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  1. Getting a Quick Fix on Comonads


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    abstract: While the monad abstraction has risen to a certain flavor of fame in the Haskell community and beyond, its equally fascinating dual, the comonad, remains relatively unknown. I’ll tell…

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    • Sunroof and a Blank Canvas: A tail of two DSLs


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      Abstract Sunroof is an embedded Haskell Domain Specific Language (DSL) that compiles to JavaScript. Blank Canvas is an embedded Haskell DSL that provides direct access to the HTML5 JavaScript Canvas.…

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      • Vinyl: Records in Haskell and Type Theory


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        abstract: Records in Haskell are notoriously difficult to compose; many solutions have been proposed. Vinyl lies in the space of library-level approaches, and addresses polymorphism, extensibility,…

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        • Verified Cryptographic Implementations


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          Abstract EasyCrypt is a computer-assisted framework for proving the security of cryptographic constructions. However, there is a significant gap between security proofs done in the usual provable…

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          • Verifying C programs in Coq using VST


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            Abstract C programs are notoriously difficult to reason about, either for safety or full functional correctness. Even with a program logic powerful enough to prove the necessary properties, the proof…

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            • Automatic Device Driver Synthesis


              from Galois Video Added 30 1 0

              abstract: Automatic device driver synthesis is a radical approach to creating drivers faster and with fewer defects by generating them automatically based on hardware device specifications. I will…

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              • Functional programming in Swift


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                abstract: At this year’s WWDC, Apple announced Swift, a new programming language for iOS and OS X development. In this talk, I’d like to give a brief overview of the language, focussing…

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                • Tech talk by Philip Wadler


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                  abstract: We present four calculi for gradual typing: λB, based on the blame calculus of Wadler and Findler (2009); λC, based on the coercion calculus of Henglein (1994); and λT…

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                  • Hacking Internet Voting via Ballot Tampering


                    from Galois Video Added 1,042 3 1

                    Election Day was this week. If you took advantage of early voting, or you live overseas, you probably used a paper ballot you received in the mail a few weeks ago. A digital alternative, being considered…

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                    • Tech Talk: Read-copy update (RCU) validation and verification for Linux


                      from Galois Video Added 339 1 0

                      abstract: Read-copy update (RCU) is a synchronization mechanism that is sometimes used as an alternative to reader-writer locking (among other things) that was added to the Linux kernel in 2002.…

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                      • Tech Talk: Common crypto mistakes in Android


                        from Galois Video Added 653 1 0

                        abstract: If you do a web search for “encrypting Strings in Android”, you’ll find a lot of example code, and they all look pretty similar. They definitely input a String and output…

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                        • Automatic Function Annotations for Hoare Logic


                          from Galois Video Added 360 1 0

                          abstract: Formal verification can provide a high degree of assurance for critical software, but can come at the cost of large artefacts that must be maintained alongside it. When using an interactive…

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