1. Directed by Romain Chassaing
    Director of photography : Julien « Mioumiou » Meurice

    Production company : Solab Pictures
    Producers : Nicolas Tiry & Edouard Chassaing
    Line Producer : Yannick Roux
    Production Assistant : Lucie Santamans

    1ST AD : Martin Bustos
    2ND AD : Sol Giancastro
    Production Manager : Diego Rochman
    Key PA : Flor Colombatti
    PA : Nico Raffaele
    Location Manager : Martín Coca
    Location Assistant : José Varamo
    1st AC : Lucas Guardia
    1st AC : Juan Paviolo
    2nd AC : Ezequiel Di Grillo
    2nd AC : Santiago Gershanik
    HD Operator : Marcelo Scoppa
    Gaffer : Matías Infiesta
    Electrician : Julio Gonzalez
    Electrician : Diego Porto
    Art Director : Maximiliano "Aduki" Zanabria
    Art Assistant : Camila Marconi
    Art Assistant : Celeste Galickas
    Wardrobe Stylist FR : Audrey Belin
    Wardrobe Stylist assistant : Yael Botia
    Wardrobe Assistant : María Pía del Olmo
    1st AC (retakes) : Felipe Benoit
    Location assistant (retakes) : Willy Vercruysse

    Executive production : Jacaranda Films
    Executive Producer : Remi Noiriel & Mauro Groisman
    Account Department : Mariela Leiva
    Production Assistant : Lorena Pereira
    Bidding Department : Barbara Serrano
    Account Department assistant : Federico Lattanzio
    PA : Any Benoit
    Recepcionist : Ines Ayerza
    Cleaning department : Gloria Mieres

    Post Production - Reepost
    Editor : Roxane Fauré-Huet
    Colorist : Anne Szymkowiak
    Color grading assistant : Simon Gadrey
    Editing assistant : Milliasseau Merlin
    Post-Producer : Dehia Oussana & Cécile Hournau
    Flame Artist : Tarek Maalouf

    Sound design - Gum
    Frédéric Monvoisin & Théo Josso

    Thanks to :
    Anna Brun, Monsieur Hachemi, Mme Conord, Laurent du Truskel, Jenna Haugmard, Arnaud Viallaneix, Antonin Gelamur & Agathe Wesolek

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  2. Nothing is intact or permanent, everything is affected and connected—the history, the city and the rider. Just as the city left a mark on the rider, he leaves a mark on the city even if just for a split second.

    The wet trail of wheels on pavement after skidding through a puddle on a rainy day, the sound of the skateboard against granite echoing through the alleys and streets and his shadow spreading from one building to another until he reaches the river. The reflection in the river follows him along its banks and over the bridge where the scattered leaves on the sidewalk swirl and dance for a moment after he rides through them and then staying, peaceful, like nothing ever happened but at the same time everything has changed. Even if you think you didn't notice him, you can almost taste the lingering freedom in the air.

    Like a signature, a rider leaves his mark—on the streets and in people's memories. A signature of freedom.

    Kristijan Stramic

    Luka Bizjak

    Additional camera:
    Mark Pirc

    Aerial cinematography:

    Color grading:
    Mark Pirc

    Graphic design:

    Sound design:
    Kristijan Stramic

    Cover photo:
    Jan Pirnat

    Katarina Tavcar

    Matej Pocervina

    Matej Marinko (Bright Visuals)

    "Da, da, da" performed by Pionir 10
    Courtesy of Radio Netizen

    Everything is filmed in Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia, EU with Sony NEX-FS700 and Canon 5D Mark III.

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  3. Produced by:

    Creative Director:
    Patrick Clair

    Lead Animation and Compositing:
    Raoul Marks

    Animation and Compositing:
    David Do

    Patrick Clair
    Paul Kim
    Kevin Heo
    Jeff Han

    Associate Producer:
    Danny Hirsch

    Carol Collins

    Executive Producer:
    Jennifer Sofio Hall

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  4. Music: Thriftworks – Pad FUKKK
    Editor: Alex Trierweiler
    00:03 Hugo Boss – #THISISBOSS bit.ly/1QKjOz3
    00:14 Lexus – Facet City bit.ly/1MmSPYZ
    00:21 SSE – Orangutan bit.ly/1MmSSnx
    00:26 Vaults – Lifespan bit.ly/1JIBz1e
    00:30 Ikea – Forest bit.ly/1KUhzHI
    00:37 Budweiser – Collective Energy bit.ly/1Kohii2
    00:40 Visa – Night Swim bit.ly/1JIBCKg
    00:43 Turtle Wax – Break Out bit.ly/1KUhCTQ
    00:46 Lexus – Swarm bit.ly/1JDUaNq
    00:48 BBC – Commonwealth Games bit.ly/1IE7ZeH
    00:50 Pharrell Williams – Gust of Wind bit.ly/1B519fq
    00:51 Miss Dior – It’s Miss Actually bit.ly/1MmT2LD
    00:52 BBC – Commonwealth Games bit.ly/1IE7ZeH
    00:54 Marco Polo Titles bit.ly/1e23eyK
    00:57 Age UK – Time Flies bit.ly/1TagKA7
    00:58 Brand Jordan – Re2pect bit.ly/1I0AtJR
    01:00 Adidas – Battlepack bit.ly/1IE85TE
    01:03 Major Lazer – Sweat bit.ly/1KUhMKV
    01:06 Fashion Film – 5 Elements bit.ly/1JDUwnn
    01:08 Nike – Hypervenom bit.ly/1Gcrjfp
    01:10 FKA Twigs – Video Girl bit.ly/1Qn4A80
    01:11 Coca-Cola – Download Happiness bit.ly/1GxHzdY
    01:12 Audi – Birth bit.ly/1GxHzee
    01:18 Qoros – Shredder bit.ly/1Hp793N
    01:21 Activision – Call of Duty: Extinction bit.ly/1IE8gOB
    01:22 Doom Teaser bit.ly/1B18s89
    01:23 Adidas – Lionel Messi bit.ly/1QKkowE
    01:24 Hennessy – Ride bit.ly/1KUhROP
    01:26 Google ATAP – HELP j.mp/GgHlp
    01:27 Adidas – Haters bit.ly/1f1J7Ro
    01:28 2014 YDA Titles bit.ly/1F7bx1m
    01:30 2014 D&AD Titles bit.ly/1JIC5MJ
    01:32 Nike – Vapour bit.ly/1KUhR12
    01:33 AICP Titles bit.ly/1GqouZn
    01:35 Nike – Ripple bit.ly/1cKH8zg
    01:36 FIFA – Feel the Game bit.ly/1MGY5aH
    01:38 Nike - Winner Stays bit.ly/1GqowAo
    01:39 Under Armour – Misty Copeland bit.ly/1Qn4Ow6
    01:41 Free People – Sand Dancer bit.ly/1FI1aCt
    01:42 Baileys – Nutcracker bit.ly/1KohMos
    01:44 Turbotax – Boston Tea Party bit.ly/1GqoCIt
    01:45 Axe – Hotel bit.ly/1L0yMlV
    01:46 Under Armour – I Will What I Want bit.ly/1FQcFqM
    01:47 Comcast Xfinity – Auto Pilot bit.ly/1e23HRm
    01:49 Titanfall – Life is Better With a Titan bit.ly/1cKHnu4
    01:52 Mr. Kipling – Pink Elephant bit.ly/1F7bKS7
    01:54 AT&T – Space Capsule bit.ly/1JIClLC
    01:55 Budweiser – Black Out bit.ly/1dvim6U
    01:56 Microsoft – Halo 5: Guardians bit.ly/1QKkMLI
    01:58 Gatorade – Fierce bit.ly/1QKkPah
    02:00 Financial Times – Full Day bit.ly/1L0yRGh
    02:02 Puma – Calling All Trouble Makers bit.ly/1JICrTr
    02:02 Beyoncé – Mine bit.ly/1B51LBJ
    02:04 The Cosmopolitan Hotel – Twilight Speedball bit.ly/1e23SfG
    02:06 Ben Pearce – What I Might Do bit.ly/1GxHRBA
    02:07 Johnnie Walker – A Gentleman’s Wager bit.ly/1MmTXMe
    02:10 Smirnoff Ice – The Double Side bit.ly/1KoiamK
    02:10 Guinness – Sapeurs bit.ly/1B51QW4
    02:14 Playgrounds Festival Titles bit.ly/1e23ZHY
    02:15 BBC – God Only Knows bit.ly/1MGYJoB
    02:17 Jaguar – Never Stop the Journey bit.ly/1MGYHNn
    02:18 Honda Civic Type R – The Other Side bit.ly/1L0yUSw
    02:19 Cadillac – Power Train bit.ly/1I0ATA7
    02:20 Jaguar – Rendezvous bit.ly/1JICDSB
    02:20 Diet Mountain Dew – Horse Show bit.ly/1L0yYl8
    02:23 Volvo – The Epic Split bit.ly/1S32V59
    02:25 Finish – Dishes bit.ly/1IE8Xre
    02:26 Bagman Short Film - bit.ly/1MGYZnG
    02:28 FIFA – Feel the Game bit.ly/1MGY5aH
    02:29 Coke – International Space Station bit.ly/1KUinwd
    02:31 Axe – Knife bit.ly/1F7caIf
    02:32 Dos Equis – Masquerade bit.ly/1MGZ4HU
    02:33 Southern Comfort – Shark Bite bit.ly/1L0z4cp
    02:34 Beyoncé – Rise bit.ly/1Tahg13
    02:36 Sailor Jerry – Outside the Lines bit.ly/1IFideT
    02:39 Dolce & Gabbana – Street of Dreams bit.ly/1F7cjey
    02:42 Delta – Faucets bit.ly/1Hp95cE
    02:44 Nike – Kirill’s Story bit.ly/1Qn5rWp
    02:52 OFFF SKAZKA Titles bit.ly/1IE9dGA

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  5. In the Spring of 2014 a small group of close friends broke ground on a building project in Skamania County, Washington in the Columbia River Gorge. Their primary endeavor was a multi-platform tree house, but also included a skate bowl and a wood fired soaking tub as well. The crew came from all over the country and from a variety of backgrounds. Some were professional carpenters, others learned on the job, gaining experience along the way. The Cinder Cone is Foster Huntington’s short film that documents this year-long process of building his dream home with this community of tight knit friends.

    Check out The Cinder Cone Build Book on Kickstarter too! kickstarter.com/projects/fosterhuntington/the-cinder-cone-build-book

    A Farm League Original
    Directed by Foster Huntington
    Edited by Jess Gibson

    "Better" by Bosque Brown
    "Thunder and Lightning" by Joseph Hein
    "Ring Shot Step" by Ash Black Bufflo
    "The Way it is" by Denver
    "Francis" by Houndstooth
    "Every Little Bit Hurts" by Barton Carroll

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