poetics of Data Experiences (and How to Teach it) – Designing data experiences is about transformation and language. In this talk, Paolo explores through projects and experiments the rhetorical dimension of data experiences, focusing on poetry – in the sense of poiesis - as a design approach more than just a subject for visual representation. The topic is framed within his personal experience as founder and director of the DensityDesign Research Lab: a trainer’s journey from the theories of complexity to the new questions coming from the (digital) humanities, precariously walking along the border between professional practice and applied academic research.



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Eyeo Festival 2016

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