1. Growing your data is a lot like managing a fire.

    You provide a product or service which makes up the fuel.

    You breathe life into the company like the oxygen a fire needs.

    Your customers buy when you’re hot on the market… providing the heat needed.
    The problem is that as your company grows…
    So does the volume and complexity of your data….

    For example…you may have Structured Data such as….
    - Databases
    - XML data
    - Data warehouses
    - Enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, etc.)

    Or Unstructured Data such as….
    - Excel spreadsheets
    - Word documents
    - Email messages
    - RSS feeds, Audio and Video files

    It doesn’t take long for you to feel the burn on your budget when your data gets out of control.

    Processing big data is difficult and hiring engineers and data analysts can be very expensive…

    And having your IT process the data on systems, technology and the cloud is a challenge.
    You may have infrastructure costs to contend with such as…..

    1. Database software and server costs
    2. Database administration, management and licensing costs
    3. Data Warehousing administration, management and licensing costs
    4. Infrastructure planning, integration and maintenance costs

    The spiraling out of control costs suggest….You need Hapyrus.com!
    Hapyrus can process and analyze your data easily on the cloud environment.
    Data Analysts will write SQL on Hapyrus’s web service without the need of engineers.

    Resulting in a drastic reduction in engineer costs…

    And freeing your data analysts so they work more effectively.

    All of Hapyrus’s service is on the cloud.

    1. Hapyrus – Fly Data
    2. Hapyrus – Big Data Enterprise
    3. Hapyrus – BI Suite

    Allowing you to reduce TCO of your servers and engineers…
    Maximize ROI of your big data analytics challenge!
    Don’t get burned by huge amounts of data.

    To learn more about Hapyrus, visit
    Hapyrus.com and request a demo of our
    product or to contact a representative.

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  2. A key challenge for every organization today is that the vast amount of data it consumes,
    processes and needs to manage, is simply growing faster than the resources and technology
    available, and at a cost that is apparently not only prohibitive, but generally exceeds most
    budgets. Hapyrus provides a web service for processing big data efficiently, without requiring
    the specific knowledge of complex Hadoop development or big data cloud management
    environments. With our platform, you are able to free up time, allowing your data analysts
    and engineers to be able to focus on the task at hand and concentrate on the processing,
    management, analysis and collaboration of your data.

    Hapyrus is designed to help you process and analyze your data within the cloud environment.
    Hapyrus’ solution set makes it easy for you to analyze your data on S3 with Hadoop. Create
    tables, write queries, run tests, and receive notifications about jobs in Hapyrus’ an easy to
    understand data management environment. Browser-based interfaces make it easy to access
    your data anywhere, anytime.

    Our Hapyrus solution is comprised of 3 main web platform components and 1 service solution
    - Hapyrus Big Data Enterprise is the main component for data analysts to process big data
    - Hapyrus Flydata Enterprise can be used to send your server's data to your cloud environment.
    - Hapyrus Big Data Analytics and BI solution integration powered by Indicee provides rich,
    highly functional APIs, offering a complete, end-to-end reporting and analytics solution within
    your application.
    - As a service offering, Hapyrus also supports the complete setup, instruction and creation of
    your AWS account and resource handling by Hapyrus Cloud Management.

    Hapyrus Big Data Enterprise for Hadoop (read slide bullets)
    ›› Hadoop / Hive applications on the cloud
    »»Run Hadoop / Hive job on your browser
    »»Automatically create hive tables from user data
    »»Write SQL queries for processing big data with parameters
    and save them for re-use
    »»Run query tests on your data before committing to a full run
    »»Run big data processing jobs on appropriately provisioned
    cloud hardware

    - Hapyrus Big Data Enterprise for Hadoop – How it Works
    Data analysts can access to Hapyrus all through the browser and our Hive Servers can check
    grammar test

    - Hapyrus FlyData Enterprise
    Secure, automated and recurring data collection from
    user servers with integrity
    »»Redundant log collection servers
    »»Secure connection (VPN and Amazon VPC)
    »»Store data every 1 minute to AWS S3
    »»Multiple user servers can send data at once
    »» Easy data sending module installation

    - FlyData Enterprise – How it works
    You can install our data sending module in your servers and log data can be sent through
    secure connection on your VPN and AWS VPC

    ›› BI integration powered by Indicee indicee.com
    »» Leverage flexible cloud BI platform
    »»Draw graphs and get reports
    ––Graph support: table / column chart / bar chart / line chart / area chart / pie chart / gauge
    ––Dashboard support
    »»Hapyrus processed result integrated to Indicee platform directly and seamlessly

    - Hapyrus Cloud Management
    ›› AWS account management for Hapyrus
    »»Setup all about Hapyrus into dedicated AWS account
    »»Support by Hapyrus engineers
    »» Transfer account rights to your organization in future

    Hapyrus Enterprise Solution Suite is a comprehensive cloud management solution set that will
    allow analysts to work with their big data sets and get their work done efficiently, both in terms
    of operational and financial resources. Gain additional knowledge and insight from your

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  3. Welcome to the Hapyrus Big Data Enterprise Solution product
    demonstration. This demonstration will provide you with an introduction to how Hapyrus can
    help Data Analysts process and manage your Big Data and Analysis projects faster and easier
    through our web platform.

    At first, you can create data table of your data for Hadoop Hive. Hive is a SQL
    language for Hadoop. Hapyrus fetches a small part of your data on the S3 and create Hive table
    for your data. (click new table)

    You can choose your data from the S3 buckets listed on the screen and
    generate a Hive table by clicking the button. (click generate button)

    Next you can write your query to your data. (click New Query) You can see your
    table created before for your reference of queries. You can include parameters in the query so
    that you change the value on each job run. If you make a mistake in writing query, we detect the
    error and display it for easy corrections. (click save query button and show the errors.)

    After editing a query, you can run a test job for the query by just clicking a button.
    It fetches a small part of your data and runs the query against the data, so you can make sure
    the script works correctly.

    When the test finishes successfully, you can run a job for all of your big data. We
    provide estimations and suggestions for your job, showing you the AWS instance type with an
    estimated process time. You can see approximate duration of the job by the specific instance
    type and count.

    Once you run a job, you can see the progress on the screen. When the job
    finishes you're notified by email and you can download TSV/CSV file of the result or send to
    your BI platform if your plan allows.

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