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  1. I used all small cams the old Sony HC9, Panasonic GH1 and new LUMIX FT1 and of course my Sanyo Xacti HD2000. Sound Edirol and Tomrig. My idea about a monopod connected with two other pods to get a tripod is mad now by REDGED called the JanPod! So one of the three legs is possible to use as a single pod and all is light weight thanks to GlassFiber material. See also my clip about this special tripod here:

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  2. This was a project for my lighting class. Each shot had specific details on which to follow, which are explained in the video. In more depth, here are the ten shot assignments.

    1. A three-quarter or waist-high silhouette of 1 or 2 people perfectly exposed for the background
    with the foreground figure(s) completely dark. There should be enough distance between foreground
    and background that the spill of one area does not interfere with the other.
    2. Invert the lighting in #1, using exactly the same pose and framing with perfectly exposed
    foreground figures at 4:1 key/fill (two stops) and completely dark or just barely visible details in the
    3. A waist-high person in soft (diffused) side light, no fill light, and a specular edge light from the
    opposite side with the background as dark and unlit as possible. An incident reading of the edge light
    should be about the same f/stop as the key light if the subject has light features, or one stop brighter
    if the subject has dark features. Expose for the diffused key light.
    4. Identical pose and framing to #3 but with added light and shadow (using barn doors, or other
    shadowing material) shaping and highlighting the background (think of it as painting the background
    with light and shadow).
    5. A scene with a standing or seated person, a candle (either held by hand or on a table) seemingly
    lighting the person but actually enhanced with additional light, and a circular glow simulating the
    effect of the candlelight on the background.
    6. A person reading in bed by lamplight at midnight (implied by light, shadow, framing, ratio,
    composition, and a “practical”).
    7. A person sleeping in bed at 3 am with shadows implying moonlight coming through unseen
    foliage or blinds onto part of the scene. You may want to gel the moonlight source or the fill light
    with a blue or other color gel.
    8. A person in bed at sunrise (implied by light, shadow, color, and composition).
    9. Simulate the pose, surface tones, and light of a specific frame from a film of your choosing. If
    possible, also turn in a still image of that frame.
    Shoot an interior still with at least one person in it using whatever light sources already exist in
    the location (lamps, overhead lights, windows, etc.), but without showing any of those sources in the
    frame. Now, turn off/cover those sources and replicate, as nearly as possible, that scene using only
    artificial lighting. Also shoot wide shots of both the “natural” lighting sources and the artificial

    Since it is available in video, instead of using gels, I white balanced off of different color swatches, for a greener look, I white balanced off of a magenta tone, blue look, orange tone, etc...

    I also lowered the blacks and raised the mids in Color, to give the video a more filmic look.

    Over all, a very fun assignment

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  3. I've been reading about DIY camera sliders which seem as complicated as a Rube Goldberg drawing. I woke up one morning with a thought: A rain gutter. Well, at Loew's, I was looking at the gutters and found them to be too flimsy, so I went to the irrigation supply section. There I found the Spee-d drainage system. Teh troughs were in 4' and 10' sections and there were grates to cover the sections with. I grabbed a 4' section and a 2' grate...some 1/4" screws and washers and off I went. I tried a test video at the waterfalls at Inverrary, FL and edited half-speed with Magic Bullet Looks Green Pearl with a shift to blue, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 12.
    NOTE: I made this for public use. You may not add this to a private group. You wont share, I wont share.

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  4. Created for an Internet Video Production class at Columbia College Chicago. We create any kind of web show, then promote it ourselves as homework! Sweet class!

    Did video at 60fps 1920x1080i in raw H.264 capture using iShowU HD

    then converted to the new Pro Res LT for fast rendering with all the motion use.

    Exported raw file using Pro Res 4444 Codec

    then used Compressor with full frame settings to bring to 720p at 30fps

    Did the music and voiceover recording in Ableton Live 8 using midi and a custom synthesizer.

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  5. I'll try to post more about my DIY adventures at

    People have asked me about what I used to make the stabilizer. So i've revised the video a bit to include photos of the stabilizer and information about the parts. I've also attached a few photos of my 5D Mark II mounted 'Right Side Up' and also "Upside Down" for those very low flying shots. I call it the CheesyCam Stabilizer ('cause it's kinda cheesy LOL)

    All parts available at Home Depot. I was literally sprinting to keep up with the kids, but the stabilizer worked pretty well.

    Camera 5D Mark II with Sigma 20mm. Sorry video isn't HD I was going for functionality of the stabilizer on this demo, not video quality.

    What I've learned is that the wider the shot the smoother the video comes out. Just like when you take photos. With a zoom lens each little movement is exaggerated and vibration is multiplied. So using a stabilizer helps alot, but shooting wide is most important for these fast running shots. Anything over a 50mm lens doesn't come out as well. If you're looking for a lightweight lens to use with your 5D Mark II video footage, I suggest the 28mm (plastic) Canon Lens. In this video i'm using a 20mm Sigma F/1.8 (shown in the beginning photos), but it's still pretty heavy compared to the 28mm.

    More information at

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Film School - Filmmaking

Tommy Rodriguez
This is the free Film School of which are published videos tutorials to make your film projects, from the special effects, to the steadycam, lights, cranes. Filmmaking demystifies. Also visit the free…

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This is the free Film School of which are published videos tutorials to make your film projects, from the special effects, to the steadycam, lights, cranes. Filmmaking demystifies. Also visit the free Film School Group at: Film School - Filmmaking
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