1. "The Consciousness Revolution"
    a short film by Skyler Newman of freedomearth.org

    Music Tracks:

    "Artifactual Generations" by dylanasinbob

    "The Cyber Hacker Part 1" by syphonmax

    Film Clips:

    "The Matrix" (1999)

    "Fight Club" (1999)

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    No matter what anyone else says, whether it's a politician, police officer, or judge, there is one thing that I know: I am free.

    I am free, and there is no law, rule, or regulation that can take that away from me.

    I am a sovereign being of light, and it is my birthright to have access to the wealth of natural resources provided on this planet.

    My identity is not defined by a piece of paper. I am an organic human being of flesh and blood, and I do not need to prove I am not a criminal.

    The time has come for the reign of terror to end. The tyrants can no longer get away with their wars, crimes, and indoctrination, because we are watching. We are awake, and we are aware of what's going on behind the scenes of our planet.

    There is no more hiding the secrets of our past. We know who we are, and there is no stopping our movement. Progress is inevitable. We will regain our status as an intergalactic race and reunite with our cosmic family in the stars.

    The clock is ticking, and we are ready to move forward. We are not here to work mundane jobs and live superficial lives. We are here to experience life as individual aspects of the universe, and no obstacle can stand in our way.

    As the bankers and politicians execute their schemes of divide and conquer, there are those of us who see through the lies, decode the cyphers, and rise up against the machine to restore the liberties that are rightfully ours.

    We are the resistance, and we will not falter. No, we will not die.

    Because what is life without freedom? It is no life at all. It is the life of a slave---a slave to a prison that you can't taste or touch or smell.

    And when the time comes for a revolution, you better believe we're ready to fight. Yes, you better believe we're ready to die.

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  2. "Extraterrestrial Contact"
    a short film by Skyler Newman of freedomearth.org

    Music Tracks:

    "New Direction" by Kevin MacLeod

    Film Clips:

    "Contact" (1997)

    "Starman" (1984)

    Space Footage:

    "Hubblecast 62: A Spiral Galaxy with a Secret"

    "Hubblecast 60: Galaxy Scores a Bullseye"


    If you take a moment to close your eyes and focus deep inside yourself, transcending all distractions, stresses, and obligations it is not difficult to realize the true nature of existence.

    Connected in harmony with the magnificence of the universe, you can feel yourself as one with All-That-Is, a single spark merged with the whole.

    And through this experience, it is possible to understand how other species of intelligent life, our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters of other worlds, exist beyond the electromagnetic spectrum of the five sense based reality that we live in.

    In the same way that you communicate nonverbally with an animal or another human being, you can also communicate with energetic beings. This is the method of telepathy.

    The sun, stars, plants, and trees are no different than you or I. All life is connected through nature as a macrosocm, and in order to commune with nature all that is required is the expansion of your perception beyond the scope of your individual self to the majesty of the universe.

    If you can just imagine a world where all beings coexist in harmony with nature, without the interference of the agents of fear and the egoic mind, you can begin to comprehend life in an extraterrestrial civilization.

    Existing beyond the limits of fear, the possibility of infinite expansion becomes accessible because there is no blockage in the creative process. There are no hurdles to jump since there is no failure, there is only doing or not doing.

    Without the constraints of a physical belief system, boundaries cease to exist. All creations begin as ideas before they manifest into denser realities, and it is within these nonphysical planes that we coexist as multidimensional beings.

    Connection with Source provides access to infinite intelligence, as you transcend the limits of physical laws and operate in an abstract, spontaneous manner. This is the method used to create art, and it is as natural as breathing when you are able to free your mind and see beyond the illusion of physicality.

    People wonder, if extraterrestrials do exist, why do they not come to Earth and visit us? Why do they not make themselves known? If you consider the negative manner in which most aliens are depicted in modern culture, you can understand why mass physical contact has not been made yet.

    Would you want to visit a planet with a hostile population? Probably not.

    But if we are simply able to take the next step in our evolution as a species, incorporating tolerance and the mindfulness of spirituality into our daily lives, we will be able to open the door to the next level of our development.

    It's completely up to each one of us as individuals to take responsibility for our own lives, and strive to work together in harmony transcending the illusion of separation and uniting as one collective species, the people of planet Earth.

    We have imagined first contact occurring in many of our movies and books, and the desire exists in our hearts as a collective, but we still need to work on reconnecting ourselves with nature, allowing the antiquated ideals of past paradigms to end.

    The time has come for us to rejoin our cosmic family in the stars, and together we can restore planet Earth, the jewel of the universe, to its pristine nature.

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  3. "The Journey Home"
    a short film by Skyler Newman of freedomearth.org

    Music Tracks:

    "Imagination (Luke Hopkins Remix)" by DJ A.H.

    Film Clips:

    "What Dreams May Come" (1998)

    "Gladiator" (2000)

    Space Footage:

    "Planet Earth Seen from Space"

    "Hubblecast 51: Star-forming Region S 106 "


    To all warriors of light, young an old, the time has come for us to journey home.

    For too long we have been prisoners in clay vessels, servants to the legion of heaven.

    But now it is time to complete the mission that we came to Earth to fulfill.

    You may have strayed from this divine duty along the way, but you have always known in your heart that you were sent here for a special reason.

    Your purpose is to lead the charge to freedom, but not through the way of violence and war, but through love and compassion for your fellow man, your brothers and sisters of planet Earth.

    And it is in this commitment of service to others that you will achieve the greatest victory that has ever occurred in history, the liberation of mankind from slavery.

    All forces of darkness will be vanquished, and the people of Earth will take back their planet, restoring the land to its pristine nature, free of pollution and the suffering of tyranny.

    You will remember who you are, an infinite sovereign being of light, and you will know that your sacrifice was not in vain, as you look upon the earth from the stars, and watch the fruits of your labor flourish.

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