1. A real rendered prototyp of a geosimulation model for a science exhibition in potsdam.

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  2. The Coinflip Machine is a technical exploration of the most basic decision making principle. The system will reproduce coin flips and output their respective results using the flipdot. The process is started via button press.

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  4. A real world binary state was measured and visualized with a flip dot using the Arduino platform (or similar projects).

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  5. The idea:
    Revealing a binary state in the physical world was the task to a physical computing project for the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (FH Potsdam). The subject was 'Input & Output - Fundamentals of process-oriented design', hosted by Fabian Morón Zirfas.
    In my opinion the world offers a lot of binary states. I think it is interesting to not merely show them, but rather looking at the interpretation or assessment of obvious states, we do have a prejudiced opinion on.
    The way of looking at things is from person to person different. That leads to different opinions, conscience and judgement. But to capture what is right or wrong the society establishes norms and rules. Empirically, people who grow up in this system, learn what is right or wrong. But unfortunately this standardization can be intolerant in the way to not empathize with the people, who don’t adapt the system or aren’t part of it. I wanted to show this problem of opinions in an artistic way.
    So banally the picture is straight or crooked. Those are plain and simple two states and it is easy to say for us to designate the right state: A picture has to be straight.
    I want to tease the beholder and straighten out that the picture isn’t supposed to be straight.
    Metaphorically the Van Gogh look-alike is the opposite of our awareness. His position is leveled, when the picture is crooked and vice versa. So it makes the whole two state thing to a matter of view.
    Summarized I want to say: Yes we can say there are a lot binary states in this world, but we should look about their content and don’t paint everything black and white, make everything right or wrong, since we are able to question us, which the computer can not.

    How it works:
    Behind the picture is a box, where the technic is implemented. The picture is loosely fixed on the box, so that you are able to shift it. If you adjust it straight, the built-in motor potentiometer will measure the changed resistance. After 5 to 15 seconds the arduino board will trigger the motor to set the picture back in the crooked position. I build a little shaft to transmit the motor rotation to a push motion. The motor moves back until it reaches the default resistance value, where the flip dot is triggered twice.
    Additionally I have integrated 2 buttons to manually bring the flip dot back in the right starting position, in case the painted-on eye is inverted.

    Here you will find the Arduino code: github.com/JasperP/Physical-Computing-Motorpoti-Flipdot

    The object is titled after a sketch of the german humorist Loriot.
    For the background music I used the same track of Loriot’s performance, Montovani - Piccolo Bolero. It is based on Maurice Ravel’s Bolero.

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FHP Fachhochschule Potsdam

Christopher Warnow

Fachhochschule Potsdam, Deutschland
University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany

Design and Interface-Design


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