1. FMBR presents a lecture by Dr. Mike Buchele and Dr. Bob Whitehouse, that explores the exciting Theory of Everything (TOE) developed by Arthur Young. After a brief overview of other TOEs, they will present the fundamentals of Young's Theory of (Evolutionary) Process (ToP), which elegantly describes the primacy of light (the quantum of action) in the unfolding of the energetic and then the material universe; how this occurs within 4 Levels of existence, and manifests via a Toroidal 7 Stage Process. It recognizes Spirit/Purpose as being an essential part of the Material Universe studied by Science, present from Creation's Big Bang, through the evolution of life, and into our present self-reflexive human consciousness. It also points toward our possible future evolution, if we awaken to how our human consciousness is essential to transcending this critical Turning Point that we have now entered. it gives us a Reason to Hope, but a Responsibility to Act. It solves the mystery of free will versus determinism, showing that both are necessary as we develop conscious control of our selves, with the ability to develop a sustainable and thriving society which recognizes the dignity and divinity of every soul.

    Bob Whitehouse, EdD is a psychologist, biofeedback specialist, emeritus professor of psychology, and former sport and performance psychology instructor, as well as presenter/consultant. He gives talks and workshops locally and around the world on heart and breath and on the toroidal universe and what it means to be here now. He is writing a book called "The TORUS Project: Evolution of Consciousness at the TURN, New Reason to Hope." His first encounter with Arthur Young's Theory of Process was in 1979 with Young's books The Reflexive Universe and The Geometry of Meaning.

    Michael Buchele, MD is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine, was formerly Chief of the Medical Staff of the John Muir Hospital, Concord Campus, of John Muir Health, in 2003, and retired from active clinical practice in 2012.
    Mike met Arthur M. Young in 1977, and attended talks that Arthur gave at the Institute for the Study of Consciousness in Berkeley, CA, until Arthur died in 1995. He is one of three Board of Directors of the current Institute for the Study of Consciousness (ISC), which works with the ANODOS Foundation, to keep the works of Arthur Young in print, and to teach and to encourage the further development and application of Young's Theory of Process (ToP).

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  2. Our May 2004 speaker was Cleve Backster author of the book Primary Perception who talked about his path to discovery of biocommunication with plants, living foods, and human cells. Since 1966 when he attached a plant to a polygraph, Cleve had pursued an understanding of the cellular communication process. The instrumentation used was primarily the GSR (skin conductance) component of the polygraph, but later included electro-encephalograph (EEG) and electro-cardiograph (EKG). Neither distance nor electromagnetic shielding seemed to impose any limitations to communication between cells; and his research has been replicated.

    SPEAKER: Cleve Backster, Founder, Backster School of Lie Detection.
    Cleve Backster, an expert with the use of lie detectors, was Director of the Keeler Polygraph Institute and worked for the CIA on interrogation tactics. Cleve's biocommunication research was featured in the best-selling book, The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, and in The Secret Life of Cells by Robert Stone. Copies of Cleve's autobiographical book, Primary Perception, that describes all of his research in understandable terms can be ordered through Amazon.com.

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  3. In this presentation, parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach will examine methods and motives of field investigators who look into reported incidents of ostensible apparitions, hauntings, and poltergeists. 

    The meeting will include discussion of conceptual models of what these things are (from the field of parapsychology), how the scientific and psychic approaches can mesh together, and how situations are assessed, investigated, and hopefully resolved to the satisfaction of the people having the experiences (and hopefully to the satisfaction of the ghosts, when they're involved).

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  4. Imagine the possibility of listening to the body's stories . . . Why won't your foot heal? Why are you allergic to dairy? How can you heal from your anxiety attacks? Laura Stuvé, will take you on a journey to the subconscious innate wisdom to empower physical and spiritual transformation with the BodyTalk System. BodyTalk represents a new treatment paradigm based on a quantum understanding of the mind-body as a dynamic, integrated system of energy and consciousness. Laura will share her clinical and research experience using epigenetic and deep molecular strategies to get to the root causes of "dis-ease", discover the "story" behind the symptoms, and reawaken the body's innate healing capability. Laura will demonstrate BodyTalk and teach everyone a simple technique for reducing stress and increasing mental clarity.

    Laura Stuvé PhD, is a superb lecturer, teacher and BodyTalk practitioner. She left a blossoming career as a molecular geneticist to pursue an even more fascinating career in BodyTalk. We felt that our FMBR members could benefit from BodyTalk and the best person to tell you about it is Laura.

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  5. An FMBRTV Archival Restoration

    This is a Video of the first Spoon Bending party every filmed. It is an old VHS copy of a copy made in 1982 and the only known one to still exist. After 30 years of being stored on analog tape the image quality is very poor but its historic value is priceless.

    The entire event was organized and orchestrated by Ted Rockwell an unlikely candidate to undertake such a task. Ted was a Nuclear Engineer and author who held 27 landmark US atomic energy patents.

    Ted also worked on the Manhattan atomic bomb project in Oak Ridge Tennessee during WWII. For 10 years he served as Technical Director of Admiral Rickover's program to build the nuclear Navy. He also served as Director of President Eisenhower's Atoms for Peace Program

    The very next year 1983, the FMBR held its own Spoon Bending Party that helped launch it and established a direction that has lasted for over 30 years. This video is an historic restoration by FMBRTV. For more information contact:


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FMBR (Foundation for Mind-Being Research) is a Silicon Valley Education and Research Organization that is undertaking the Scientific Investigation of the relationship between Spirituality and our Physical Being. FMBR's key focus is on the role Consciousness…

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FMBR (Foundation for Mind-Being Research) is a Silicon Valley Education and Research Organization that is undertaking the Scientific Investigation of the relationship between Spirituality and our Physical Being. FMBR's key focus is on the role Consciousness plays in this relationship. Our mission is to explore all the facts that can help individuals to reach their own conclusions. We encourage you to look through our lectures and other related videos and visit our Website at WWW.FMBR.ORG.

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