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  2. Britain is an over crowded island… In the last 30 years an increasing population has made its mark on both the urban and rural landscape. Our country has changed forever.

    England is now the most densely populated country in Europe - we now have more people per square mile than China, Japan or India.

    Britain has an official population of nearly 64 million - increasing at an unprecedented rate and putting an unsustainable strain on the fabric of the UK - the evidence is everywhere:

    On Housing: - Despite periods of frantic house-building on both greenfield and brownfield sites, the number of available homes falls woefully short of needs - and limited supply just fuels long term house-price inflation.

    On Services: - Public services, the NHS, education, Local Authorities, and the Police are stretched thin the length and breadth of the country.

    On public finances - the cost of an extended benefits system and public pension provision has become unsustainable without radical change.

    On Transport: - Our transport infra-structure is not coping - and major road and rail network improvements are merely playing catchup, with a population explosion that appears to be out of control.

    63.7 million- is the official estimate - but successive official figures have been shown to be inaccurate - many statistical indicators point to the real figure being very much higher - and whichever trends you look at - they are all going up - with a significant upswing in recent years. source ONS 2012

    By 2027 Britain’s population will swell by over 10% to 70 million

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  3. Britain has descended into an energy crisis.
    Rocketing energy costs will mean the average domestic fuel bill will have risen by over £400 in a year...
    Fuel at the pumps has never been so expensive, and some food prices have seen a hike of over 40%. Many people are being pushed into poverty.

    With North Sea production in sharp decline, the UK is heavily reliant on imported Coal, Oil and Gas. All but one of our Nuclear Power Stations will shut down in the next 7 years. It leaves a substantial gap, and Britain at the mercy of global energy markets...but at this most vulnerable time the UK Government has lost control of British energy policy to the European Union, with catastrophic consequences.

    EU environmental directives will force the premature closure of our vital Coal Fired Power stations, ...and have imposed unachievable and costly emissions targets that have distorted the UK energy strategy and left it with few viable options. Britain is out of control. and it is costing the Earth

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  4. 100,000 new regulations have come into force since 1973 as a direct result of Britain’s EU membership. These rules cover a range of domestic issues such as immigration and asylum policy, energy policy, transport, health & safety and VAT to name a few - They are zealously enforced by our own bureaucrats, many of whose salaries are paid from your council tax and business rates. The EU’s power was set to be extended with the creation of the EU Constitution - the foundation for a very powerful European Super-state.

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