This video heads the vimeo 'Genesis, with Exegesis' Channel: Genesis Time Doctrines (Exegetical Proof) . Same playlist is also in Youtube, same name. (The bliptv copy, is now gone.)

Gist: Bible is mistranslated in Genesis 1:2, so Christians don't properly interpret Genesis. That, due to Christians using Bishop Ussher's timeline instead of Bible, to date creation. Bible disagrees with BOTH the creationists and evolutionists -- how embarrassing for us Christians. Bible plainly says the Earth was RESTORED in six LITERAL days, not initially created over that period; 'day' here is EXPLICITLY 24 hours (Hebrew idiom of evening THEN morning can only be literal, as the Hebrew day began at SUNSET) -- not some hallucinated longer period by moderns who have no faith in Bible. Pity we Christians hate God so much we won't even READ what He says.

Secondly, it demonstrates God's Rules for Constructing Time, a doctrine unknown in Christendom which USED to be known in Judaism; the doctrine begins with the begats in Genesis 5. Episode 8 covers that doctrine.

For those of you who saw this series in bliptv, they disabled the players; you can now only view the series via Youtube players or directly here in vimeo. So my chatty insistence (beginning at 2:55) that you look at the Youtube or blip video description's 'download links', are now outdated.

3-page Word.doc summarizing video series content:

Off-Youtube, view and original videos: . You can download them here in vimeo; or if you want the original file (named at the end of each video description), let me know and I'll upload it to my domain for your anonymous download.

Larger context of satanic messing with Bible teaching and translation:

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Genesis Time Doctrines (Exegetical Proof)

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Channel has two foci: a) Bible NEVER SAYS…

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Channel has two foci: a) Bible NEVER SAYS how old earth is, YES says fauna and flora are to 'evolve' (but not Darwin's flavor), says NO man is not 'evolved', for each human is created directly by God AT BIRTH (so no human life in any womb). Then b) Genesis 5 starts demonstrating the pan-Bible doctrine of How God Orchestrates Time.

For Genesis 1 METER cleverly and satirically interacts with the text to show b) is its main topic -- water being used as the metaphor to link Earth's rebirth, Israel's birth, as ties to the Flood rebirth, and of course your own (breaking water physical birth to getting a spiritual life as rebirth). For, the whole purpose of God DAWDLING to restore the Earth in six literal days, was to teach the concept of 'week'. Meaning, a little bit of Bible today, a little tomorrow and tomorrow 4x until you REST one last day, then start over. Showing incrementals, priority, proportionality. So you can order your own thinking, and thus your life.

Genesis is a very campy, witty book. Made snoozy, in translation. Hence this series and each episode, is patterned after Dr. Who. For God really is the Time Lord, and wants to make us like Him. One Day At A Time.

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Fireworks picture was taken by a friend of mine on the undernet who calls himself 'JohnRR', and is not copyrighted.

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