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  1. No HD in this clip unfortunately. But to briden the horizon for those who have decided my material were birds, here are some lights.

    The first part of vid is shown in 3% of real speed. All you will see is 2 lights flash on and off in the sky for 1 frame (slowed down). But I can find No other explanation for this light than an alien vessle making itself visible infront of my camera for only 1 frame!!

    This video was filmed on a Casio 12.1 MP camera. I filmed 1 minute 12 seconds and in 1 single frame I managed to discover this light. 1 frame in (72secX20frames) 1440 frames. I'm glad you can now see the light aswell. This is not tampered with in any way.

    I added another object that is shining bright and stops flashing 3 times in the middle of screen before dissapearing.

    Also see my HD ufo videos, cheerio!

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  2. If you wonder why the camera is shaking like a sun of a gun at the end of clip it's because the object appeared almost exactely as I pressed record and the camera hadn't been positioned properly..

    Also see my other HD ufo clips.

    Greetings from Sweden 2008 May, where the footage was shot.

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  3. These are no bullshit real ufos. You can see an object pass to the right of the object which makes a loop, as it makes the loop, if you watch carefully. It seems to travel behind the tree and it is translucid (like the ones later in the film).

    A clearification: In second sequence, don't watch the birds watch the blurry objects appearing out from behind top of the tree.

    Filmed on a hg10, shutter speed 1000, full HD and zoom (manual).

    These objects were filmed in Sweden.
    I have filmed these objects since the 21 april every day pretty much. Have a good one, also see my other videos!

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  4. Video shot on a Casio 12.1 MP camera filming mode.
    No special effects, enhancement or manipulation has been made on this video of any kind! Only zoomins and change of speed.

    I believe they manipulated the camera to change the color of the sky to emphasise the figures in the clouds, which appears to be a woman on the left, a man in middle with his left arm up as if he was waving and a blurry face with what appears to be 2 big dark eyes above the right shoulder of the man. Both the object and the figures in the clouds are in the same sequence and if there would have been no ufo in this vid I would probably have disregarded the figures in the clouds. But also the color shift is so Drastic that you can't help but notice it.
    here is a link to a picture of the same figures:
    Download the picture and zoom in for best effect (picture is from the video)!

    Also see my other HD ufo videos. Cheers!

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  5. This is 15 sec out of a 2-3 minute clip in 15%of real speed (slowmotion 85%, NOTE that in real speed these objects are barely visible to human eye because they move so fast!). I estimate over 100 ufos in original vid. Can this be one of the, if not the, largest ufo gatherings ever filmed?

    Filmed in Sweden 2008 May.
    I have filmed several clips just like this one, and some of the ufos move behind trees and the objects seem huge and circular!

    Check out my other HD ufo clips for a closer look at the objects..!!

    Filmed in full HD, shutter speed 500, on a Canon hg10.

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The HD UFO Channel

Marcus M

This is a channel for real ufo material.
After coming home from a trip to Thailand me and my older brother discovered what appeared to be ufos in the pictures we took there. After this I suddenly felt an urge to take pictures of the sky. What I found…

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This is a channel for real ufo material.
After coming home from a trip to Thailand me and my older brother discovered what appeared to be ufos in the pictures we took there. After this I suddenly felt an urge to take pictures of the sky. What I found in the new photographs, taken in Sweden, was something that sent chills up my spine. I discovered small objects in the pictures that clearly appeared to be in some kind of formation (not the classic V-formation formed by birds). After that I seem to have been able to film these objects, what ever they are, every single day I film the sky. The objects move too fast to be birds and often appear in a "square" shape. You never see any wingflaps. What I do is I just set my camera up towards the sky, press record, review the material and its there. Almost every single time! Don't ask me why, I have no idea (why they appear).

At a first glance one might think they are birds or bats or insects or even dust. But I now know they are none of those things (even though birds or insects appear from time to time in the videos). Hopefully after watching my videos you will get some sort of feeling that something looks strange or wierd in the films. Something that just doesn't look right. And if you do you will be one step closer to believing as I do.

We are truely not alone!
And it is a great feeling I can tell you.

Here is the first picture I took, it made me start filming the sky instead of just taking pictures: the first formation I ever photographed.

Happy viewing my HD ufo videos!

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