1. Broadly speaking, common CSS best practices cover readability, efficiency and modularity. Adopting them purports to make long-running projects more manageable. But do any of them really help, and how many of them actually improve the product that falls into people's hands? Is it possible that CSS best practice can perpetuate or even beget bad design practice?

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  2. The scope of Etsy's frontend is massive - our JavaScript codebase has grown by 50% in the last year to more than 3,000 files totaling almost 800,000 lines. Because of Etsy's dedication to continuous deployment, the code running in production changes 25 to 50 times every day. Because of our experimentation-driven development cycle, there may be multiple production versions of our features at any given time. These factors can lead to uncertainty and fear with rolling out upgrades, deleting old code, or confidently making changes. We'll see how the Frontend Infrastructure team works within this ecosystem to mitigate those risks, manage the asset build pipeline, builds tools to understand our frontend, automates migrations & deletes as much code as possible.

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  3. Hand-crafted code has been the hallmark of quality front-end development since front-end was even a thing. As websites become more functional, though, and loaded through myriad viewports, is typing our intentions the best use of our time? If we make markup easier, what do we have to fear? Easier markup means more people can build richer content on the web. Also, by relying on tools, rather than our fingers, developers can free up time to focus on the features that really need brain power: accessibility, semantics, optimization, saner class structures, and whatever comes next. We just first need to define what is “good enough” output, and rethink how we approach our tools to make them actually useful.

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  4. WebSockets, Server Sent Events or should I maybe just use Short Polling?
    Choosing the right tool for the job is always harder then it looks and often requires deep understanding of the various techniques and hacks. Join this journey and learn about the beauty and horrors of building the real-time web.

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  5. The post-Flash era is hardly free of animation. CSS animation is quickly becoming a cornerstone of user-friendly UI frameworks, and JavaScript libraries already exist to handle complex, interactive animations. And now there’s a new API coming to town specifically for web animations! In the wake of so much “CSS vs. JavaScript animation” infighting, you'll be introduced to the Web Animations API via the development styles and insights of four distinct groups of people: UI designers, interaction developers, library authors, and the browser teams implementing it.

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