Gold Ice Novice

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  2. Great first run through after winter camp! Your hard work tidying up the program has paid off and we have made some great strides!

    Great element overall that should score 1's and 2's in GOES. A few spots to watch:
    -Stronger upper body going into the bracket turn. Lock your shoulders so the line doesn't buckle.
    -Watch line up after big band mohawk.
    -Back line continue to push into the running mohawks so the spacing is tight.
    -Really think of confidence, foot placement, and power on this element. It's a strong one for you so SHOW IT OFF!!

    Way to nail it today Spirals! So consistent.
    -Keep working on leg height so we can get the highest call.
    -Skate these with confidence! Sell it in your faces.

    Spread Eagles
    -Remember the new timing.
    -Make sure you have lots of speed going in so you can carry flow throughout.
    -Undercuts on the entry - stretch those legs!

    -Have fun on the entry - sell all those arms
    -Good save Denika - just keep your core tight throughout.
    -Keep stretching to get those legs at 180 for the highest call. You are all very close!
    -Straight skating legs

    You can see we have worked hard on this element this week. Arms and heads are much improved and your spacing is strong. Turns are improving and we need to continue working on these hard to increase our skating skills mark. This is also something you can all be doing on your singles sessions.

    -This transition in requires tons of energy. Have fun and make sure everything is projecting up into the stands.
    -Watch your line up after the counter all the way to the partner switch. It was off here.
    -Quality of steps. Even on your step forwards and russian stroking there is a lot of toe pushing going on.
    -The brackets need to have more knee and ankle bend
    -Watch line up on the transition out of the no hold. Make sure the formation is clear after the partner switch.

    This was a very good element in the RT. It has improved lots since Bill Phillips.

    -Remember to push back hard after the mohawk so that Lauren and Marissa can lead the lines in close to each other
    - Maintain strong spacing in the middle on your glide. Do nothing!
    -Make sure your feet are continuously turning. DO NOT PAUSE WHEN YOU ARE FORWARDS
    -Middles of the lines need to push hard on your turns to get through your holes while turning.
    -Remember to show a strong formation after your turns so we can increase our GOEs on this element

    This is another strong element but it needs to skate with a lot more confidence and pizzazz.
    -Spirals get your legs up high and make sure your heads are up
    -Wheels make sure you are really getting into your knees and ankles and having fun with the steps and arms
    -Spins need more unison on the upright portion. GREAT energy for the dance break!

    This has also improved a lot this week. The quality of steps is much stronger however we are missing some very important points in order to get at least a Wheel 2 call. To put it in perspective, a Wheel 4 is worth 5.5 points. A wheel 2 is worth 3 points and a Wheel 1 is only is only worth 2 points. You are currently losing 3.5 points on this element which is not acceptable. You need at least a Wheel 2 call at Winterfest - NO EXCEPTIONS!

    -It is traveling too aggressively at the start and then you run out of room.
    -You can very clearly see that you are stalling on the second mohawk. In order to get your W2 call you need to travel 10m with 2 turns. If you stall on or before the second mohawk you will miss this call. It is very important that we maintain the travel until the end. This wheel would have only been called a W2.
    -Lines need a little more tension on the ends to stay straight.
    -Formation is a bit wonky in some areas.

    Should be a very clear call for this element - let's ensure we are maximizing our GOEs by keeping the lines very close and in line at all times. Arm holds should be the same and foot placement needs to be matching. Keep the energy levels very high and finish with a BANG!

    Remember today we discussed the first two lines in the 4 line block need to chill out so that the block can condense and transition into a 3 line block seamlessly. Pick up your damn feet on the mohawks!

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Gold Ice Novice

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