(12 min) Corto documental dirigido por David Beriain sobre la historia de Serxio Ces, percebeiro de Cedeira, Galicia.
    Preseleccionado para los Premios Goya 2012.

    Ruge el viento. El mar golpea los acantilados. Dos metros de roca, ésa es la franja de agua y oxígeno en la que crece el percebe. Dos metros donde el mar se ensaña, donde bate con fuerza milenaria. Una frontera de olas y espuma en la que Serxo y sus compañeros luchan por un bocado de mar.
    Una frontera de valor y miedo. De temeridad y sentido común. Dos metros sin margen de error. Ahí vive el percebe. Ahí vive Serxo.

    Percebeiros es la batalla contra el mar de unos guerreros que no se consideran héroes.



    DAVID BERIAIN Director
    David Beriain is a Spanish war correspondent that has covered conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Colombia and Kashmir, among others. He is currently in charge of coordinating the fea- ture section at Medina Media, a production com- pany based out of Spain.
    Beriain is one of the few reporters in the world that has managed to infiltrate the FARC guerrilla camps in Colombia. His work there made him a finalist for the Bayeux-Calvados, the most pres- tigious international award for war correspon- dents. He has interviewed the Taliban command- ers who killed Spanish soldiers, met with the twelve-year-old hitmen that Colombian druglords exploit as child soldiers, and even accompanied the American Army on some of their most danger- ous military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. His latest TV documentary took him to Eastern Congo, where he covered the conflict between the Congolese Army and the rebels who fight, kill and rape in order to gain the control of the Coltan and Cassiterite mines.
    During his time at Sea Bites, Beriain was in charge of producing the story and coordinating all the members in the team. He was the one who convinced everyone to get on board and as a true leader, he turned a group of people who did not know each other into a real team.
    (+34) 609 72 71 61


    FERNANDO UREÑA Script Writer
    Fernando Ureña is a Spanish editor and script writer. For the past three years, he has worked as a script analyst for Cuatro’s national fiction shows. He has also supervised the scripts for several other Spanish networks such as Canal+, Digital+, TVE or Audiovisual Sport. He is currently writing the scripts for various Spanish movies, a work he combines with his editorial tasks at some of Spain’s most prestigious publishing compa- nies.
    Ureña gave birth to the idea of Sea Bites.
    He conceived the story and was David Beriain’s second hand in the team. They wrote the script together and Ureña followed the entire process of video-editing, post-production and sonorization.
    (+34) 655 01 89 80

    SERGIO CARO Director of photography
    Sergio Caro is a Spanish photographer and cam- eraman. He is specialized in international con- flicts and illegal immigration in Europe. His 2005 photographs of Sub-Saharan immigrants being hauled away by bus to be abandoned in the desert won him the Visa D’Or at the International Photo- journalists Awards in Perpignan, one of the most prestigious ceremonies in the world. His photo- graphs have been published in renowned media such as Newsweek, Le Figaro or the Financial Times. As a television cameraman, he has cov- ered Iraq, Afghanistan and Congo together with David Beriain.
    Together with Ernesto Villalba, he created Once Upon a Time, a multimedia company that por- trays unique characters from a very artistic point of view.
    In Sea Bites, Caro’s ten years of experience al- lowed him to hang himself from the rocks just as the barnacle fishermen did and taking as many risks as they do. He also played the role of direc- tor of photography coordinating all the camera- men at work.
    (+34) 656 55 06 57

    Ernesto Villalba is a Spanish multimedia journal- ist. He is a co-founder of Once Upon a Time, a pioneer online production company that makes short films and other multimedia materials for the web. The company’s first work, “Time to Time”, was selected by Innovative Interactivity as one of the fifty best multimedia packages of the year. Since 2008, he has directed all graphic design- and social media-related strategies for REC, the main feature aired by Cuatro, one of Spain’s “Big Five” TV networks.
    Villalba is currently focused on his work at Once Upon a Time developing several documentary projects and combines them with his role as a teacher for several innovative seminars.
    In Sea Bites, he was the cameraman that followed Serxo, our protagonist, outside the sea. Villalba’s particular sensitivity made our protagonist feel so comfortable with him that he even got the nick- name “Sombra”, shadow in Spanish.
    (+34) 667 55 56 10

    SERGIO CARMONA Underwater cameraman
    Sergio Carmona is a Spanish cameraman that has worked in more than 30 countries for over 10 years. He has also been a professional scuba diver for 15 years, he owns more than 10 techin- cal specialities and has performed around 2,000 immersions.
    Carmona usually works in documentary filmmak- ing and is specialized in social and environmental issues. He has worked for around 20 documen- taries, and has also contributed as a producer, researcher and script writer.
    In the last year, Carmona has taken part in 4 doc- umentaries. His latest production is a documen- tary about rape as a war tool with Contramedia Films, a production company based out of Madrid and Buenos Aires.
    His skills as a cameraman and professional scu- ba diver made him the perfect candidate to per- form as an underwater cameraman at Sea Bites.
    (+34) 635 60 52 61

    Helicopter camera
    Helifilms is a pioneer Spanish company that pro- duces aerial films and photographies. Founded by Ramón Cantón and Juan Jesús Fernández, the company uses it’s own remote-controlled device to capture unimaginable shots including close ups, travellings or aerial images. Their heli- copter-like device, which films in HD, serves both as a crane and a helicopter itself.
    The Helifilms team travelled from Almería, in Southern Spain, to Galicia to film the aerial im- ages for Sea Bites. The helicopter proved to be a successful tool to film in hard conditions such as wind and humidity.
    (+34) 667 65 34 75 (+34) 607 21 22 77

    NURIA GOMEZ Video Editor
    Nuria Gómez is a seasoned Spanish video edi- tor. For over a decade, she has produced and edited documentaries, news programs and en- tertainment shows for four of Spain’s largest TV networks: Cuatro, Antena3, Telecinco and CNN+. Her editing style on Cuatro’s feature programs earned the channel its reputation for delivering action-packed stories, and made her a prestigious editor. Together with Quique de la Vara, she cre- ated El Viento Productions, where she works as a producer developing audiovisual content from a more artistic and less newsworthy point of view.
    In Sea Bites, she travelled to Galicia to guide the filming process explaining the cameramen what to film. Once in Madrid, she was in charge of the video edition and post production work with the help of Quique de la Vara.
    (+34) 699 77 50 25


    QUIQUE DE LA VARA Video Editor
    Quique de la Vara has worked both as a TV and an advertising editor for over twenty years. His work began at Spain’s two leading production compa- nies, Telson and Molinare, which later led to posi- tions with the country’s main TV networks. De la Vara has served as the head of post-production at Telecinco, Cuatro, CNN+ and in Spanish public broadcasting. Currently, he is the Techincal and Creative Director at El Viento Productions.
    Together with Nuria Gómez, he was the video ed- itor at Sea Bites and guided and helped Gómez with the post-production process.
    (+34) 649 575 782
    (+34) 605 048 136

    SUSO RAMALLO Sound engineer
    Suso Ramallo is the President of the Audio Engi- neering Society of Spain and the country’s Digital Terrestrial Television audio director. Ramallo also owns W & DB audio, a company that designs and builds it’s own audio materials such as innovative speakers and microphones. Finally, Ramallo is the sound producer at Trilobite Pro, a production company specialized in the coverage of extreme sports.
    Ramallo began his career as a live sound tech- nician and studio mixer. These positions granted him the Best Sound Technician award at the 7th edition of the Spanish Music Awards for his work recording and mixing Joaquín Sabina’s “Díme- lo en la calle”. He also mixed several songs for Emilio Estévez’s “My Way” film, and recorded and mixed the audio for “Renovart”, a documen- tary by Spain’s Canal +.
    At Sea Bites, Ramallo recorded the audio and travelled together with the cameramen that hung themselves from the rocks. Ramallo also mixed and designed the soundtrack for the piece.
    (+34) 660 29 37 70

    ELENA DELGADO Sound assistant and making of
    Elena Delgado is a Spanish video editor and pro- ducer. She is currently a video mixer for MARCA. TV, a newly born online sports TV channel. Delgado is also a cofounder and video mixer at Trilobite Pro, a production company that is spe- cialized in the coverage of extreme sports.
    Prior to that, Delgado was a video editor and pro- ducer at CNN+ for over 11 years, since the chan- nel was born.
    At Sea Bites, she was Suso Ramallo’s sound assistant, and was also in charge of editing the making of.
    (+34) 660 29 37 71

    Anxo Pintos is a Galician music composer and artist. He is currently a member of the bands Ber- rogüetto and Lizgairo, where he plays the hurdy, the violin, the saxophone, the flute, the piano and the bagpipes.
    As a hurdy gurdy specialist, Pintos is the hurdy director at Galicia’s Folk Orchestra and a hur- dy teacher at Vigo’s Folk and Traditional Music School.
    During his years at Berrogüetto, he has com- posed the music for Emilio Estévez’s “The Way” and has been the finalist for the Latin Emmy Awards of 2002 under the category of best tra- ditional album. Berrogüetto was also named the Best European Folk Band by Germany’s World Music Profolk Association.
    At Sea Bites, Pintos composed and recorded all the music for the documentary, playing all the in- struments that are found in the piece.

    CHIQUI ESTEBAN iPad cover designer
    Chiqui Esteban is a Spanish web content devel- oper and infographist. He works as the New Nar- ratives Director at, an online national media in Spain. Esteban is also an in- fographics consultant for Innovation Media Con- sulting. While working for them he has taken part in several consultancies in Europe and America, both for print and iPad products. His work con- sists of training and organizing infographics de- partments, developing stylebooks and helping with new concepts.
    He has also worked for companies like Elefthe- ros Typos (SND world best designed 2008), Paris Match, Correio, the portuguese journal i (SND world best designed 2011), International Herald Tribune, El Heraldo de Barranquilla and Il Corri- ere della Sera. Esteban is the author of Infograph- ics News and Infografistas, two blogs where he writes about infographics. Prior to holding his po- sition at, Esteban was one of the infographics coordinators at Público, a Span- ish newspaper known precisely because of it’s design and infographics.
    In Sea Bites, he was in charge of creating the iPad covers for the project and also traveled to Galicia to know the story first-hand and talk to the team about his ideas for the covers.
    (+34) 696 98 38 15

    LEIRE ARIZ Direction Assistant
    Leire Ariz recently graduated from Journalism at the University of Navarre. She interned for CNN en Español in Atlanta after studying abroad in Washington, DC. Her work there made her meet David Beriain, and has since been his assistant helping him with several projects. Ariz has been in charge of preparing several dossiers to present to TV channels all over the world and has also helped Beriain produce some of his latest stories.
    In Sea Bites, Ariz was in charge of the logistics and production. Her tasks included finding hous- ing for all, dealing with the budget and helping the team members get what they needed. She was also present as an assistant in all the parts of the work.
    (+34) 699 61 83 30

    JOAQUIN BILBAO Head of segurity
    oaquin Bilbao is a specialist in adventure sports. Since 1994, he has been involved in several spe- leology and mountain climbing projects, always as a safety technician. He has worked in different platforms such as construction buildings, super- structures or precipices.
    In 2006, he prepared the equipment, the routes and the safety for the restoration of Cerro del Hi- erro, a natural monument in the rocks in South- ern Spain. Since 2007, Bilbao is also an advisor for sportsmen and women, public institutions and private businesses such as
    Dragados, Antec, Tractel, Tracsa and Esmasa. He is also the owner of Daan Tienda, a business that specializes in the selling of all sorts of materi- als for adventure sports.
    At Sea Bites, Bilbao travelled with the fishermen and our cameramen and was in charge of their security in the rocks.
    (+34) 655 63 22 95


    Quality stories are better told through a quality format. Newspapers and print media have used narrative techniques that traditionaly belonged to fiction for decades. Now, it is time for audiovisual media to follow their example. Our goal is to apply fiction narrative techniques to reality. And that is not only done through the script, but also with the fiming itself.
    Our team planned every aspect of the story to provide the viewer with an experience that is not only interesting and compelling, but also beautiful.
    The main cameras we used in “SEA BITES” were the Canon EOS 5D, Canon EOS 7D. The first two, normally used for photography and therefore smaller than other traditional cameras, were a great choice for the adverse conditions that our cameramen found in the sea and the rocks. At the same time, the 35.8 mm sensor allowed a cinema-like texture that stimulates sight, which fitted our purpose of creating visual art.
    The Sony HVR-Z1 was used as an underwater camera to shoot from the sea itself, which made us discover new perspectives of the barnacle fishing activity.
    These are the accessories we used during the recording:
    Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 Canon EF 28mm f/1.8 Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Canon EF 17-40mm f/4,0 Canon EF 100-400mm f/5.6 Canon EF 24-105mm f/4
    Sigma APO Teleconverter 1.4 Manfrotto tripod
    LCDVF viewfinder for DSLR Sennheiser MKE 400
    In order to protect all the equipment we used Ewa Marine underwater housings and rain- capes.
    New perspectives were not only found through the sea, but also from the sky itself. In order to see the context where the fishermen worked, we counted on Helifilms, a team that uses a helicopter-like remote-control device.
    Their camera is a Sony HDR-CX 700 V, which following the other’s line, also films in HD.
    In order to make the viewer experience what the protagonists see, we also used a Go-Pro device, a subjective camera that was placed in those difficult corners that cannot be re- corded with bigger cameras.
    In short, this was the filming equipment: CAMERAS:
    Canon EOS 5D Canon EOS 7D Sony HVR-Z1
    Sony HDR-CX 700V Go-Pro HD
    Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 Canon EF 28mm f/1.8 Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Canon EF 17-40mm f/4,0 Canon EF 100-400mm f/5.6 Canon EF 24-105mm f/4
    Sigma APO Teleconverter 1.4 Manfrotto tripod
    LCDVF viewfinder for DSLR
    Ewa Marine underwater housings.
    On a second basis, art-like beauty is not only a visual matter. It also affects sound. This is why our sound engineers chose to record on 5.1, a multi-channel surround sound system.
    Reaching unforeseen scenaries, our team used underwater microphones that protected all our devices and made us discover remote noises in the ocean.
    On the rocks, the main challenge was to find a portable solution that still allowed us to record multi-channel in the maximum quality. This is why we used the Soundfield SPS200.
    We also chose the Rode NTG3, combined with the Earthworks SR20 for interior scenaries, because it gives a better quality than the classic 416 Sennheiser.
    In short, this was the sound equipment: MICROPHONES:
    Soundfield SPS200
    Rode NTG3
    Earthworks SR20 Aquariam Audio H2a XLR
    Sound Device 788T Sound Device 702T
    Sennheiser HD25

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    de Eloy Enciso Cachafeiro.
    Unha produción Ártika Films e Zeitun Films.
    Première: Festival de Film de Locarno. Agosto 2012.

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    un film dirigido por Eloy Enciso Cachafeiro
    Estreno en cines, DVD y on-line el 13 de septiembre
    Producido por: Artika Films (, Zeitun Films (
    Distribución y ventas: CineBinario (

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