1. April 25th, 2008 Meeting
    Gifts for the Soul – Gifts for the Planet
    A presentation given by internationally published author Dawn Clark, who is speaking on Gifts for the Soul – Gifts for the Planet. Discover the invisible thread that ties us and all of existence together. Through uniquely integrated perspective and second sight abilities, Dawn illuminates the invisible connections between the quantum matrix and the outward symptoms that plague our emotional and physical health as individuals, as well as how the planet's condition both environmentally and socially is a reflection of our human condition.

    SPEAKER: Dawn Clark has inspired and motivated audiences both domestically and abroad. An internationally published author and pioneer in the field of bioenergetics, she has been featured on PBS internationally, and has been interviewed for numerous television, radio, and press publications. Her unique broad-bandwidth of abilities includes perception of subtle energies, unrealized potentials, eliminating blockages and root causes for ailments, shamanic and hands-on healing, astral travel, mediumship, retro and precognition. She is a faculty member at the Omega Institute, as well as a member of the Association of Humanistic Psychology and ISSSEEM. Her critically acclaimed book, Gifts for the Soul, is now in its third domestic printing and in its fourth international printing.

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  2. The Synchronized Universe and Torsion Adventures

    Among the yogis of India it is maintained that events are not lost to history, but can often be accessed and recalled in detail. This principle has been rediscovered in the technique of “Remote Viewing,” as developed by the Stanford Research Institute and used by the American military, beginning in the 1970’s. Past events can be accessed and recalled, and examined from various perspectives. Dr. Swanson attended Remote Viewing classes at the Farsight Institute in Atlanta in the 1990’s, and found that he could access events in the distant past, including the destruction of Pompeii in 79 AD and the death of the dinosaurs caused by a meteor impact approximately 65 million years ago. In such cases the remote viewing target is “blind,” meaning the viewer has no conscious knowledge of the subject. Yet in each case, he experiences a distinct feeling of “being there,” including the emotions present at the event.
    These and other experiences, such as “past life” hypnotic regressions, often give the observer the distinct feeling of being there, that the events are happening now, at the present moment. Together with results from the Princeton PEAR Lab and other institutions, it is apparent that time is not a barrier for conscious information. Events which are long past in our linear description of the world are still very much alive and present in the domain of consciousness. We can visit such events and they seem to be happening “right now” as we go there in our minds.
    How can twentieth, or twenty-first, century science explain such phenomena? Deep within western physics is the concept of “causality,” that cause must precede effect, and that influences cannot propagate faster than light. And yet, in experiments involving consciousness and subtle energy, this rule is often broken. How can we access an event which occurred over 65 million years ago? Can our science ever understand this ability?
    In this lecture Dr. Swanson will describe the new science of “torsion,” as developed by Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev, which builds upon the Chinese concept of “chi” or Qi, and the Indian concept of prana. A natural consequence of this science is that events leave a trace, a record, in the vibrations of the distant matter and the “zero point energy.” It is a holographic pattern that can be accessed, and appears to explain both the “Akashic Record” and the ability to recall past lives. It offers a path by which it may be possible to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. Dr. Swanson will discuss many aspects of this subject, based on his two books, The Synchronized Universe, and Life Force:

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  3. On August 24th 2012, Egyptian architect and scientist Dr. Ibrahim Karim talked about Egyptian Biogeometry®, the science of using shape, color, motion, sound, angles and proportions to produce a vibrational quality that balances energy fields which sustain life, health, and spiritual connection. Developed over four decades of intensive research by Dr.Karim, BioGeometry combines previously secret methods used in ancient Egypt with breakthrough contemporary European discoveries regarding the spectrum of living energies which affect health and consciousness.

    There are two main research directions in BioGeometry. One is to search for the workings of this balancing energy in nature; the other is to use it in all fields of life. Based on the experience gained in 40 years of research that has provided promising scientifically tested solutions that have been repeatedly applied with great success.

    The use of BioGeometrical design in architecture, city planning, agriculture, the design of all products of modern technology, is a consistent way to bring harmony in our lives and environment. It may be the answer to the problem of electromagnetic pollution.

    BioGeometry has the solutions to be incorporated within the products of modern technology. it is the "humanizing" of modern technology.

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  4. In recent years enormous evidence has accumulated that long range "energy healing" occurs, as well as a variety of other effects involving non-local consciousness. Evidence has been collected by the Princeton PEAR Lab and other research programs which prove that an information field exists which penetrates all known barriers, does not weaken with distance, propagates forward and backward in time, and couples to consciousness. In Dr. Swanson's new book, Life Force, the Scientific Basis, he shows that this field is connected to the "chi" or "Qi" energy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and to the "torsion" energy reported by Russian physicists. This new view makes it possible to understand subtle energy concepts such as the "aura" from a scientific perspective.

    Dr. Claude Swanson, educated as a physicist at MIT and Princeton University has conducted postgraduate work at Princeton and Cornell University on the design of superconducting plasma containment vessels for fusion energy systems. For the last twenty years, interspersed with his conventional professional career in applied physics, Dr. Swanson has pursued investigations into "unconventional physics." Dr. Swanson has published his second book, Life Force, The Scientific Basis, which continues the exploration of his first book, The Synchronized Universe.

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    Beyond the idea that the mind can be connected with the heart, there lies the reality of the living heart-consciousness, or, as Sufi would say, a “taste” of the heart-self. While many people have the direct spontaneous experience of this Heart-consciousness, it can also open through spiritual practices such as the Christian Prayer of the Heart, the Vedantic Atma-Vichara, or the Islamic Dhikr of Divine Names. Leading to the direct, pre-reflective, immediate apperception of the realities of the Heart-consciousness, these practices were considered to be esoteric and hidden from the uninitiated. Traditionally, self-awareness rising from these practices served as a source of depth-psychological and spiritual insights, archetypal revelations, and esoteric self-knowledge.
    Even though Heart-consciousness is richly reflected in linguistic metaphors and represented in art and in the perennial philosophy, it is only modestly explored by science. Scientific investigations were mainly concerned with the anatomical heart as a possible substratum of the mind, and its connection with emotions, altruism and compassion. From our perspective, based on the research philosophy of Merleau-Ponty, consciousness of the heart can be successfully studied scientifically only after the structures of consciousness are identified and described. To that end, we conducted phenomenological analysis of the consciousness of the heart using methods of Edmund Husserl and Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka. Data streams in the study included accounts of contemporary meditators (n > 300), accounts of experts in spiritual traditions cultivating consciousness of the heart, accounts of people with spontaneous awakening of the heart, traditional texts such as Philokalia or Tarjuman al-Ashwaq by Ibn al-Arabi, and the first person introspective data obtained by the author. Results show that consciousness of the heart is constituted within two major conditions, egological (including the notion of individual self), and non-egological, which possibly serve as the experiential origins of two powerful trends in spirituality which are based on the notion of Reality as the self (Vedanta), and as the no- self (Theravada Buddhism). The egological condition, i.e. consciousness of the self in the heart, is organized in five major domains, related to the imaginal worlds, and individual and collective aspects of one’s psyche. Intentional constitution of these five domains is organized around the center of subtle consciousness known as Qalb in Sufism, and the Spiritual Heart in Hesychasm (Eastern and early Christian mysticism). The Spiritual heart serves as a junction between the consciousness of separateness, and consciousness of totality or oneness. Phenomenological architecture of self-awareness in the heart is in the process of constant becoming and renewal, which presents limitless possibilities of positive self-transformation. The talk will address the results of phenomenological investigations of the consciousness of the heart, and, time permitting, will introduce guided meditations on the heart which are helpful in individual transformative work.
    About the Speaker
    Olga Louchakova, M.D., Ph.D. (neuroscience) is a core faculty at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California, and a founding director of the Neurophenomenology Center implementing novel trans-disciplinary methodologies in the study of meditation, contemplative prayer, and human psychospiritual development. Her work was acknowledged by awards from Shemyakin Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry in Russia, and Spitzer and Zimmer family foundations in the United States. Formerly a senior scientist at the Pavlov Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, she holds mandates in spiritual teaching from the school of contemporary Hesychasm (St. Petersburg, Russia), and Arsha Vidya Gurukulam (Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania), and maintains private practice in spiritual counseling in Palo Alto.

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